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Stillers-Bills Postgame Analysis & Grades

November 29, 2010 by Still Mill

Stillers 19, Bills 16 (OT) ��� Nov. 28, 2010
Stillers 19, Bills 16 (OT) ���. Nov. 28, 2010 ����Game # 11


Stillers-Bills Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stiller dominated early against the lowly Bills, and then spent the entire final 3 quarters of regulation playing grabass and fiddle-faddle, allowing the Bills to tie the game late in regulation.�� In OT, Dick�s Softee Defense gave up a long TD pass, but Stevie Johnson dropped the easy catch in the EZ.�� The Stillers came back with a solid drive, capped off by Suisham�s game-winning FG boot.���




QB:Ben was decent, but far, far from great.�� There were numerous scattershot passes, and at least 3 sacks were directly attributed to The Great Clutcher clutching onto the ball forever.�� With the ground game clicking at full throttle, Ben was a marginal 14 of 21 in the 1H, although there was a dropped pass.�� The lowlight was the -1 sack in which Ben clumsily, like a complete oaf, lumbered directly into the grasp of a Bills lineman....who was lying on the ground.�� Ben later limped to the locker room early before halftime with a �right foot injury�.


The 2H was completely wretched, with Ben doing a lot of standing, clutching, and pumping....and little else.He had a shitty pooch punt in the 3Q, which landed around the 6 and rolled into the EZ.�� Punting isn�t obviously his specialty, but this barfbag punt was a net of 15 and gave the Bills some decent FP.��


To his credit, after a bone-rattling sack in the 4Q, he scrambled on the next play (3d &18) and rumbled for the 1st down.A superb play in the clutch.�� In OT, he nearly lost the game himself.On a 3D play, he clutched forever, and was stripped at his own 10-inch line.�� By the grace of God, he was able to recover and we punted.....but given the FP, this was stone-stupid football at its worst.��� ���The TC commentators keep raving about Ben�s play the past 4 weeks.Sorry; I just don�t see it and haven�t seen it.���� C+


RB:Mendy had a pretty good game, running with authority and ripping off some nice runs.He had a genuine workhorse effort, carrying 36 times for 151 yards.His reading was pretty good, too, esp. on the TD run and the late 21-yard run.�� On the down side, he did his best imitation of a Pitt running back and feebly allowed the ball to be wrested free (by a DB, no less) at the end of a decent run, giving the Bills an easy, cheap turnover.�� Very lame and very inexcusable for a man with his strength and brawn.����


Moore had 3 carries for 13, but 11 of those came on a garbage 3d-and-a-mile play.Moore had a couple good grabs, esp. a 6-yarder on 3d & 5 in the 1Q


Redman had a SUPERB game carrying the ball at the RB spot.He ripped off a 9-yard run on 3d & 1 in the 1Q.�� He then converted a 3d & 2 in OT, taking a SG handoff and busting 2 tackles for a 7-yard gain that set up the winning FG.


The grade would be higher, were it not for Mendy�s careless fumble.���� A-


FB: Redman got scant work, but when he did, he made it count.�� He had a couple decent blocks from the FB spot, and in OT, had a good power run on a quick-hitting dive that netted 5 on 2d & 2. ������A


WR:Ward led the way with 7 grabs for 107 yards.�� On the downside, he, too, meekly imitated Pitt skill players, coughing the ball up at the end of a RAC in the 2Q for a costly turnover.�� His bacon was saved when Buffalo was flagged on the play, so the Stillers retained the ball.��


Randle El threw a totally shitty pass under some pass pressure off a gadget play that fooled nobody.�� He had no catches.��


Wally dropped a CAKE EASY out pass in the 1Q, and was held to 3 grabs for 33.�� Of course, he was never once thrown the ball deep, because, after all, he�s been so unsuccessful (sic) on the deep balls.��


