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Palmer’s Bowl Preview

February 04, 2012 by Palmer Sucks

Palmer�s Bowl Preview

Special Commentary by PalmerSucks

February 3, 2012



I�m going to make this short, as it pains me to write the following: the New England Patriots will be the winners of Super Bowl XLVI. Believe me, I take no pleasure in the idea � the thought of Belichick and Mr. Bundchen raising the Lombardi turns my stomach.


What bothers me is that practically everyone I�ve heard thinks a Giants�win is almost a foregone conclusion. I can understand their reasons � that toasty Pats defense (which even Flacco lit up for 300 yards); the Giants superior defensive line; the fact that Eli Manning is a better QB than Flacco; the fact that the Giants have a better WR corps than Baltimore; Brady having a sub-par AFC Championship Game; Gronkowski�s injury; oh, and that toasty Pats defense.


All of the above are valid points. Thing is, I figureBelichick�s come up with some gimmick to make up for Gronkowski�s crippled status.And while the Giants do have an awesome front four, their secondary can be passed on, too (Green Bay had receivers running free against them all day). For this reason I think Brady will play a bit better than he did in Foxboro. Plus, again, it bothers me that almost everbody seems to be picking the Giants � the �people�s favorite� even though the line has New England giving three points.


Yes, New England was fortunate to have escaped the Ravens, but the fact is, the Giants likely should�ve lost to San Francisco � and Eli Manning won�t be able to get away this time with the 5 or 6 heaves he tossed up for grabs against the 49ers. Nonetheless, both the public and the pundits have caught Giants� fever � I�m beginning to smell a set-up eerily similar to Super Bowl XXXV.


The last time these two teams met in the big one, practically nobody gave the Giants a chance; now, it seems, everybody loves New York. Back then, the Giants lost the regular-season meeting then redeemed themselves a few weeks later � call it �Reversal Bowl� as this time it might be New England losing the first game, then winning the revenge match.


Anyway, I hope I�m wrong and the bandwagon�s right � we�ll see. For the sake of all that�s holy, Pretty Boy and the Hoodie must be stopped.



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