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Stillers-Jets Postgame Analysis and Grades

September 17, 2012 by Still Mill

Stillers 27, Jets 10��� Sep 16, 2012
Stillers 27, Jets 10 ��. Sep 16, 2012 ����Game # 2


Stillers-Jets Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers jumped to an early 3-0 lead, but quickly fell behind 7-3, and that creepy feeling of �Uh oh, here we go again� started to creep in.�� But the Stillers clawed back, and after being down 10-6, scored to make it 13-10 at the half.�� While Sanchez was scattershot, Ben was efficient, and the Stillers ran away from the Trippers with a 27-10 thumping.��




QB:Ben -Overall, had a solid game.�� He went 24 of 31 for 275, and saved many plays from disaster with good elusion and scrambling.�� There were some gaffes, though.�� He didn�t like a 2nd down screen on 2d & 8, so instead of simply throwing the ball away, he gimpily took off running and then slid�.for a 2-yard loss.�� Very poor.�� And very stupid.�� He had all day, and I mean all day, 2d & 9, 4:30 2Q, and missed an open Brown.Threw a poor, low pass to Dwyer on 2d & 6 off a scramble in which Ben had eons of time and room, late 3Q.�� This was immediately followed by a wasted TO.��


The TD passes to Wally and Miller were superb, and Ben was a big difference maker today, particularly with no foolish turnovers.��� B+



Redman - . nice 13-yard run up gut, 2nd drive.�� Clutch plunge on 3d & 1, 4Q, gaining 9.Good RAC on dumpoff in 4Q, gaining 14 yards.Miraculous run a few plays later, eluding 3 defenders in the backfield and gaining 6 yards out of nothing.�� Redman actually scraped his knee on the turf in the backfield on this play, and was stripped of the ball more or less simultaneous to his being down.Luckily, the refs denied the NY challenge of a fumble, and also failed to see the knee being down for a 1-yard loss.��� Superb TD plunge late in the game, busting 2 tackles en route to a 2-yard TD run.��


Dwyer -good sliding grab of low pass, 11 yards, 2Q.�� Steamrolled a helpless DB (Kyle Wilson) on a run in the 4Q, and then on the next play, shoved Wilson�s helmet into the dirt with a vicious stiff-arm.Dwyer is running with intensity and abandon, and at this point, Mendenhall can forget being re-signed to big money by the Stillers when he becomes a UFA in Feb.���


Rainey - good 4-yard gut run on 1D late in the 3Q.�� Not spectacular, but quietly solid.�� Two plays later, however, he bobbled and then dropped a screen pass on 3d & 6 at the NY 38.��


Baron Batch - had a decent blitz pickup in the 1H.Had 1 carry for 1 yard.��


Socrates Mendenhall:Surprise (sic)�.did not dress.Good thing he was taken off PUP (sic).�������� B




Johnson -26-yard catch and run, 1Q.�� Failed to account for OLB (McIntyre) on a Redman run, 4Q, and Redman got absolutely crushed a millisecond after he received the handoff.�� This is simply a poor read by the FB on this play.������ B-




Wally - Mister Holdout had 3 grabs in the 1H.�� He grabbed a long heave in the EZ -- into his chest, of course -- and luckily got both feet in for a TD in the 3Q.�� Frankly, with the way the DB had over-drifted this play, this was a much easier catch -- had he used his HANDS and high pointed the ball -- than Wally made it.��� Had he high pointed the ball -- which is what accomplished, top flight WRs do at this level -- he comes down in bounds with about 11 inches to spare.�� Because he waited on the ball as he, too, was drifting, the drift forced him within a centimeter of the OOB chalk.��


Brown - . superb sideline grab, 2nd drive, 18 yards on 3rd down.�� Allowed a 3rd down pass down the sideline to go thru his hands in the 2Q.�� He was fighting a band of sunlight and some heavy arm barring by the DB, but this is still a catch you�d like to see made by a starting NFL WR.�� Outstanding pluck of a mega high pass on 3d & 3 in the 4Q, and then holding on after a big hit from the safety.���


Sanders - clutch grab, slant on 3d & 9 in the 2Q, gained 10.�� Two plays later, he put on a superb burst after a short grab, and raced for 19 yards plus a 13-yard personal foul flag.


Cotch - Clutch grab on 3d & 5, getting drilled near the NY goal line but holding on, late in the 2Q.�� This was his only grab of the game.����� A-




Miller - brilliant fingertip catch on a back-shoulder pass on 3d & 3, 5:25 4Q.�� Had 3 grabs and 1 TD.���


Pope -grabbed short pass in 2Q, 7 yards.Good maul block by Pope to spring Dwy for a 6-yard gain late in the 2Q.�� The overall TE blocking was just ok.���� B




Starks: failed to block Wilkerson well at all, and Dwyer lost 6 yards in the 3Q.�� He did a nice job to team with Colon to open a nice hole in the 4Q.


