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Stillers-Jackers Postgame Analysis and Grades

February 07, 2011 by Still Mill

Jackers 31, Stillers 25 ��� Super Bowl, Feb 6, 2011
Jackers 31, Stillers 25��. Feb 6, 2011 ����Super Bowl 45


Stillers-Jackers Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers bumbled their way about the entire 1st half, committing equal amounts of foolish penalties, stupid-assed mistakes, and boneheaded turnovers, enabling the Jackers to go in at half with a 21-10 lead.��


The Stillers stormed back to make it 21-17; then the defense allowed yet another GB TD.The Stillers struck again for a TD and a 2-pointer to make it a 3-point game, but the defense -- true to its soft, cheesy nature -- allowed a long, clock-chewing 70-yard march for a late FG to ice the game.�� The Stillers had 1 last gasp, but with only 1 timeout, got only one 1st down.��


My pre-game analysis broke down the game in full detail, and regrettably, nearly everything I�d pointed out came to roost and haunt the Stillers in this grim loss.




QB:Ben had a fairly miserable, awful evening.��� There�s no sense sugarcoating it.He sucked ass, going 25 of 40 for 263 and 2 TDs.�� The pick 6 wasn�t his fault, as his arm was hit as he threw, but the other INT was his.�� He was scattershot, high, and long for far too long in this game.��


The misery began right from the 1st series, with an awful misfire on 3d & 10 that was close to no one.On the next series, his incomplete seamer to Miller was extremely high and only catchable via a circus catch of extraordinary proportions.�� Ben threw a deep lob to Wally down the sideline in the 2Q, but it was too flat and too far to the inside.��


There was also a high, shitty out pass to Wally on 3d & 2 late in the 3Q.


Without question, the worst of his passes was the total misfire on the WIDE open flag to Wally in the 3Q, which should have been an easy 6 points.�� On this PAP, Wally was wide open and Ben had ACRES of room in the pocket and plenty of time, yet Ben threw the ball well over Wally, and really into no-man�s land instead of toward the flag.�� Instead of a TD that would have put the Stillers up by 4, the drive bogged down and Suisham missed the 52-yard FG.��


There were some good scrambles, and a decent TD passes to Wally and Ward, but far, far too little overall.�� C-


RB:Mendy ripped off some solid runs, but he�ll long be remembered - much like Neil O�Dummel -- for a ghastly 4th quarter turnover, this on a fumble at the Packer 40.He rushed only 14 times, for 63 yards and 1 TD.I blame most of the fumble on Johnson -- not Mendy --- although he was running far too upright, which I�ve railed upon at least 17 times this season.��


Redman ripped off a couple nice runs, including a 16-yarder on 3d & short.Moore, too, chipped in nicely with a clutch run on 3d & 1, gaining 7.��

As happened most of the season -- and another thing I�d railed on in my pre-game analysis -- the RBs were almost entirely non-existent in the passing game, with Mendy catching the lone pass for 7 yards.���� B-��


FB:Johnson had a couple good lead blocks on Mendy�s productive runs, including the 15-yarder by Mendy in the 1Q.���� But Johnson will long be remembered for 2 horrific, assaholic blunders -- the no-brained false start on 2d & 1 that aborted the 2nd drive; and the faggot-fuck blocking attempt in which he knifed thru 2 defenders -- blocking NEITHER -- on the play that Mendy fumbled.��� If Johnson gets his hat on a defender like he�s supposed to, it�s likely Mendy isn�t blistered and no fumble occurs.����� D+���


WR:A fairly average showing by the WR corps, especially with Woodson out, as well as Shields.�� Wally led the way with 9 grabs for 89 and 1 TD, but failed to corral the last gasp 4th down pass that ended the game.�� He also allowed a high, but catchable, pass on 3d & 2 to go thru his hands in the 3Q.��


Ward was quiet and ignored most of the 1st half, before finally being utilized in the late 2Q drive.�� Ward snared 3 passes to help ignite that drive, including the TD with less than aminute remaining in the half.


