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Stillers-Bengals Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 14, 2011 by Still Mill

Stillers 24, Bungals 17 ��� Nov. 13, 2011
Stillers 24, Bengals 17�. Nov. 13, 2011 ����Game #10


Stillers-Bengals Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers roared out to a 14-0 lead after 2 series, and it seemed like the rout was on.�� Of course, sure enough, the offense sputtered, the defense softened, and it was a claw-fest in the 2H, with the Stiller clawing just enough to eke out a 7-point win over the Bungals.��




QB:Ben had an up and down game, with lots of spots.��


He misfired to a wide open Cotch for TD, 2d series, inc.��� Then, he had a screen pass batted, next play.�� No one throws a worse screen than Ben and Pitt�s Tino Sunseri.���� Mid 2Q, horrible force into double coverage on flag to Brown, INT was dropped.���� Poor decision and poor pass.��� A miracle this pass wasn�t picked.��� Good strike to Brown on slant, 21 yards, late 2Q.


Ben held ball forever, REFUSED to throw ball away, 2d & 7, early 3Q.�� -2.��� Nearly fumbled as well.���� Triple clutched, 1st & 10 Cin 19, sack, -2, 3:08 3Q.��� Overthrew Wally on deep post, Wally open, 3d & 12 early 4Q.�� No loft at all on the pass.�� To Ben�s credit, he hit some clutch passes in the 2H.�� And the INT obviously was not his fault.���� B��


RB: Mendy had a good grab and RAC, throwback pass, 2d series, 26 yards.�� Good 2nd effort, TD plunge, 2d series.�� Superb 2nd effort, busted tackle by DT Domata Peko,9-yard TD run, late 3Q.�� There were, however, a lot of stiff-looking runs where Mendy wasn�t effective, at all.��


Redman had a good, churning 5-yard run, 2Q.�� 4 rush, 16 yds, 1H.��� Nice hole-hit, good power, gained 11 yards 5:00 3Q.


I wasn�t particularly pleased with how either man read or ran in the 4Q, and apparently, neither was Tomlin.On the late drive, which began at 2:27 4W, it was Moore who was lined up at RB.�� Moore had a good 5-yard run.��������� B-


FB:Johnson had a couple ok lead blocks from the FB spot.��� Essex lined up at FB on the Mendy TD plunge, 2d series.�� ���Inc


WR:Brown led the way with 5 grabs for 86.��� He had a great bobble catch, 3d & 19, got 21, mid 2Q.�� Great grab, back-shoulder out, 18 yards, late 2Q.�� Watching this young man flourish before our very eyes is amazing.��


Wally had 6 grabs for 54.�� He had a good read on a 15 yard end around, 1st series.�� Good end around run, 2d series, 16 yds....busted tackles !!����� Had a woeful drop of an out pass, 3d & 4, 10:55 4Q.��� Good RAC, 0-step hitch, late in game, got 7 on 2d & 5, which iced the game.�� ��


Cotch:TD, opening drive !���� Perhaps Cotch settled rather than running inside on missed TD pass, 2d series.��� Had 2nd TD grab, 3Q, but Miller�s stupid OPI flag nullified it.


Ward:�� Nice RAC, bubble screen, 2d & 7, got 10.��� Rarely played thereafter, if at all.�� ��������B+


TE:Miller had 3 grabs for 31.�� Great catch, 3d & 10, drilled but hung on !!��� 18 yards.Can�t believe no flag was thrown on this play.Johnson and Miler had good blocks on Mendy�s first TD run.���� Miller had a foolish bobble on short out-dump, which was INT�d, early 2Q.�� This gave Cinci a freebie FG.����� Good churn, 3d & 6, plowed for extra yardage and got the 1D.�� Miller also committed a foolish OPI penalty that wiped out Cotch�s 2nd TD grab.��


Johnson grabbed a 5 yard curl 4Q.��


Saunders had a clutch grab, eluded tackler, got 10 yards and 1st down at 2:12 4Q.��� This was basically the same play that Johnson dropped last week.��


The bobbled INT and the OPI hampers this grade, which otherwise would have been better.��� B��


