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Power Rankings (week 4)

September 26, 2012 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. Houston Texans 3-0 Undefeated after 3 games for first time in franchise history. Hung on in Denver thanks to a 20 point fourth quarter lead after Tate fumble altered the momentum and the Broncos rallied to within a single score.
2. 3. Atlanta Falcons 3-0 Held the Chargers to their lowest home point total since 1999.
3. 6. New York Giants 2-1 Brown and Barden took advantage of the opportunity presented them due to injury.
4. 9. Arizona Cardinals 3-0 Defense is for real. Franchise is undefeated after 3 weeks for the first time since 1974 in St. Louis.
5. 8. Baltimore Ravens 2-1 Turner made the late field goal missed in last season's AFC Championship by Cundiff.
6. 2. San Francisco 49ers 2-1 Smith's franchise record streak of not throwing interception ended at 249 passes.
7. 5. Philadelphia Eagles 2-1 Vick has turned the ball over 12 times in 3 games.
8. 13. Seattle Seahawks 2-1 Tate did what he needed to do on the final Hail Mary shoving Shields out of the way, wrestled Jennings for the ball and scoring a TD. Not his fault a penalty wasn't called or the on the field ruling of simultaneous possession wasn't overturned.
9. 15. Dallas Cowboys 2-1 Overcame Romo's mistakes with stifling defense.
10. 4. Green Bay Packers 1-2 Slaughtered gutted and heartbroken
With no spirit or no soul
My emotions have been stolen
[Replacement Refs] have left me with this hole
-- Squeeze - Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken
11. 10. New England Patriots 1-2 Under .500 in the regular season for the first time since losing the 2003 opener.
12. 16. Cincinnati Bengals 2-1 No sign of a sophomore slump for Dalton or Green.
13. 18. Chicago Bears 2-1 Defense held the Rams to 160 total yards and scored as many TDs as the offense.
14. 11. San Diego Chargers 2-1 Have to be content Turner won 2 games to open a season for the first time in his head coaching career because they weren't competitive in his attempt to win a third.
15. 12. Denver Broncos 1-2 Manning showed he still has something left despite coming up short in fourth quarter comeback.
16. 7. Pittsburgh Steelers 1-2 Raiders are their kryptonite. Bye means they have 2 long weeks to contemplate their defensive collapse in Oakland.
17. 19. New York Jets 2-1 Overcoming loss of Revis to torn ACL will be next to impossible.
18. 20. Buffalo Bills 2-1 Rebounded well from debacle in the opener. Visit from the Patriots provides a major test.
19. 27. Minnesota Vikings 2-1 Ponder is coming of age. Maybe reaching for him in the 2011 draft wasn't a mistake.
20. 14. Detriot Lions 1-2 Scored 14 points in the final 18 seconds including an onside kick recovery and successful Hail Mary with Hill at QB. Then Schwartz down 3 in OT left the offense on the field on fourth down well within FG range in an attempt to draw the defense off sides. The center mistakenly snapped the ball and an NFL game ended on a measurement for what had to be the first time in history.
21. 17. Carolina Panthers 1-2 Newton's inconsistency is magnified by their complete lack of a running game.
22. 28. Oakland Raiders 1-2 Palmer is a different QB when not pressured.
23. 29. Jacksonville Jaguars 1-2 Gabbert's 80 yard pass to Short for the game winner with a minute remaining accounted for over half their net passing yards for the entire game.
24. 31. Tennessee Titans 1-2 First NFL team to score 5 TDs of 60 yards or longer in a single game.
25. 32. Kansas City Chiefs 1-2 Charles showed he is completely back from last year's torn ACL by exploding for 233 rushing yards and 288 total yards from scrimmage.
26. 21. Washington Redskins 1-2 RGIII took a beating after LT Williams left due to injury. MRI indicated Williams has a bone bruise which is better than the alternative.
27. 22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 1-2 Hard to win no matter how well the defense plays when Freeman completes only 10 of 28 passes for a paltry 110 yards.
28. 26. Miami Dolphins 1-2 Everyone knew when Tannehill was drafted that he was a work in progress.
29. 23. New Orleans Saints 0-3 Blew a 24-6 third quarter lead at home. Turn out the lights, the parties over.
30. 24. St. Louis Rams 1-2 Big ticket free agent Finnegan doing his part with an interception in each of the first 3 games.
31. 25. Indianapolis Colts 1-2 Blew a 14-3 halftime lead at home to the punch-less Jaguars. Nobody said Pagano's job was going to be easy.
32. 30. Cleveland Browns 0-3 Things don't get any easier with a trip to Baltimore on a short work week.

*Last week's ranking

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