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NFL Preview

September 03, 2000 by Still Mill

NFL Preview

NFL Preview

NFC East:

1. Wash.- The Skins have some defensive studs to help out a strong offense that has not one, but 2, capable, quality starting QBs.

2. Dallas - The Crackboys took some heavy losses on defense, but they have more than enough weapons on "O", especially with the addition of Galloway.

3. NYG - Ron Dayne should give the Giants a boost on offense, and Collins seems to have resurrected his career.

4. Philly - Despite absurd GM-strategy that espouses that Carla Emmons is an upgrade over William Thomas, the Iggles have drafted solidly and will improve a game over last year's 5-win season.

5. Arizona - Injuries have really ravaged the Cards on both sides of the ball, and the once-vaunted defense has fallen to below middle-of-the-pack.

NFC Central:

1. Tampa - Dungy's solid team will have a year more experience and the addition of Keyshawn to spice up its offense. Losing Nickerson hurts the D a little, but the additions of McDaniel and Christy really help bolster the OL.

2. Green Bay: The Packers rebound from a sub-par season, with Favre improving on his hideous 23 INTs.

3. Minnesota - Denny Green has a nice scheme and superb receivers, but Culpepper will be eaten alive after the 1st couple of weeks.

4. Chico - The lack of a ground game will continue to hamper Da Bears.

5. Detroit - Bobby Ross is a bonehead. James Stewart won't last the season on the astroturf, and if Batch needs relief due to injury, Ross has no one to turn to, because he wasted free agency to sign washed-up Mike Prozac, who is done for the season.

NFC West:

1. St. Louie - The Rams won't surprise teams like they did last season, but they have a cupcake schedule and loads of weapons.

2. Carolina - Siefert did a strong job in nearly guiding this team to the playoffs. Preseason injuries really decimated this team, but they seem to have good enough veteran leadership and coaching to finish in 2nd place. Sorry, Panthers -- no playoffs for you.

3. Atlanta - Creamed by injuries in '99, the Falcs won't be really good this year, but good enough to hold off the 49ers and Saints.

4. SFran - The Niners are retooling and restocking. They're still at least a year from seriously fighting for a wild card spot.

5. New Orleans - One addition says it all, in terms of finishing dead last -- Jim Haslett.

AFC East:

1. Indy: Who else? The Colts are superb offensively and their defense is adequate enough to get the job done.

2. Buffalo - There's no sound reason to pick Buffalo to take 2nd place. But injuries, retirements, and coaching changes have all badly affected the other AFC East teams.

3. NE Pats - The Pats have a solid corps of talent. Bledsoe presumably will shake off last year's rocky season.

4. NY Jets - Al Groh will wish he'd never taken this job.

5. Miami - Life without Marino proves to be pretty miserable for the Fish.

AFC Central:

1. Tenn - The Titans are again fully stocked and will be gunning for a return to the Super Bowl.

2. Jax - Injuries will prevent the Jags from seriously threatening the Titans for the div. title, but the Jags will at least be in the hunt for a wild card.

3. Balt. - The Ravens defense is as strong as ever. Finally, they have some competency on offense.

4. Pittsburgh - Bill Cowher will suffer through another grisly season. Maybe he'll wonder why he refused to play some youth during the latter part of the season, and why he rotted Stewart and exclusively used now-departed Tomczak during the final 5 games of '99.

5. Cinci - The Bungals will bungle their way thru another long season.

6. Cleve - The Browns have another year to spend in the cellar, before moving up in the NFL ranks.

AFC West:

1. Seattle - Holmgren will guide his team past the rest of the mass of mediocrity on this division.

2. Denver - Shanahan won't repeat the QB shuffling fiasco of '99, and the Doncos will hunt for a wild card berth.

3. Oakland - Any team that spends 2 picks in the 1st 4 rounds on kickers deserves to finish in 3rd.

4. S Diego - Leaf leads the Chargers to 6 wins, along with a stellar defense.

5. KC - The Chefs finally conclude that an elderly OL, along with the ineffective Elvis, are a poor combo.

NFC Playoff Teams: Wash, Tampa, Rams, Dallas, Green Bay, Minnesota

NFC Title Game: Tampa beats Rams

AFC Playoff Teams: Indy, Tenn, Seattle, Denver, Jax, Buffalo.

AFC Title Game: Tenn beats Indy

Super Bowl: Tenn. beats Tampa

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