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Stillers - Bills Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 13, 2020 by Still Mill

Bills 26, Stillers 15..... Dec 13, 2020 ………Game # 13


Stillers - Bills Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 11-1 Stillers mosied north to Buffalo to face the 8-3 Billies.  The Stillers had a 7-3 lead late in the 1H, but a pick 6 gave the Bills a 9-7 lead they never relinquished.     


Note – due the late nite nature of this one, this’ll be a rather shortened post-game.   Sorry ‘bout that.




QB:   Ben had his worst outing of the season, plain and simple.   Pick 6, late 2Q.    Horrific.   The pass was tentative, and BEHIND the receiver.   This play allowed Buff to take a 9-7 lead into the locker room at halftime. 


Woefully underthrown deep ball, mid 4Q, INT. Another shitty-assed deep ball by Ben, his 36th of the season.   D



Conner –  returned to action after missing 2 to Covid.  Fumbled the ball on a ground play, 2Q, but lucky for him Schuster recovered.  Had 10 carries for 18 yards.  So much for the blather of, “Conner’s return will bolster the ground game.”     C- 


Samuels – got rag-dolled in pass pro, 3Q, on a 3rd down in which the QB got harassed thanks to this pussyfied block.  


Snell –   Got a few token carries in the 1H, and then rotted. 


McFarland – Deactivated.  After all, what would a struggling, inept offense do with THE faster man on the team ?  


FB:    Watt saw maybe 1 play at FB.   A colossal piss-away of $4.24M.     



JuJu –  had 6 grabs for 55.   


Wash – grabbed a TD, 2Q.    Then, supposedly the God of Combat Catches, he got easily out-jousted on a deep ball, mid 4Q, for an INT that pretty much ended the game.  


Dionte -  Had a DROP in each of the first 2 series.  Mercifully, he sat the pine the rest of the half.  Had 4 grabs for 40, but his ass needs to be stapled to the pine for a bit longer.  


Claypool –  3 grabs for 15.   Has pretty much been written out of the offense.  


RayRay – little PT on O.   



McDonald – Thrown a pass, his first in like 9 weeks, but of course it was 2 yards behind the LOS and it was engulfed.  


Ebron – dropped a 3rd & 3 pass, 2Q.  Grabbed a 2-pointer, 4Q.  


OL:  Overall, the line gave Ben decent protection, but the run blocking mostly sucked ass.  


Feiler hurt a shoulder early on, and was mostly capably replaced by Dotson.    Toi hihs dis-credit, Doton got knocked onto his ass, first drive of 3Q.   He got hurt soon thereafter, so JD Assenhour had to come in and play guard.  Okorafor got injured late in the 3Q, so Fat Gerald Hawkins had to come in and play RT for a spell. 


DeAsstro pulled on a screen pass, late 2Q, and then didn’t hit ANYONE, with Samuels getting nabbed for a short gain.  A block of ANY sort may have sprung Sammy for 10 yards. 



Heyward – Hit QB’s arm, caused a Dong INT by Hilton.   Had a lot of disruption, 1H.   The Bills ADJUSTED at halftime and put an extra blocker on Scam much of the 2H.  


Tuitt – The $60M Man was literally HELD OFF the scoresheet.   Didn’t do a single fuking thing the entire evening.  F-


Alu – stripped the ball from the QB, 2Q.  Was pretty active.    


Mondeau – flagged for a roughing the passer, 2Q.  Shitty call by the refs. 



Vinnie – missed the game due to Covid. 


Spillane – on IR for a few weeks due to a knee.


Williamson – got a solo stop on a running play, late 1Q.  Had 9 solos, although many of those were in chase mode.  


Watt – Quiet game, with just 1 solo.  


Odeniyi – saw some PT here and there. 


Highsmith – 2nd series, abused the LT, and heavily pressured the QB, who then had his pass batted.   THAT is what ya call harassing the QB.  Limped off, late 3Q.  Big stuff on 1st & goal at the 1, mid 4Q, for a 4-yard LOSS.   That was a MAN’s play…..a play you’d never see from Crud DuPree. 


Gilbert – saw some PT here and there.   Did nothing.  


Marcus Allen –    2d & 2, early 3Q, and NBC showed the replay of Allen waaaaay over-drifting on this play, allowing the RB a GAPING gap for a 14-yard run.   Had 5 solos, but also had a variety of WHIFFS and plays where he got trucked.  




