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Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 06, 2010 by Still Mill

Stillers 13, Ravens 10 ��� Nov. 5, 2010
Stillers 13, Ravens10 ���. Nov. 5, 2010 ����Game # 12


Stillers-Ravens Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers tangled with the hated PoeBirds, and just as expected, it was another nip and tuck game decided in the waning minutes of the 4Q.Isaac �Red Zone � Redmanscored on an improbable 10-yard TD catch & run, and the Stiller D barely hung on to preserve the lead.�� The Stillers managed to overcome gross incompetence by both coordinators to win their 9th of the season and seize command of the AFC North.


Due to the late-nite ending of this game, this report will be shorter and more succinct that usual.




QB:Benji started, with a boot-like shoe on his foot due to the broken bone.To add salt to the wound, he was FOREARMED in the face on the 1st series, resulting in a broken nose.��


Ben was understandably slow and tentative thereafter, overthrowing a bomb to Wally and twice missing a wide open Miller.�� His INT was an overthrown bomb to Brown.


Ben warmed up in the 2H.�� On the final play of the 3Q, it was vintage Ben, eluding a blitzing DB and scrambling right, and then hitting Sanders for 28 yards.�� He then saved the game, when on 1st & G at the 10, he fought off Suggs --- literally toe to toe -- and managed to lunge-pitch the ball for a sack-saving TA.


It wasn�t pretty, but it was a gritty effort by Ben.�� B+


RB:Mendy had a workmanlike 45 yards on 19 carries.�� The going was obviously tough sledding.Mendy enraged me on a 2d & 1 in the 3Q, when he found little room and tried to dance wide, losing 3 yards.�� In this situation, against this defense, you simply have to put your head DOWN and burrow for what ya can.�� Soon later, he dropped a dumpoff.��


Redman had a nice RAC in the 1Q on 3d & 8, gaining 14 yards before being cheap-shotted OOB and injuring an ankle.He came back, though, and had the big TD, when he shrugged off 2 tackles after a short slant and spun into the EZ for the TD.���� Hey, here�s an idea for Tomlin -- let�s CUT Redman !!���


Moore enraged me on a short dumpoff on 3d & 2, stuttering and jitterbugging and nearly getting stopped short of the sticks, greatly aided by Miller�s push..��


Redman:A���� Mendy and Moore:�� B-��


FB: Seldom used.�� Inc.


WR:Wally led the way with 5 for 76.�� He put on a superb move on a 0-step hitch, jetting for 23 yards.


Ward had a long nite.�� He had 1 measly grab, for 13.He dropped a CAKE-easy curl -- with the DB on the ground from slipping -- late in the 2Q, on a 3d & 10 that would have netted at least 17 yards, if not more.�� Instead of a chippie FG or a TD attempt, we punted.�� He also ran into Johnson on a crossing pattern in the 4Q.


Sanders dropped a tough grab on 3d & 7 in the 3Q.He did have a great grab later on 3d & 11, snaring a low flag for 28 yards.He should have gotten up at the 2 and gone into the EZ, but like a dumbass just laid there on the turf.�� (Supposedly Reed touched him, but I disagree, as Reed vaulted OVER him.��� You never quit on this kind of play; you make the refs blow their whistles 30 times.)��


Brown had 3 grabs for 26.������ B


TE:Miller was ignored after the early misfires, and finally caught his 1st pass at 7:00 3Q.�� Later in the 3Q, he was cheap-shotted after an inc. pass and leveled in the face, causing a concussion.��


Johnson had good 2d & 3rd effort on a 25-yard gainer, plowing and bulling for extra yardage.��� Johnson struggled at times in run blocking.��


Thankfully, Spaeth did not dress.����� B��


OL: The line got eaten up for most of the game.��� Just eaten alive too many times to recount.