OL: A nice start, but then this crew slumped into mediocrity for much of the final 3 quarters.��


Starks was injured on pass play, 5:42 3Q, when Ben fell atop Max.�� Scott replaced him at LT.��� Luckily, Max missed only 2 plays.��


Foster started at RG.�� He was abused by OLB Manny Lawson, Ben hit hard, 4:00 2Q.��


Kemo had his typically half-assed game.He was beaten by rusher on 3d & 2, which forced a dumpoff to Redman for -8.��� He stepped back onto Ben�s foot, Ben lost shoe, -6, mid 2Q.���� Totally abused by Atkins for sack, late 2Q, 3d & 7 on Cinci 10.���


Gilbert was shoved back and bullrushed, sack, mid 2Q.�� Pouncey played solidly at center.�������� B-


DL:The line was gashed for continual chunks of yardage in the 4Q.9 yards.6 yards.�� 5 yards.7 yards.��� 17 yards.Not pretty.


Keisel: good stop running play, early 2Q.��� Good stop of Benson, 2Q.-1.���


Hampton had a rare stuff of Scott, no gain, 3d series.��� Totally grappled and engaged on a Benson up RG, 6 yards, early 3Q.��� Hood was poor as well on this play.�� Casey rabidly over-played plunge, HUGE cutback lane, 17 yards, late 4Q.�� Very poor.


Hood:Rare tackle, Benson run up RT, but 5 yard gain, 1st play, 3Q.��Didn�t do all that much overall.��������� B-


LB:Harrison had a solid game.�� He allowed an end around �round his end, 7 yards.���� Drew hold flag, late 3Q, on edge rush.�� Stuff of Benson, 1 yard, 3:09 4Q.��


Farrior was okay, although the middle of the defense was gashed for huge chunks of yards in the 2H.��� He made a good stop of Leonard, late 2Q, on plunge, 4 yards.��


Timmons: like Farrior, he was responsible for some of the nice chunks of yardage in the 2H.��� He grabbed an INT off a Gay swat in the 4Q.He had an entirely jack-ased, foolish late-hit penalty, which gave Cinci and 1 & G rather than a 3 & G.Really dumb, and sophomoric.


Foote saw a fair amount of PT at ILB.�� He was inserted at 10:00 2Q, with Timmons going to LOLB.�� Foote was totally abused by Grisham, TD pass, 3Q.��� Slower than fuking molasses....a hideous mismatch.�� ����


Worilds showed some potential and also showed some lack thereof.�� He ever disengaged, 11 yard run up RT, late 1Q.�� Got driven onto his back.����� Played it like shit, 3d & 3, WR pitch-run, got 4, early 2Q, in which he got sucked inside.��� Good pressure on Dalton, speed rush around corner against the RT, late 2Q, forced TA.�� He applied pressure, 3d & 5 early 4Q, misfire on out.�� Quick -- give this man a $30M contract extension!�� �����B-


DB:Facing a rookie QB, the secondary had a fairly easy time, especially when star WR Green AJ Green went down to injury in the 1H.��


Ike had solid coverage throughout the game.�� He had a key bustup, 3d & 5, 2nd series.�� Deep ball 7:45 4Q, clanged off Ike�s hands.��� Shoulda been an INT.��


Gay, who was 1 of last week�s goats, had a big day.�� He had a bustup, 3d & long, 1st series.��� He then busted up slant, 2d series.��� He swatted a pass away from a WR�s hands, and Timmons got a key INT in the 4Q.��� Then, of all things, Gay actually READ a QB, and got an INT, 2:27 4Q !��


Ryan Clark showed his true colors today, getting spun around like a top and never making a play on the ball on the Green TD, late 1Q.�� You could insert this guy at safety into a high school game, and instruct the opposing QB to throw the ball 35 times.....and Clark would still never make an actual play on a ball in flight.He was then too slow to come over and provide coverage on Cochart, 25 yards, early 3Q.���� He was slightly injured, 4:00 4Q.�� Mundy entered the game, and promptly whiffed on the 17-yard run.