Haden – had to miss the game due to a concussion


Nelson –   beaten deep, but the WR had 1 foot OOB as he grabbed it.   Like a beatoff, he slipped on a SYNTHETIC turf field, and allowed Diggs and easy catch and run for a  TD, early 3Q.  Abused deep by Davis, 4Q, but the pressure forced the QB to overthrow the WR.    C- 


Hilton –Made a stellar tackle on a screen pass, late 1Q.  Flagged for PI on a crucial 3rd down pass, 9:00 4Q, which gave Buff a 1D at the 1 yard line. 


Edmunds – Wsa pretty active, and made some adequate run stops.  


Minkah -  applied a hit to Diggs on a 3rd down grab, but never WRAPPED, and Diggs ran for another 15 yards.   Thanks to this no-brained play, Buff was able to boot a chipshot 35-yard FG, which would have been a 50-yarder were it not for Stinkah’s moronic stupidity.  


Sutton -  was abused on a 3rd down pass, mid 1Q, but the wide open Buff WR dropped the pass.   Blitzed and hit the QB as he threw, first play of 2Q.  Big INT off a bobbled grab, 2Q.  Got tooled so badly by Diggs in the 3Q that he went flailing like 5 yards away from the WR as the man grabbed the pass.  


Spec teams:  

Barry – punted 8 times for a humdrum 39.8 avg.   Got off a shitty punt, 1Q, good for 35 yards.  


Boswell – No FG tries.   His KO’s were mediocre. 


RayRay – fielded the opening KO some SIX yards deep in the EZ, and like a fuking jackass, actually decided to bring the ball out.  Sure enough, he was nailed at the 10 yard line.  What a tool.


Vomity KO coverage, opening KO of the 2H.  The ball was fielded 2 yards deep, and returned to the 32.   Very shitty, and shoddy.   Then, after the Schuster TD in the 4Q, this shitty-assed KO coverage team again allowed the KO return to the 34 yard line.  


OC:  Randy Sphincter again oversaw the TWO yard offense……which throws 90 of its passes within 2 yards of the LOS.    The Bills were no fools, and they SAW what they saw on the game tape.   What did Sphincter do to adjust going into this game?   Fuking NOTHING.    At halftime?   Fuking NOTHING.    Just complete piss and vomit on pretty much every series.    F



Keith Assler had the luxury of feeding on krimpets and creampuff this ENTIRE season, and tonite he finally faced an NFL caliber offense.  And sure as shit, he faltered as badly as a submarine with a screen door.


Disorganized as a Chinese fire drill, Buttler received a 12 men on field penalty, late 1Q.  


Buff got the ball at the 32 to open the 2H.  Just like last week, the foe marched RIGHT DOWN the field for a cake-easy TD.   Then, on the very next possession, Assler just got assraped by the Bill offense, as they marched 57 yards in just 4 plays to turn a close game into a 23-7 asswhipping.  


3d & 10, 10 minutes left in game, and Assler allows a 12 yard reception to McKenzie, the fellow who hadn’t grabbed a pass all nite.  Instead of forcing the punt, Assler allowed the Bills to sustain their march, and this drive ended in a chippie FG to boost the lead from 8 to 11.  This is the very definition of losing football, and vomit-laden defensive football.  


3d & 11, 5:30 4Q,  and sure as shit, Buttler has NO COVERAGE on the TE, and its an easy 20-yard gainer.   It’s the same fuking shit, game in and game out, of 3rd and a fuking MILE, and Assler can’t get the fuk off the field. 


Buff adjusted, while Assler sat on his ass and did NOTHING.     F


HC:  Mike Asslin oversaw the same shit and slop we’ve been seeing for WEEKS.   Amazing that absolutely NOTHING was changed or tweaked from last week.  Not one fuking thing.  That's the very definition of stubborn stupidity, all led by one Michael Asslin.   Then, just like last week, the opponent made halftime adjustments, Asslin made NONE.   Not one.   Not a single fuking adjustment, and what happens….?  They get run out of the fuking gym in the 2H.  A humiliating assbeating.    F-



The team sucked egg and ass, again, for like the 9th time this season.  The warts have finally caught up to this slackly, inept team.    I’d been pointing out the warts for WEEKS, and all I heard was this bullshit about, “Oh, we’re 7-0 ( or 8-0, etc.)”   Yeah, that record was a MIRAGE…..a GIFT, thanks to an incredibly cakewalk schedule and facing one inept QB after another.   This softee team is now spiraling downward in yet another December swoon.   Sure, they backed into the playoffs, but at this point, who thinks this sorry-assed squad will actually beat anyone come playoff time?


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