Foster slogged about like a 3-leged donkey.��� He continually got used and abused by Ngata.��� He also had a false start.��� Scott got ravaged and eaten alive by Suggs.��� At this point, I just don�t see how Essex hasn�t warranted a try over Scott, because Scott right now is marginally better than a 55-gallon drum.�� Even Adams had problems, getting wheeled back to the QB by Suggs in the 2Q.�� Adams got injured late in the 3Q.��


Pouncey had some good blocks, but then got wheeled back to the QB by Ngata on 3d & 13 in the 4Q.�� He was also bowled over by Suggs on a sack in the 2Q.�� Pounce had a key fumble recovery.�� Kemo wasn�t as awful as he usually is, and had an alert fumble recovery and solid run thereafter (hilarious looking run, I might add.)


Essex relieved an injured Adams, and was called for not being up on the LOS, which was a really ticky-tack flag based on the replay angle.������� D+���


DL:The line jammed up Gay Rice, who gained only 32 yards on 9 rushes.�� Hood had a coverage sack in the 1st series.��� Yancey Keisel finally returned and had a batted pass.FatAss Hampton did little.�������� B��


LB:Leading the way, as usual, was Harrison.�� Despite many times facing an unbalanced line with an extra tackle lied up next to the LT, he stuffed many running plays.�� He even fought off a crack block on a toss sweep in the 3Q for no gain.He applied a host of pressure, and busted up a late pass to Stallworth.


Taunto Farrior had some adequate contributions.�� He should have been given a HALF sack late in the 4Q, with Harrison getting the other half.��


Timmons was somewhat quiet, with few big plays or hits.�� Of course, part of the problem is that he�s being REMOVED from the game in the dime defense, thanks to a simpleton of a def. coordinator.��� He did have 4 solos and 2 As.��


Sucking ass, once again, was Jason Woodley, who did very, very little the entire game.�� It was nice to see Chris Ballinsworth spotlight Jason Woodley and show what a complete FRAUD this stiff is, what with Harrison getting DOUBLE teamed while Woodley was often facing a SOLO tight-end.�� Big Woody should have EATEN this up, but instead had a whopping 2 solos and 0 assists, and very little pass pressure.He lost outside contain on Flacco in the 1Q, resulting in an easy 7-yard gain to TJ.��� He AGAIN lost contain onJacco in the 3Q, giving up a 14-yard scramble.He whiffed on an EASY sack of Jacco late in the 3Q, which could have produced a strip.Unblocked, he sniffed out the end around to Stall for -11, a RARE stop for a stiff this clumsy and over-rated.�����


Jason Worilds, as usual, was not permitted to play on D.


Harrison:A���� Timmy and Taunto:�� B���� Woodley:�� D


DB:Getting roasted and embarrassed on national TV was Bryant McFadden, who had a totally wretched, ghastly game.�� You�d have to go way back to the days of Deon Figures or DeWayne Washington to find a game played this poorly by a Steeler QB.��� 2 PI flags, 1 TD given up, and 1 deep ball for 67 yards, pretty much sums up this vomit-laden effort.On the TD, he simply stopped and GAVE UP on coverage of Boldin.�� The 2nd PI was just a dumbassed penalty to take, as he shoved Mason as the ball sailed well over.�� On the deep ball to Stallworth, McFadden, the idiot, jumped onto the slot WR, leaving Stallworth ALL ALONE to roam down the sidelines for the 67-yard gainer.�� Exactly how fuking stupid is this guy ???��


Ryan Clark wasn�t much better.�� Lined up in the slot on 3d & 15, he got totally ABUSED on a deep route by Boldin, good for 61 yards.�� Late in the game, McFadden had a chance for an INT, but Clark, the dumbfuk, jarred the ball out of his hands.�� What a moh-ron.��


Pola had a couple big plays.��� He slashed in on a run blitz in the 1D for a -4 loss.�� Late in the game, he again slashed in and chopped Jacco�s arm to force the key fumble.��


Ike had a decent game.�� He was flagged for an illegal contact.��� Gay started to get picked on late, giving up 2 easy grabs late in the game.������� B-


Spec teams:The coverage teams mostly sucked well-water.�� Really horrid.�� Sanders made the lone good stop, swooping in with speed to nail the KO returner at the 16.��


Sepul had a poor pooch punt in the 1Q, hitting at the 1 and going into the EZ.�� Thanx to atrocious punt coverage, he had to make a tackle on a 35-yard punt return and tore his ACL in his non-kicking leg.��� I�m sure Colbert will have Mitch Berger signed by Monday afternoon.��


The number and frequency of dumbassed, assaholic, unforced penalties on spec teams is unreal.�� Brown went offsides on a kickoff.�� Keen Lewis ran OOB on punt coverage and was flagged.�� These are brainless, assaholic penalties you can live with .....on a team comprised of 7th graders.�� It�s absolute horseshit that these kind of flags are occurring 12 games into the season on a team comprised of supposedly elite professionals.�� Worilds got into the act by holding on a Steeler punt, as did Allen on an earlier punt.