Sanders got injured in the 2Q when he grabbed a 3rd down pass well ahead of the sticks, and then foolishly ran backwards and got tackled rudely, injuring a leg.Very fortunately, he was given forward progress, but was lost of the game when he limped off 2 plays later.��


Taking Sanders� placed was Randle El, who came out of nowhere and had a productive effort.He made a superb grab just about the turf on a low throw on 3d &6 in the 2Q.He also made a good grab and added on a ton of RAC on a 37-yard pass play late in the 2Q, which ended up being the longest pass play of the day for PIT.��� El also had a good run to the pylon, eluding a tackler, for the key 2-point conversion in the 4Q.�� ���B


TE:I�d explicitly warned in my pre-game analysis --�TE Heath Miller must get involved in the passing game as a pass-catcher, not as a sidecar blocker.  Quick pop passes and taking advantage of the Packers sub-par ability to cover the TE should be a staple this Sunday.�Sure enough, he spent VAST amounts of time as a SIDECAR blocker, and finished witha paltry 2 grabs for 12 yards, 1 of which was a catch for MINUS-3 yards.�� Spaeth had 1 grab for 9.��� Miller�s blocking was solid, and he got fucked by a phantom, bogus holding call in the 2Q that negated Mendy�s 7-yard run.����� B


OL: Overall, the line played adequately.�� They opened up some fissures in the ground game, and gave Ben some good, ample time on many a pass play.��


Leading the way in barfing and vomiting was Piss Kemoeatu, who had wretched game.In the 1Q, he got wheeled back like a gurney on a pass play from the Steeler 7, and worse, allowed the rusher (Howard Green) to knife through and hit Ben�s arm as he threw.This turned a deep ball into a quail that was picked off and returned for a TD.In the 2Q, Kemo was flagged for an illegalblock that negated a 4-yard WR screen.��


Foster -- not Adams -- committed a blatant tackle-type holding penalty in the 4Q.The idiot Aikman was claiming it was Adams; it was not.


Legursky played center in place of the injured Pouncey and did okay.Hardly great, but adequate.�� The overall line play was solid, as they ripped open plenty of holes for the ground game to average 5.5 yards per carry, and most often gave Ben plenty of time.�� They allowed only 1 sack, that on an incessant clutch job by Ben in the 4Q that resulted in a 2-yard loss.������ Kemo:C-������� All others:B+


DL:The line played ok, but hardly great.��� They batted no passes, and their pocket push was non-existent.�� Although not entirely their fault, they allowed Starks a healthy 4.7 yards/carry, which is unacceptable.�� Keisel applied some pressure on a looping stunt in the 1Q, and Hood got a coverage sack in the 4Q.���� Again, not really inspiring or impressive.��� C+

LB:This crew did far, far too little.�� Timmons led the way with 3 solos.�� (Don�t laugh; that�s the correct number of tackles that led the LB corps.)��� Timmy had a nice flash-up on a wide run in the 3Q, resulting in a 3 yard loss.�� He also applied the pressure and the flush that enabled Hood to get his sack.����


Taunto Farrior, whom the local media has been crowing about all season about �being FASTER than he EVER was� looked as slow as a donkey crawling thru a swamp of manure and mud.�� In the 1Q, he was entirely too slow and feeble on the lil� dumpoff to Jackson, which was an innocent liitle 5-yard dumpoff, but bloated into a 14-yard gainer because of how slot afoot Taunto was on this play.��


������ Then The Winged God of LB Pass Coverage failed to get a simple JAM on Jennings, which resulted in a free, cake-walk pass route up the seam for a TD.��� On Nelson�s 38-yard catch and RAC in the 4Q, Farrior could have easily nipped off 15 yards of that gain, but clumsily just waved as Nelson dashed to the sideline.�� A really sickening, feeble-fuk play.�� Farrior finished with (hold your laughter) 1 solo and 1 assist, along with a dumb-assed offsides penalty in the 1Q..��


James Harrison was shut down and made very, very little impact.�� He persistently fought for a sack in the 3Q on a 3d & 7, but that was it.�� He was stout against the run.


Big LaMarr shot his wad the 1st 2 plays of the game, busting up a short pass on the first play and then stopping a run on the next.�� That was about it.�� When the Packers had success on the ground, it was always at or around Big LaMarr, who failed to set the edge and instead was often looping into no man�s land.This was never more evident than on the 3rd & inches running play in the 1Q, in which Big LaMarr loop-rushed, allowing a huge hole up RT for Starks -- who fully appeared to be stopped for NO GAIN -- to bounce up RT for 8 yards.6 plays later, the Packers scored a TD.�� On Starks� 2nd-longest run of the day -- a 12-yarder around right end just before the TD pass late in the 2Q -- Big LaMarr literally got pancaked onto his ass, allowing the easy gain around end.�� Very piss poor.