Sanders, who�d impressed me so much, has earned a place in my shithouse for at least a week.�� In the 3Q, lined up as basically a wingback, he whiffed on a block of a blitzing safety, forcing Mendy to be dropped for a meager 1-yard gain.�� In the 4Q, on a key 3d & 9 well into Buff territory, he dropped a CAKE EASY slot-out that, without any RAC, would have gotten the 1st down, and with RAC, might have gone to the house.�� Instead, the idiot dropped the ball, forcing the Stillers to settle for a meager-assed FG.��


Ward:A�� Wally:B-��� Randle El:C-���� Sanders:�� C


TE:Miller had a very good all-around game, helping with many a block on ground plays, and had 4 grabs for 46.He made a superb catch on a high out pass in the 1Q to convert a 3d & 8.Gee, let�s keep this sure-handed, big, rangy TE in to PASS BLOCK more often.�� (Miller once again sat back in the SG and pass blocked on several obvious passing downs.)�� Johnson and Miller helped pave the way for Mendy�s 21-yard run, and Johnson had a good block on Mendy�s 10-yard run in the 3Q.������ A


OL: The O-line had a fairly shitty game.Yes, Mendy had the big day on the ground....but this was against the absolute worst run defense in the entire NFL.��� The line continually got plundered, and committed a horrific rash of penalties --


-3d & 3, late 1Q, Scott, the dumfuk, false started.


- on a Ben scramble, Foster, the dumbass, was downfield.��


- Foster got called for holding on a widish run for 4 yards.


- Kemo�s hold negated a 27-yard improvised completion to Ward.�� This, however, was a horrendously horsehsit flag by the ref crew.


- Kemo was flagged for a hold on a 1-yard gain on a SG draw, and the penalty was declined.��


- Scott was flagged for a hold late in the 2Q, when he simply got tooled badly on a speed rush.His footwork on this play was worse than what you�d expect from a drunken stooge after a late nite of binge drinking.


- Kemo was flagged for a hold that negated Mendy�s 42-yard run, and this, too, was a totally bullshit call.


- Kemo was flagged for yet another hold, which negated a 3rd down, 18-yard completion that would have all but salted the game away at the end of the 4Q.�� This was a particularly stupid-fuk blocking attempt by Pis Kemo, as he stabbed forward rather than simply sitting back and CATCHING the rusher.�� A realy assaholic blocking attempt by a veteran with this much NFL starting experience.


- On the next play, Scott was flagged for a false start, setting up a 3d & 22.


Penalties aside, the O-line play was wretched.�� Mistakes were galore, on nearly ever play.�� I ran out of ink in my pen while taking notes during this stinkfest.��


Kemo had a horrific day, getting tooled constantly, mostly by DT Kyle Williams.�� Time and time again, Williams simply manhandled or just ran by Pis Kemo.��� All Williams needs to get into the Pro Bowl is to simply mail out game tapes of this game.��� Kemo got abused by Kegley on a pull to his right, getting there far too slow on this PAP to ward off Kegley.�� He and Pouncey doubled Williams in pass pro in the 2Q, but each then left Williams to his own devices, and he stormed in untouched for an easy 3rd down sack.��


Speaking of Pouncey, he had a wretched game as well.�� He was far too slow on Williams on a ground play that ended the 1Q, and the play lost 5 yards.�� Hegot blistered back by Williams despite help from Kemo, which resulted in a sack at 9:23 4Q.�� Very, very poor.��� The manhandling was just brutal to watch.��


Adams was beaten by a speed rush, but had an overall decent game.�� Foster was beaten cleanly and easily for a sack in the 2Q.�� Essex is hardly the reincarnation of John Hannah, but with the way Foster is struggling like a little bitch, how long can Tomlin continue to sit Essex ?�� ����D+


DL:The line did little against a feeble, 1-dimnesional Bills offense that found somenice chunks of yardage in the 2H (68 rushing yards in 2H).�� Fat Casey Hampton waddled around and did next to NOTHING the entire game.�� Complete waste of oxygen.��� Hood did little.��� Only Hoke and Eason did anything above average.��� ��C


LB:Timmons and Harrison again led the way.��


Timmons led the D on the stat sheet with 5 solos and 3 A�s.�� There weren�t any big hits or splash plays, and on an out pass in the 2Q, he was far too high and was easily juked out.