Brown had a solid punt return.Suisham took forever to get off his punts, but he filled in adequately in place of Sepul.�� He also nailed a 45-yard FG, along with a 19-yarder.���� C-


OC:�� Sharing a building with Dave Wannstedt has had ill effects on Airhead Arians.His gameplan was as bland, dull, and dim-bulbed as a pre-school coloring book.�� RB screens?�� NONE.��� Quick pop passes to Miller?��� NONE.���� Mis-direction attempts against a rabidly over-pursuing defense?�� NONE.���


The bland stupidity got so bad that on a long 3Q drive, Arians was given the GOLDEN opportunities of three consecutive 2d & 1�s.��� What did he do?��� A vanilla LINE PLUNGE every single time, getting the 1st down exactly ONE time.���� Deep stab?�� NONE.���� Play-action pass?�� NONE.Something clever beyond a 1930�s era plunge?�� NONE.����


Then, to start the 4Q, Arians had 1st & goal on the 2:


����������� 1D, 33 run,-2

����������� 2D, 34 run,-1

����������� 3 & G on the 5,0-step hitch to Wally, 3 yards.��� What in the fuck ?????!!!���� A 0-step hitch from the FIVE fuking yard line??�� Are you fuking kidding me ???�� What a stupidfuk !�� This has to be 1 of the blandest, most retarded drives since Dave Wannstedt started his head coaching career.���


Other points:


- On the 2Q INT on the deep ball to Brown.....TWO Steelers (Brown & Wally) were within 4 yards of each other on this deep ball.Why?�� Stupid football.


- On obvious passing downs, David Johnson was not only kept in the game, but he out in the pattern?!�� Why ???�� You have Ward, Wally, Sanders, Brown, and Randle El, along with Redman, Moore, and Mendy.�� What in the flaming hell was Johnson doing out in the pass pattern on obvious passing downs?�� Remember, this is the SAME idiot OC who likes to KEEP Heath Miller in to BLOCK on obvious passing downs....but he�ll use Mr. Bootfoot out in the pattern on similar downs.��� Unbelievable.����� C-��


DC:You�ll hear the usual fawning and adulation over Dick, what with the PoeBirds held to 10 points.��� Fact is, they could have easily been held to ZERO points.��� A mediocre offense to begin with, the Ravens lost Todd Heap on the FIRST play from scrimmage, and lost Steeler-killer Derrick Mason for a large chunk of the game.��� LT Mike Ohrer was coming off a sprained knee sustained in last week�s game.��


The Ravens lone TD was a 97-yard march (92, plus a 5-yard flag set them back to their own 3).�� Here�s Dick, with a chance to obtain golden FP off a punt, on a 3d & 15 on the Balt. 3.�� Like the moron that he is, he blitzes Pola up the GUT, where there is enormous congestion, plus the blitz pickup is EASY AS PIE.�� What happened?�� Pola gets picked up EASY AS PIE.�� Worse, Dick has Ryan Clark -- the slowest safety in the NFL -- up in press coverage on the slot WR, Boldin.The former Card blew past Clark for an easy deep ball and a 61-yard gain.��


The drive could have stalled, however, but Dick once again went soft, and on 3d & 10, Jacco has ALL DAY to hit Dickson for 11 yards.


Then, a short while later, Jacco hit Boldin for the TD.�� They replayed that play on nat'l TV, with a stopwatch.�� Facing a weak-ssd 4MR, Jacco had 7.04 seconds to get this pass off, which is an ETERNITY.��Soft, no-brained defense with ZERO pass pressure against a QB well KNOWN for choking under pass pressure.��� Brilliant !!