Pola had a mostly good game, with a wart.��� He flashed in, 2nd play.��� Tooled by Hawkins, flag route, 25 yards, late 1 Q.��� A few plays later, never made play on deep ball in EZ, TD late 1Q.The ball arrived, literally 10 inches from Pola�s body, and he simply stared in amazement as the ball softly floated into Green�s hands for a TD.�� He looked as stunned & bewildered as a Penn St. grad assistant spotting a coach and a little boy in the locker-room shower.��� On a short out Hawkins, Pola flash up and topple!!��� Spun him like a pinwheel!���� Lassoed Leonard, -1, late 2Q.�� Beaten by Hawkins, 3d & 3, last play of 3Q.��


Allen made a good open-field tackle on 4Q 3d & 14 dump-off to Hawkins, only 4 yards.Well done.��� �����B+


Spec teams:Some good, some bad.


Shit KO coverage after 1st TD, Suisham had to make stop.����� Shit punt coverage early 4Q�� Fadden, good stop in KO cover, late 1Q.�� Timmons good stop on punt cover, early 3Q.


There were far too many flags on STs.�� Carter had a hold on a KO return.�� Both Red and Fadden were flagged for holds on a Cinci punt into the EZ.��

Mundy had a hold on a Steeler punt in the 4Q.

Kapinos had a decent day, but late in the game, there were problems.�� Had a good 55-yard punt, mid 2Q.��� Good 57-yard punt, early 3Q.���� Had a 44-yard punt early 4Q, but weak hang-time.��� Good 53-yard punt, no catch, hit ground, downed at Cinci 8.��� 43-yard punt, shit hang time, returned 16 yards, 4:51 4Q.


Twice, idiot punt coverage men allowed a punt to bounce and roll backwards.It was like they were stunned and bewildered that the ball would actually roll backwards, and knew not what to do.��� Suisham, 39-yard FG, late 2Q.����� ���C+��


OC:Arians had his way with the Cinci defense early on, producing 2 nice drives for 14 points.Cinci adjusted after that, run-blitzing on nearly every down and playing a devil-may-care defense.�� Arians played right into their hands, with a plethora of counter runs, and passes that took 5 seconds to develop.�� This brought a deluge of heat on the QB and forced many hasty throws, hits on the QB, and sacks.�� Quick passes to the TE and to Wally went out the window for no apparent reason.��� The 4Q brought some mindless, brain-dead series in which Arians was trying to run out the clock.....with eons of time remaining!������ C+


DC:Dick once again had the luxury of feasting on a rookie, greenhorn QB.��� He received further luxury when the best big-play threat on the Bengals, AJ Green, was injured on his TD catch and returned for only 1 more play before sitting out the final 43 minutes due to a leg injury.


There were still a lot of 3rd down freebies that Cinci converted with all the ease of shooting fish in a barrel.�� And the pass pressure was weak and flaccid.


Don�t like the shit technique by Steeler DBs that fail to make plays on balls in flight?�� Blame their def coordinator, the man who is supposedly a �Hall of Famer�.�� If anyone should be coaching and preaching TECHNIQUE, it should be Dick.�� Obviously, it�s not happening.��


Twoturnovers !��� Gee, what a pleasant surprise....especially after LeBeau himself had petitioned the federal government just last week to place turnovers on the endangered species list.�� ����������C+


HC:Tomlin had the team re-focused after last week�s disgusting loss to Balt.�� I hated the game mis-management late in the 1H.�� Cinc was stopped on a 1st down plunge, yet the clock ticked and ticked away.��� Why no timeout after that 1st Leonard plunge??��� Tomlin finally used a timeout later in that series, but by the time Cinci punted, the half had ended.This guy simply has no clue how to strategize during the last 2:00 of a half.�� None.������ B ���


Synopsis:A nice win over a division rival.Coupled with Balt�s hilarious loss to lowly Seattle, the Stillers are sitting nice at 7-3 going into their bye week.�� Obviously, what Tomlin must do, coming out of the bye, is to ensure rabid complacency does not overtake this team, which has a far too thin margin for error to become soft and complacent.��




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