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Playoff Bets (championship round)

January 16, 2014 by Steel Haven

When is a single win and a push in four games considered a rousing success? When you were 0-fer the previous week.

I'm rooting against Brady, Belichick and Carroll so I will bet with my heart. Can't be any worse than betting with my head.

home team in bold


Denver Broncos (-5.5) over New England Patriots

I'm going to boycott the Super Bowl if the Patriots are involved.


San Francisco 49ers (+3.5) over Seattle Seahawks

The extra half point excites me. I would have probably taken the Niners regardless of rooting interest.

Last Week

New Orleans Saints (+8.0) over Seattle Seahawks PUSH

Indianapolis Colts (+7.5) over New England Patriots LOSS

Carolina Panthers (+1.0) over San Francisco 49ers LOSS

San Diego Chargers (+9.5) over Denver Broncos WIN

Playoffs to Date: 1-6-1

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