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Hard Hat Award (Game # 14, @ San Fran)

December 22, 2011 by Still Mill

2011 Hardhat Game #14

Hard Hat Award (Game # 14, @ San Fran)

No one is the winner of the weekly Hard Hat Award, given to the Stiller player who best embodies the iron-tough, hard-as-steel attitude of the steel workers inside the blast furnace of a still mill.


With the Stillers in the catbird seat in the running for the division title and home-field advantage, the entire team did a collective egg-lay in the sorry, lackluster loss to the 69ers.�� The offense played grab-ass the entire evening, barely mustering 3 points.�� The defense was soft and cheesy all evening long, beginning right from the first SF drive, in which the Niners went on a long 17-play march, which ended with a FG only because QB Alex Smith was so inept he was unable to lob a simple TD pass to a wide open WR standing about 20 feet away.The defense was so soft and listless that it forced zero turnovers, never applied a single hit to the QB, and gave up 2 2nd-half TDs to a bumbling offense that had the worst red zone % in the entire NFL.


One of the few Stillers to perform adequately was WR Jericho Cotchery, who had season highs in catches and yards, and made some clutch grabs.�� It bears repeating that there is almost always -- if not always -- a strong correlation between the number of players in consideration for the Hard Hat, and if the team won or lost.Simply put, Hard Hat kind of football leads to victory; pansy football (a term used here long before Troy Pola popularized it) leads to defeat.


Kudos to no one for winning the Hard Hat Award.Don�t wear the Hard Hat proudly, fellas.��



Previous 2011 Hard Hat Winners:


Game #13, vs. Clev:Ben Roethlisberger and James Harrison

Game #12, vs. Cinci:Antonio Brown and Curtis Brown

Game #11, @ KC: Jason Worilds

Game #10, @ Cinci:William Gay

Game #9, vs. Balt:James Harrison and Max Starks

Game #8, vs. N.E.: Heath Miller and Ike Taylor

Game #7, @ Ariz:Antonio Brown

Game #6, vs. Jax: Troy Polamalu

Game #5, vs. Tenn:Ben Roethlisberger and Max Starks

Game #4, @ Houston: James Harrison and Troy Polamalu

Game #3, @ Indy: James Harrison and Troy Polamalu

Game #2, vs. Seattle:Mike Wallace and Troy Polamalu

Game #1, @ Balt:No One


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