Gilbert - returned from injury and did okay.�� Was flagged for a hold in the 3Q, on a call that I thought was very ticky-tack.��


Colon -I realized in this game how much weight HoleLone has packed on in the last year...!?���� Jiminy crickets !�� Amazingly, he made it thru a game without a single penalty; probably a career first.��


Foster -Poor job of failing to read an inside blitzer on the long TD pass to Wally, 3Q.�����


Pouncey - doesn�t seem as dominant as he was as a rookie.��� Was flagged for a false start, a rarity for a center.��


Overall, the run blocking at times was solid, but at too many times there was instant penetration into the backfield, forcing one loss after another.�� The pass pro was decent.����� B-




Keisel - much more active than last week�s shitladen effort.��


Hood - finished with a whopping 1 solo and 0 assists.��� It�s becoming clear that this guy is a bit of a dud who would have been good value in the 3rd round but has been shitty value as a 1st rounder.��


Hampton -Fatty finally did something, stuffing a draw play midway thru the 2Q.That was pretty much all The FatBoy did all game.


Heyward - had a jersey-grab sack on the game�s final play, which was his only tackle of the game.�� Becoming a value similar to Hood.��


McClendon -Chipped in a little, and at least didn�t lazily walk off the field as the opposing team was snapping the ball.����� B-




Foote -Solid game, with 5 solos and 2 As.��


Carter -Saw some PT and did little.��


Timmons - In an extreme rarity, Timmy had a stuff for -3 on the 1st drive.�� He had good run stuff, late 2Q.Flagged for a blow to the head on the QB on an incomplete 3rd down pass early in the 2Q, thus extending the drive.Not that I condone hits to the head, but after this hit by Timmons, Sanchez was never the same as he was in the 1Q, as he was timid, scattershot, and had happy feet the entire rest of the game.�� Timmy finished with only 3 solos, which is about 4 too few for an ILB who never leaves the field.��


Woodley - Did a pitifully weak job of filling in the hole on an off-tackle run in the 2Q, getting mauled by the FB and never even trying to fill the hole.�� Shonn Greene ambled by for a cake-easy 6-yard gain.�� Solo tackle after a short dumpoff to rookie backup TE Konrad Reuland, early 3Q.��� A few plays later, he looped around RT Austin Howard, a 3rd year scrub out of Northern Iowa, and got a rare sack.Missed easy sack of Sanchez as he was SOLO blocked by woozy RB Shonn Greene, 3Q.�� Had some pressure on a 3D pass at 3:20 4Q.All in all, did very little, but at least a wee bit more than last week�s weak-assed effort


Worilds - Saw some PT and did little.He seems to be as lame-assed as that Va Tech team that got its asses whipped by Pitt at Heinz Field yesterday.��


Harrison - did not dress.������� Overall, the LB crew did okay, but must get better and produce more....much more.���� B




Pola -did not dress, due to a leg injury.


Ike - Flagged for a PI on the 1st drive, and then allowed an easy slant by Holmes to go for a 14-yard TD.Flagged for an arm-bar holding call on Holmes in the 2Q.Good bustup on 3d & 16, 3Q.�� Bust up on slant, early 4Q, to Tonio Holmes.��� Flagged for a PI in the 4Q on a play in which he never touched Holmes and Clark drilled Holmes with a legal hit after the catch.��


Lewis - abused deep for 45 yard pass on the opening drive.�� Shows little instinct or capability.�� Was also flagged on a ticky-tack PI penalty in the 4Q.


Clark -Bit up and went into no-man�s land on the early TD pass; a really dumb, no-brained play by a veteran FS.�� Beaten on deep flag early 2Q but Hill dropped the ball.Darted into BF and dropped Greene for a 6-yard loss, 3Q.�� Was active in the run blitz scheme and played a lot of physical football.�������


Mundy - Started in place of the injured Pola.�� In an extremely rare fit of football capability, Mundy blistered RB Shonn Green with a good, legal hit at the end of a run early in the 2Q, and Greene woozily wobbled back to the huddle and then to the sideline.


Cortez Allen - Bust up on 3D curl, early 4Q.


Overall, the secondary had it easy with how scattershot Sanchez was after the 1st quarter.�� B

Spec teams:


Butler punted solidly, including good pooch punting.�� He is already 9 times better than Krapinos and Shitpulveda.��� Suisham nailed 2 FGs.��


DeMarcus �Dick� Van Dkye ridiculously tried to out-joust a Jets gunner on a NYJ punt that bounced high in the air near the Stiller goal line in the 2Q.I mean, what in the sam hell was Van Dyke doing on this play ??�� Had the ball glanced off any part of Van Dyke�s body (before the ball hit a Jet) during his basketball-style rebound attempt, it becomes a live ball and most probably a turnover or a Jets TD.�� Balls like this should be treated like a live grenade....get the hell away from it.��


Shitty KO coverage late in the 2Q after Miller�s TD, with wretched lane-coverage that allowed McKnight to return the KO to the NY 31.�� Shoddy KO coverage mid 3Q, with the return going 32 yards to the Stiller 27.


