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Stillers-Bungals Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 15, 2020 by Still Mill

Stillers 36, Bungals 10...... Nov 15, 2020 ………Game # 9


Stillers-Bungals Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 8-0 Stillers hosted the 2-5-1 Bungals.   After a tepid first 20 minutes in which the Stillers clung to a thin 5 point lead, the Stillers went into halftime up 22-7.   A couple of TDs salted away this blowout, making for the rare, relaxing 4th quarter of a Stiller game. 




QB:   Benji had a solid game, going 27 of 46 for 333 and 4 TDs.   He nearly caused a heart attack on the 3rd & short pass on the first play of the 4Q, which was a lollipop lob that should have been picked off for an easyTD by Cinci, but the DB botched the grab.   A pick-6 here would have made it a 29-14 game, and things could have really tightened up.   The Stillers scored on their next drive to make it 36-7 and the game was in cruise control by then.      B+



Conner –  had another meek, feckless outing, rushing for 36 yards on 13 carries.   Considering that 1 carry was for 16 and another was for 11, his other 11 carries netted 10 yards.  All too often, Conner ran east-west instead of taking the 2 yard gain that was there, and of course suffering a 4 or 5 yard LOSS in the process.   Am not pleased at’all.     C-


Samuels – saw some spot duty, but never targeted not handed the pill.   


Snell –  Rotted the entire game, until getting 3 plunges in garbage time late in the game.  With Conner doing next to nothing on the ground, am not sure why Snell is being rotted on the pine.     


McFarland – did not dress, due to illness.


FB:    Watt finally dressed and played.     Probably pulled something and will miss 3 more weeks.      



JuJu –  had 9 grabs for 77 and 1 TD, and earned some tough RAC yardage.   Well done.    A


Wash -  Had 2 grabs for 30.    B


Dionte -  Had 6 grabs for 116, including 1 TD and a bomb that produced 46.  Not shabby.       A


Claypool – Carpool had 4 grabs for 56, and 2 TDs.  Get in the carpool…..and drive !!    Dude’s a beast in the red zone.     A       



McDonald – saw out due to Covid.  


Ebron – had 2 grabs for 38.   Flagged for a hold in the 1H.


Gentry – the former Pissagain Wolverine finally got a hat, due to Vance having Covid.   Did nothing, of course.


OL:  Overall, the line gave Ben good time in the pocket.   But, once again, the run blocking sucked complete ass.   Time and time again, simple running plays were blown all to hell because 1 man beat a block and got rabid penetration.    If I were coach, I’d give everyone tomorrow off…..EXCEPT for this fat-assed, underachieving Oline.   I’d make them report, and then push blocking sleds for 2 hours before watching game film of this fuking pigslop they once again produced.      F    



Heyward – The $65M Man Had a fairly quiet game, with ZERO solos and a couple of assists..   Quick – offer him a $60M extension, and fast !!     C-


Tuitt – another vaunted DE who had ONE solo the entire game.   Perhaps he’ll get another DPOW award for this fine effort.         C


Alu – returned to action after missing 1-3/4 games.   The D-line still got gashed for huge chunks of yardage on the ground.     B-



Vinnie – Had just 1 solo, but it was a thunderous lick on the RB on a toss sweep, albeit the play gained 6 yards.  B-


Spillane – Had 4 solos, but was easily shielded off on several gut runs that gained nice yardage.    B


Watt – Dude was a monster.  Had 4 solos, 2 sacks, and 4 QB hits.   His sack late in the 1H basically took 3 points off the board from Cinci.  THIS is what stud OLB’ing looks like.    A


Crud Dupree – The Donut Roller lived up to his name, ROLLING THE DONUT the entire 1st half, with ZERO solos.   He finally got a solo in the 4Q, when the Bungals tried a WR screen on 3d & long, and Crud, completely unblocked, came over after a SEVEN yard gain for a solo.    Crud then got a DONG Sack later on, when the QB, after 5 seconds in the pocket, got flushed, and Crud picked up the garbage.    That was it.  Other than that, he did jack dick the entire game.       C-


Odeniyi – Saw a few snaps.    


Lowsmith – Saw a small amount of PT, and had a TFL.    


Williamson – for reasons unclear to me, this man sat and ROTTED the entire game, until getting some snaps in garbage time late in the game.  




Haden – Stellar game.   Good, crisp tackling, and good reading.    A


Nelson –   Solid game.    A-


Hilton – Again missed the game due to a shoulder. 


Edmunds – Led the team with 8 tackles; 5 solo and 3 A.    Actually played acceptable.   Not great, but acceptable.    B


Minkah -  Had 6 solos, many of which were on running plays while the front 7 was getting gashed. 


Sutton – Had a key FF and was quite active.   The only positive from Hilton’s injury is that is has allowed Button to get more and more PT, and blossom.    B+


Davis – even Sean Davis saw some PT.


Spec teams:  

Cherry – punted quite well, with a few booming punts, and averaged 49 yards per boot.   He had one punt that he boomed into the EZ for a TB, but that was the lone sour note.    Sending this fellow to the unemployment line was the best move Doltbert’s ever made.    A


Boswell – 3 for 3 on FGs, which was no gimme given the gusting winds today.    A


RaeRae – had a stellar punt return to the Cinci 10 in the 2H.   Even on the less glamourous returns, this guy continually gets positive yardage.  What a Godsend.     A


Odenyini – forced a fumble in punt coverage early in the game to help set the tone.  The nedt time Crud DuPree does something of this nature on spec teams will be the FIRST of his career.   

Up big in the 4Q, Danny Smith again got bamboozled, this time on a fake punt that gained 39 yards on a simple run off a direct snap.   What in the sam fuking hell was Smith expecting here??     F 


OC:  Randy Sphincter again oversaw a complete clusterfuk on offense in the 1H, with the running game continually bottled and the offense unable to convert very make-able 3d & 2’s.    Once again, the offense went schoolyard, with Ben flinging the ball on pretty much every down.   This is all well and good in half-decent weather, but come Dec and Jan, amid snow, mud, and rain, this 45 passes a game bullshit simply isn’t going to work.   The fact that this team hasn’t run the ball for shit in like 5 weeks now is long past alarming.   D



Keith Assler had the luxury of facing a greenhorned rookie QB, and the #1 RB sitting out due to injury.   He got gashed on the 90-yard TD march in the 2Q, as well as a made 2-pointer, which really tightened things up at that point.   A variety of Bungals boners helped Assler’s chores during the 2H.   Why Avery Williamson sat and ROTTED nearly the entire game, is complete bullshit.   It’s not like Wilie is sitting behind an All Pro LB in Spillane, and he’s been in the NFL more than long enough to have picked up the bulk of this defense by now.   B-


HC:  Mike Stoogelin seemed to have his team better prepared and focused than last week’s shameful effort versus the lowly Cowpokes.   A-


Synopsis:  A solid, convincing win over a division opponent.  Stillers did a solid job late in the 2H and then in the 3Q to put this game out of reach.    Next up, a true trap game at Jax.  You have the entire recipe for a ghastly egg-lay by Asslin, all right at your fingertips:

-        Smug 9-0 team, against a woeful, inept 1-8 Jaguar club

-        Road game

-        Stillers coming off 26-point whipping of a division rival

-        Stillers already looking forward to the T-giving tilt vs the Woodpeckers


You can pretty much already see Asslin’s team mailing it in the entire 1H, allowing Jax some life, and hope, and enabling the Jagoffs to fight amid the tanking they’ve been doing most of the season.  



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