��������� As for his vaunted pass rush, only rarely did he abuse rookie RT Brain Baluga, which, as I�d pointed out in my pre-game, was an enormously favorable mismatch.�� In the 1Q, Woodley has pressure but missed the sack, enabling Rodgers to dump the ball off for a healthy 14-yard gain.��


Timmons:B���� Harrison, Woodley:C-���� Farrior:D+


DB:As happened against EVERY decent QB they faced, the secondary got riddled and abused.��


Ike Taylor led the way with a strong game.That is, until the fateful, 4Q 3d & 10 when the lead was a measly 3 points and plenty of time (6 minutes) was left on the clock.Ike was beaten on a seamer by Jennings for 31 yards, and another 4 minutes of clock was chewed thereafter.Of course, it would have been nice, just once, for a SAFETY to, you know, either read and step in on 1 of the 14 seamers that Rodgers completed, or dislodge the ball from the WR.���� Ike had good coverage on Jennings in the 1Q on a deep sideline route.This was a strong enough overall effort by Ike, and combined with the follies in the rest of the secondary, he�ll soon be demanding $6M+ per year as a UFA.��


McFadden has his usual struggles.He was burned badly by Nelson on a simple go route on 3d & 7 in the 1st series, but Nelson dropped the ball (he actually formed a hoop with his arms and allowed the ball to go right through.)�� Fadden was also way too soft on Nelson on an easy 18-yard completion in the 3Q.��


Gay, of course, had his struggles as well.�� He got totally tooled by Nelson down the sideline in the 1Q, but still could have broken up the pass.Instead, he failed to read and react to Nelson�s eyes and body language, and reacted with a bat-attempt far too late.�� Touchdown.�� Gay was also lazy and beaten badly by Jones on a clearing route across the field on a 3d & 5 early in the 3Q, but Jones dropped the ball.This play would have gained 45+ yards, if not a TD, as Jones was left WIDE open with acres of open room.Gay was torched on a back-shoulder pass to Jones late in the game, good for 21 yards.�� About the only productive thing Gay did all game was to wrest the ball away from Swain on a 3d 7 10 play late in the 3Q.


Ryan Clark -- surprise! -- was too slow on the TD pass to Jennings in the 2Q, failing to bat away the ball.As usual, Clark did NOTHING the entire game to break up a single pass.Not one.�� In the 4Q, he got abused, TWICE no less, by Nelson.On the first, Nelson simply dropped the ball.On the next play, GB went right after Clark again on a simple in-route by Nelson, and with a huge RAC, this turned into a 38-yard gain.It�s bad enough to fail to cover; it�s even worse when you�re a pile of shit who can�t make an immediate stop to limit RAC yardage.��


Leading the way in futility and standing around was none other than Troy Pola, who completed a 3-game post-season by doing absolutely NOTHING the entire time.�� Perhaps he was injured.��� All�s I know is that the guy, once again, provided no more impact than if the defense had simply inserted a team trainer in his place.


���� Pola failed to bust up or dislodge the 2Q TD pass to Jennings.�� In the 4Q, he rabidly bit inside on a rather sloppy move by Jennings, and was beaten badly on a corner route for a TD.�� Very, very poor.�� He finished the game with 3 harmless tackles, zero impact, and zero influence.���


Madison had good coverage on Swain on a 3d & 8 late in the 3Q.��


Ike:A-������ Clark, Pola, McFadden, and Gay:D������ Madison:B


Spec teams:Surprisingly, the spec teams didn�t totally sabotage the Stillers tonite.Brown did a superb job on KO returns.�� Suisham had some deep KOs in the 2d & 3d quarters.��


There were some poor boners, though.�� Mundy was flagged for a block in the back on a guy who was about 23 feet from Tonio Brown and had ZERO chance to make the tackle.�� Correct call; dumbshit play by Mundy.�� Onthe very next play, Ben threw from his own EZ and was hit as he threw, and the pick 6 gave the Jackers a freebie 7 points.Late in the game, trailing by 6, Fox was flagged for an assaholic dead-ball personal foul flag on the KO return, moving the start of the possession from the 26 to the 13.


