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Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis

October 28, 2018 by Still Mill

Stillers 33, Brownies  18…….Oct 28, 2018………Game # 7


Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers slopped their way thru the 1H, barely ahead at the half.   Fortunately, they extracted heads from buttocks, and poured it on, en route to a fairly routine beating.




QB:   Ben had an okay game.   He didn’t face much rush pressure.  Once again, most of his deep balls were poor, being entirely too long, or short.   He also threw a sorry INT in the 1H.    B 




Bell – sat out and pouted, unsigned.   What a tool. 


Conner – Yet another stellar all around game, rushing 24 times for 146 and 2 TDs, and grabbing 5 passes for 66.   Who needs SorryAss Bell when we have Conner Da Man.     A+ 


Ridley –  saw some sparse PT.    Fumbled the ball during a weird play in which the ball was stripped as soon as he grabbed it; I felt it could’ve been worthy of a challenge.   


Samuels - finally got some PT late in the game during garbage time. 



Nix – had some solid lead blocks. 




Brownie – 6 grabs for 74, 2 TDs.    Somewhat quiet game, but he made the plays when needed.    B+


Heyward-Gay – no use on O. 


Switzer – dropped a cake-easy crosser, 1H.   


JuJu – very quiet, with 4 grabs for 33.   B-    


Hunter – Got a helmet after sitting out the past 5 games.   Was so grateful, that he proceeded to do…..nothing.   Had 2 grabs for a piddly 15 yards.   Had a chance at a TD pass in the EZ, 2H, and like a fool  jumped entirely too early.


Wash - did not dress.    


Jesse James – had just 2 grabs for 9.


Grimble - had a foolish block to the back that negated a 3d & sghort conversion in the 1Q, when the offense was struggling like complete bitches and was desperate for a 1D.     D- 


McDonald - continued his Ditka-/Bavarro imitations by rumbling and bowling over several defenders after catches.   Had 3 grabs for 47.     A


OL:  Overall, the line had some good push in the ground game and occasionally gave Ben good time, although this is a mediocre Clev defense.     Feiler played adequately in placed of FatMarcus Gilbert.    Villanueva again had major problems with Miles Garrett.        A-  



Heyward – had a quiet game, but did have some pressure on the QB. 


Tuitt – holy mackerel, a Stephonie Tuitt sighting!!  had 3 solos and 4As in a rare, active effort.     A- 



Vinnie – had an ok game.   


Bostic - Played acceptably.  


Chickillo - some some PT, but no impact at’all.     


Watt – Had another strong game, with 6 solos, and tormented the QB throughout.    Had some struggles in coverage on a couple 1H plays.


Crud Dupree – Mostly did nothing, with ONE solo all game long.   He did force a 3Q safety, albeit he was rushing against a garbage, scrub, undrafted FA tackle .     C- 




Haden – got tooled on an out and up, and then failed completely to PICK UP the ball while in flight, allowing a 30+ yard pass.     Good bust-up in the EZ, late 3Q, on a deep post that coulda been 6.    Injured a ham, 2H, and did not return.


Burns – had a rare INT on an athletic play on a deep ball.   


Davis – at least isn’t getting torched every series, and had 4 solos.  


Hilton – All this dude does is make plays.   Play after play after play.     A


Senselessbaugh - had a variety of struggles.  


Edmunds - takes pretty much the worst angle, ever, on most plays.    Has the instincts of a 9-year old in his first season of organized football.


Smartie Burned - sat and rotted while Senselessbaugh got the start. 



Spec teams:  

Jordan Berry –   surprisingly punted acceptably today.    Was stunned.


Boswell – 1 for 1 on FGs, with a 42 yarder.    Also made all of the PATs.


After the Stillers scored a safety, Cleve booted a FREE kick.    Note, FREE kick, which means it’s a LIVE football.  What does the worst-prepared team in the NFL do?    Why, they all stand around, thumbs up asses, as the ball LANDS and ROLLS deep in Pgh territory.    On the play, Rosie Nix, despite having stone hands, and despite having both AB and Switz back to receive, calls a FC.   He then BACKS away from where the punt will land, and Switzer, confused by Nix’s tomfoolery, also backed away.    The result was GIFTING the ball to Clev on the PIT 24, in what, at that point, was a fairly tight 16-6 ballgame.    Complete jackassed stupidity, and it all starts with the inept  coaching staff, which clearly had no clue as to what the rules are for a free kick.     F



OC:  Randy Sphincter had another miserable 1st half.   The first series saw no less than 3 WR/TE screens.   The grab-bag-acity of this offense has reached epic proportions.   The 1Q was an abject disaster, with no 1Ds out of this offense.   Sure, they turned it on as the game wore on, but Sphincter does  nothing to inspire faith and confidence.   D- 



Keith Assler had the luxury of facing a greenhorned rookie QB in Faker Mayfield.   The Stillers won the toss and deferred.  What does Assler do?    He allows this inept Clev offense to march, and march, and march, chewing up 6 minutes amid a FG drive.     Clev had another nice, 6 play FG drive later in the 1Q.     The D finally clamped down, but against a better foe, this kind of shoddy start could have led to a loss.     C- 


HC:  Mike Dumblin oversaw another sloppy post-bye, ass-wiping effort, in which his squad lollygagged and stumbled thru the entire 1H.     The disaster on the free kick belong s SQUARELY on Asslin’s shoulders, as all eleven players on the field were completely unaware of the free kick rules.    That is unacceptable at this level of football.     F 


Synopsis:  An ok win over an inept foe, which is precisely what should have occurred in Week 1, rather than the embarrassing tie game.   Now, the team embarked on a rugged 4-game stretch, at Balt, vs Carolina, at Jax, and at Denver.    Given this team’s woes against these foes, and the road venues, you can easily see Stoogelin’s team losing 3 of these games.   Not that they should, of course, given the variety of struggles that all 4 of these foes have faced.  


As an aside, welcome back, everyone.  Sorry for the technical issues with our site.     Bear with me….due to travel and work related requirements, I won’t be able to type a post-game for every game on the rest of the schedule, but I’ll try to do what I can do.    Thanks. 


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