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Big LaMarr Finally Exposed by Pittsburgh Media

August 08, 2012 by Still Mill

Big LaMarr Finally Exposed by Pittsburgh Media


It took well over 3 years, but finally, a Pittsburgh media source called a spade a spade and called out Big LaMarr as the overweight fat-ass that he truly is.


Here is the article in the Trib Review:


Said the article:

Woodley had his least productive year finishing with nine sacks and only 39 tackles. The first four games, he had 1.5 sacks and 16 total tackles.


He just wasn�t in shape,� Butler said. �He�ll tell you that. If he don�t tell you that, I�ll tell you that, I don�t care. He has to get his big butt in shape, I tell him that all of the time: Don�t come to camp weighing 290.�

Yes indeed.��� The farce that Big LaMarr is �265 pounds� is just that -- a farce.��� He rabidly out-ate 265 by the time he entered the 2009 season.�� And he�s been a slow, immobile, over-rated fat-ass ever since.���


Of course, was the very first source to expose Big LaMarr as a fraud.���


Read, and weep.���



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