I also loved the brilliant idea of having gimpy-hamstring Yancey Keisel try to cover the TE, Dickson, on a 3d & 9 in the 1Q.�� Luckily for us, Dickson DROPPED the ball on an up route that what would have been a hefty 20-yard gainer.�� Gotta love the brilliancy, though, in having an oafish, 32-year old DE, coming off weeks of inactivity with a hamstring injury, covering a TE down the field.�� Utterly brilliant!!��


The softness in pass rush -- with a pussyfied 4-man rush (4MR) -- was again appalling.��� Some other examples, besides the ones above--


- 3d & 6, 4MR, deep ball to Stallworth, 67 yards.�� No heat, no harassment, no pressure.


- 3 & 10, 3Q, 4MR, easy comp. to Mason for 16.This keyed the Raven FG drive.��� Again, no heat, no harassment, no pressure.


The Almighty One also benefited from the Stiller offense chewing the clock, as PIT had the TOP advantage, 33:35 to 25:52.


Lastly, the removal of Larry Timmons in the dime defense is simply asinine stupidity at its worst.�� If a LB needs removed, it should either be Farrior or Woodley, not your fastest, most athletic LB who has been lights out all year long.��� Removing an all-around GREAT LB who is having an awesome season is nothing short of sabotage.��


Fawn and adulate all ya want over The Almighty One, Dick LeBeau.��� Just don't let facts and what happens on the field obstruct your view while you revel and glory over past accomplishments garnered years ago.������ D+


HC:Tomlin continues to un-impress with ostrich-like management and leadership.�� Yes, it was good the team overcame adversity.�� However, the best way to overcome adversity is to AVOID it in the first place.�� Stupid penalties, brainless schemes, sloppy mistakes (dropped passes, drifting away from assigned receivers, etc.) seem to perpetuate themselves with no correction and no accountability.��� C+��


Officiating.��� I don�t often rant about officials, but I am again forced to, due to outrageous incompetence and inconsistencies.��


�� - On the 1st series, Ben is belted in the FACE, not once, but TWICE, on the SAME play by Hloti Ngata while back in the pocket.�� No flag.�� Ben gets his nose BROKEN on this play, but with multiple refs watching the play, NO flag is thrown for an obvious illegal blow to the head.��


�� - On a 2Q play, Ben got blasted by Landry into the turf well after releasing a pass.�� No flag.


�� -After an inc. pass, Miller is drilled in the HEAD, as a DEFENSELESS receiver, and is knocked unconscious.NO FLAG.�� After all the bullshit flags and fines on James Harrison, this kind of hit goes unpunished ????���� Where in Sam Fuking hell was the flag on this play ??��


�� -�� On the late 1st & goal at the 10, Ben's helmet was FORCIBLY GRABBED by Suggs. This is called FACEMASKING; as ANY part of the helmet that is grabbed is, by the RULEBOOK, a facemasking penalty.How 3 or 4 refs could MISS this in the WIDE OPEN space of the backfield is simply unreal and inexcusable.��


�� - On a late punt, I thought Fred Reed signaled for a FC.�� The punt landed, and rolled to about the 3, where he then grabbed the ball.Fox made the immediate stop, but if Reed did call the FC and no one from PIT touched the ball, then this is an obvious penalty.�� (I messed up my Tivo recording, so I can�t re-check this play.)


��� - The only positive thing to say about this crew, is that they finally cracked down on Mike Ohrer�s BLATANT cheating.In the previous meeting, Ohrer continually kicked his back leg backwards a split second before the snap, but was NEVER called.He got whistled for it twice tonite, and obviously had to adjust his cheating due to the closer scrutiny.


Fuck Roger Goodell.�� Fuck Ray Anderson.��� F


Synopsis:It�s hard to win on the road in the NFL.It�s even harder when both coordinators are complete fuking retards, thereby inhibiting the team and pretty much removing a a majority of chance of victory.It�s simply amazing that this team was able to cobble together this win, against all odds.�� Up next, the Bungals, and the Stillers cannot afford a letdown in this divisional game, lest they allow the Ravens to crawl back into race for the division title. ��


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)



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