Suisham, for no apparent reason, was called upon to boot a 52-yard FG, which he duck-hooked no less than 36 feet wide of the left upright.Very poor.As noted, his KOs were surprisingly good and deep, especially in the 2nd & 3rd quarters.He barely made a 33-yard FG in the 2Q, almost booting it wide.�� Clearly, he won�t be handed the job again this summer; he�ll have to beat someone out at camp.


Kapinos had a dogshit pooch punt in the 1Q, booming it into the EZ for a TB.He did get off a rare, good punt late in the 3Q, good for 54 yards.�� He�s another fellow who shouldn�t even be invited to camp.����������


Fox:D-����� Mundy:�� C-��� Brown:A������ All others:B


OC:Arians, as usual, arrived at this game with no game-plan and no plan of attack.�� It was a holistic, half-assed, grab-bag effort of epic proportions.


For no apparent reason, the Stillers ran the o-step hitch or bubble screen at least 6 times tonite.We�ll never know why.��� The game began with a 0-step pass to Ward, and it continued, ad nauseum, throughout the game.��


I�d railed in my pre-game about the stupidity of keeping Miller in to PASS BLOCK incessantly as a sidecar.�� Sure enough, that�s precisely what Arians did.Miller finished the game

with 2 grabs for 12 yards, 1 of which was a catch for MINUS-3 yards.���


Arians got a GIFT late in the 2Q, when both Sheilds and Woodson got injured.�� Here you have a starting CB and starting safety, both out for the 2H, yet Arians had very lukewarm success, getting only 2 scores in the 2H.�� There was also an asinine wasted timeout on 3rd & 1 -- which has happened at least 8 times this season -- midway thru the 3Q.�� It�s Arians� asinine indecision that leads to these kind of wasted timeouts.�� When you have an OC who has no clue as to HOW he wants to attack, this is precisely what happens.


Perhaps worst was the goatfuck on the game�s final drive, in which this offense was entirely incapable of running 2 successive plays without a host of confusion and sloppy time-wasting.��


Arians did manage to cobble some productivity behind an O-line missing 3 starters (Colon,. Starks, and Pouncey), as well as a star QB who threw the ball like Mike Tomczak most of the evening.�� As shabby as Arians was, he wasn�t close to being the worst coordinator in this loss.���� C��


DC:I�d warned and written DOZENS of times about what a PAPER TIGER this defense was, yet few were willing to listen.�� Dick, facing an elite QB, once again got carved and picked apart like a carcass beneath a pack of vultures.��


This defense was putrid; this defense was sickening; this defense was an embarrassment.�� The idiots out there will attempt to sugar-coat this loss as �3 turnovers GAVE away 21 points.��� Clearly, they did not.��� Aside from the pick 6, the 1 TO gave the ball to GB at their 47; the other at the GB 45.��� This is hardly �gimme� field position.On BOTH occurrences, the defense had plenty of opportunity to either force a punt, or a FG, but instead got carved and picked apart on long marches for TOUCHDOWNS.�� That�s a shit defense, period.I�ve re-read the NFL rulebook, and defenses are, in fact, PERMITTED to stop opposing offenses after a turnover 50+-yards from the goal line.��


Allow me to RECAP the 4th quarter for you --

GB had the ball only twice. On the first, they marched 55 yards, carving up Dick something fierce, for a TOUCHDOWN.��� On the 2nd, they marched 70 (SEVENTY) yards, chewing up 5-1/2 minutes of clock and tacking on a chippie FG to make the lead 6 points.

ANY kind of defensive stop in that 4th quarter likely WINS the game. WINS THE GAME. Alas, the Paper Tiger Defense was entirely incapable of doing so, in no thanks at all to the supreme almighty deity of defense, Dick Lebeau.

Troy Aikman claims Dick had Leftwich and Batch throw the seam route hundreds of times in practice to prepare for the inevitable FAVORITE pass play of the Jackers,Who, praytell, did Dick have running the patterns?��� Frank Summers ?��� Matt Spaeth?���� Tyler Grisham ?����� Not once did this defense stop the seam route, as they got carved repeatedly, and never adjusted.�� The great supreme almighty lord deity of defensive football had TWO WEEKS to prepare for the GB attack, and this steaming pile of shit was the best he could come up with ??


Supposedly Dick is �the clever mastermind of disguising overages and blitzes�.�� Oh, really?��� WHEN, praytell, did THAT occur in this riddling??���� Turnovers?�� NONE.��� Forced fumbles?�� NONE.��� Interceptions?�� NONE.���� Hard shots on the QB?Damn few.�� Real pressure and harassment on the QB?�� Darn little.