Mundy recovered a muffed punt at 4:27 3Q, on a punt that glanced off the mask of the Jets returner.


The Stillers punt return team wasted a TO late in the 3Q, with the Jets lined up to punt from their own 24 on 4th & 5.�� Yes, Timmy Tebow plays on the punt team, and he moved around on that particular play.So fuking what ?�� It�s a 4th & 5 on the NY 24.You already know about Tebow, so you SPY on the guy on this play.�� There is no need and no sensible reason to fritter away a scarce TO in this situation.��� B


OC:�� Haley shows some promise, only to be bogged down with mind-numbing asininity.��


3d & 4, NYJ 26-yard line, 1Q - Gimpy little gadget behind-the-back handoff play to Rainey after a fake jet-sweep, loss of 1 yard.�� A stupid-assed decision to try gadgetry with Rainey, which every defense is looking for, on a 3rd & 4 when we have so many viable weapons.�� You use these kinds of gimmick plays on 2nd down on a winded defense, not on a key 3rd down that you have to convert in order to score 7 points, not 3.


2d & 5 from the NYJ 8, just after 2MW in 2Q - Haley calls a vanilla plunge by Dwyer, which gains nothing.�� I was enraged.You�ve got all these weapons against a defense missing its best DB, and Haley is going to try to plunge the ball into the teeth of a defense with an O-line that has been more porous than the Penguins� playoff defense.��� Sheer stupidity,��


Ben had to waste a TO prior to 3d & 6 at 3:35 3Q, followed by a dropped screen pass.Facing a 4th & 6 at the NY 38, the Stillers were poised to go for it, but Arians-like confusion caused the offense to sputter and dick around, and Ben had no choice but to take a DOG penalty and punt.��� Very piss poor.��


Another wasted TO, 3:41 4Q, on 1st & goal.��� The only saving aspect of this 2nd half circus was the 10-minute TD drive, although that was assisted by some NY gaffes.���� C+


DC:Dick was provided a quick 3-0 lead, but true to his nature, he pissed it away in grande� fashion.Backed on their own 10, the Jets casually marched 90-yards in 8 plays for the go-ahead TD.�� Dick allowed a 3d & 9 at the NYJ 11 to be easily converted for 11 yards, and then on a 3d & 3 at the PIT 14, the Stillers seemed confused by the 3 TE alignment and Holmes caught the easy slant for the TD.��


2nd drive - Dick allowed a long 14-play march, which was only stopped when the NYJ TE, Cumberland, failed to turn for the ball on a 3d & 5, and the ball hit him in the buttocks.�� Still, the Jets got a chippie FG.��� NY starting RB Shonn Greene was injured during the drive with an apparent concussion, and missed the rest of the 2Q.�� QB Mark Sanchez got drilled in the head by Timmons early in the 2Q and was never even remotely the same as he was during the 1Q when he was shredding Dick�s defense like parmesan cheese.�� On many teams, a starting QB would have excused himself from the game with that kind of head injury, but in this circus known as the NY Jets, Sanchez probably was fearful of losing his starting job to Timmy Tebow, so he stubbornly remained in the game.�� FB John Conner was injured midway thru the 3Q.


On the 1st play with Tebow at QB, mid 3Q, Lil� Timmy kept on a read-option up the gut and rumbled for 22 yards against a totally unprepared defense.��


Dick had the luxury of the Stiller offense chewing 10:13 (ten minutes, 13 seconds) of the 4Q on a long, methodical TD drive, plus facing a wobbly QB who most likely sustained a near concussion early in the 2Q and was never the same thereafter.See me when Dick faces a fully capable offense, and let�s see how Dick fares.���� B


HC:�� The time management was utterly atrocious.The continual wasting of timeout after timeout, on a veteran-laden team, is unacceptable and inexcusable.��� The Great Cheerleader contributed a bunch of �wooohs� after the 4Q TD, but I�m not sure what else he may have done.��� B

Synopsis:A solid win to get onto the W column and right the ship after the disastrous goatrope last week in Denver.�� Keeping things in perspective, this was a win inside the comfy confines of their home field; the Jets were missing Revis; Greene missed a large majority of the game; and Sanchez may have been injured worse than he let on from the head shot by Timmons.�� Next up, a trip out west to Oakland, which at times has been a house of horrors for the Stillers in the past couple decades.�� As weak as JokeLand is, this game is no gimme, as the Stillers could -- as they often do on the road -- return to their sloppy, soft n� cheesy ways.��



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