For the game, Rodgers went 24 of 39 for 304 yards, 3 TDs,and 0 INTs.It would have been much, much uglier had the Packers not dropped at least 6 passes during the game.�� Nelson dropped a deep sideline route on the 1st series that would have either gained 40 yards, or a TD.��� On a 3Q 3d & 5, Jones dropped a simple crossing pattern that would have gone for MILES of yardage, or a TD, as he was WIDE open.��


There was also a foolish boneheaded wasted timeout by the defense on a 3d & 8 late in the 3Q.�� For such a veteran defense that starts ZERO rookies, this is unacceptable.�� That timeout would have been huge on the final drive of the game.


I�d quite clearly pointed out this concern in my pre-game --- �No Gay on Nelson.�� Will Gay is somewhat adequate against average-sized receivers, but turns into a frightened pansie against bigger receivers and TEs.�� We don�t need Gay to embarrass himself, and his team, by getting torched by Nelson.��� Sure enough, Dick puts Gay on Nelson, and voila --29-yard TD !!��� Any number of other DBs could have covered Nelson.��

For weeks now, I have repeatedly pointed out the grave and severe deficiencies of the supreme almighty lord of defense, Dick LeBeau, and sure enough those problems came home to roost.�� 24 points allowed, including TEN in the 4th quarter on the only 2 times GB had the ball in that quarter.��� A STOP on either of those drives, and the Steelers likely WIN THE GAME against a Packer defense decimated by injury.��


The 3rd & 10 on the final Packer drive was the KILLER.�� There was SIX minutes remaining in a 3-point game.A stop here, on the GB 25 or 30, forces a PUNT and gives Ben the ball back with FIVE minutes and eons of time against an injury-decimated defense.�� Instead, Dick does nothing out of the vanilla, Jennings catches a 31-yard pass, and the Packers chew up another FOUR minutes of clock while tacking on a FG to make it a 6-point game.THAT is how championships are won or lost.


Dick has now proudly given up 14 and now 10 points in the 4th quarter of the past 2 Super Bowls he's been in.�� But he's just such a defensive genius and mastermind.���


Quick -- strike up the band and sing songs of praise for the supreme defensive coordinator in the land !!


It�s easy to PAD STATS and look good facing Josh Freeman and Jimmy Claussen.�� It�s quite another when facing a LEGITIMATE, competent QB.�� You saw what happened tonite, with Dick getting carved up and picked apart in ruthless fashion.�� What an abject, over-rated farce.��� F��


HC:All the per-game experts talked about the �25 PIT players with SB experience�, but it was the Stillers who came out timid, stupid, careless, and bumbling.�� 4 penalties sabotaged the 1st quarter alone.The 1st half was a wretched display of slop, lethargy, and shoddy play.��� The carelessness continued throughout, with dumb-assed penalties (such as the late pers foul on Fox) and weak-assed defensive effort in the 4th quarter when the game could have very easily been WON.����


����� I�m still enraged with the decision to send in Suisham to attempt a 52-yard FG in the 3Q.��� This guy doesn�t have a strong history of FGs that long, and his 1st FG barely squeaked thru the uprights.�� Yes, Kapinos sucks at pooch punting, but worst case, you put the Packers on their own 20, not their own 43.��� And if Krapinos gets off any kind of half-mediocre punt, the Packers start at their own 10.��� Maybe a fluky bounce pins the Pack inside their own 5.��


������ Overall, the team came out flat and careless, and defensively had a shit game plan that, worse, was never adjusted as the game wore on.�� Tomlin�s area of expertise is supposed to be defense, and he stood by and watched his defense get mercilessly ravaged.���� C-��


Synopsis:Plenty of imbeciles, blinded by meaningless, gaudy stats, were perched high and mighty and full of fury, only to now look complete dumbfucks after the LeBeau carve-job and this hideous, disgraceful loss.�� My pre-game outlook was regrettably spot-on, and the rabid weakness of this team was fully exploited.�� A nice season, to be sure, but there are no moral victories in reaching the Super Bowl and then shitting the bed.��

We�ll work on our players & coaches grades, and see how the negotiations go for the new NFL CBA.�� Stay tuned.��� We here at continue to lead; others continue to follow.


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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