Harrison had a monster game.�� He had 5 solos, a FF, and some big licks.�� He stuffed a run for -1 in the 2Q.His hit on Lee Evans forced a key turnover as the Bills were marching in the 3Q.His lone boner was getting sucked in on a wide run, good for 7 yards on the 1st play of the 3Q.�� ��Harrison also received his WEEKLY flag on a perfectly legal hit of the QB.���


Taunto Farrior had another mediocre game.�� His whiff in the backfield allowed Jackson to scamper 6 yards late in the 4Q.�� On a 9-yard ground gain in the 3Q, Taunto was mauled backwards and sideways, creating a massive fissure for the easy 9-yard gain.��� Taunto did have 2 bats near the LOS, which was at least more productive than he usually is.


Leading the way in the laziness and lethargy department was none other than Jason Woodley, who stood around and did jack shit the ENTIRE game.�� His pass rushing was feeble and non-existent, and his run stuffing was weak.�� On the 6-yard gain noted above (Farrior whiff in backfield), Big LaMarr simply STOPPED and LOAFED on this play, and when the back eluded Taunto, the RB was able to reverse field to the RT spot, and LaMarr was left with his dick in the dirt.��� A really lazy, sloppy, careless play by a player who couldn�t care less.�� In the 3Q, Big LaMarr had an assist on a running which he was totally unblocked and untouched.�� And on the long 65-yard TD RAC, it was Big LaMarr who just lazily flopped to his hands and knees -- like an asshumper waiting to be pounded by his boyfriend -- and Jackson scampered by, untouched and unfettered.�� A shit play by a shit player.��


Jason Worilds was again relegated to the bench and was never permitted to play on defense.


Harrison:A�� Timmons:B+��� Farrior:C+���� Woodley:��� D-��


DB:lke had a good day, with a key bust-up in the EZ on 3d & goal in the 4Q, until OT, when he got torched badly on a deep route by Johnson for the game-winning TD.�� ��Fortunately for Ike and the Stillers, as well as my household furniture and TV set, Johnson dropped the cake-easy pass.��� A really sad-sack, sophomoric play by Ike.��


Gay had a surprisingly decent game.�� He had multiple bust-ups, and had good coverage on the play that Troy INT�d.��� He also had good coverage on a 3d & 11 in the 2Q that was inc.�� He was far too soft, though, on a key 4th & 1 in the 4Q.Gay also had a FF on a strip.��


Pola had the big INT, and had a big hit on a dropped pass in the 4Q.(Quick -- where the flag and the fine from Adolf Goodell??)���


Lewis was flagged for a PT on a deep lob, although the correct call should have been illegal contact.


Clark had the rarest of rare birds -- an actual BUST UP of pass, this, on 3d & 3 in OT.��� Of course, it was Clark, the biggest pile of shit FS in the NFL, who foolishly just dove AT AIR on the long Jackson TD, doing nothing and allowing Jackson to cruise past the last line of defense for the TD.�� This was just a dumbshit, assaholic play by a FREE safety who has to realize that he is the LAST line of defense, and there is no need for some wild-assed dive when a simple, sure-handed tackle stops the play for about 17 yards and allows the D to regroup and stop the drive.�� On the deep ball to Johnson in OT, Clark, as usual, offered no more help than an anchor thrown to a drowning man.��


McFadden gave up some soft cushions, and then was injured and gave way to Gay.


Pola:A��� Gay: B+����� Ike:C����� Clark:�� D-���


Spec teams:A horrendous, raggedy-assed effort by the spec teams, esp. the coverage teams.�� The KO coverage team allowed --


- 37-yard return in the 2Q


- 26-yard return in the 4Q, and to add salt to the wound, Madison was offsides on the boot and Fox took a stupid-assed personal foul at the end of the play.��


- 49-yard return to the PIT 48 on the opening KO of OT.�� Battle missed a tackle and the hole was cavernous.Only the return man tripping over his own feet (and his teammate�s feet) prevented this one from being a walk-off KO return.��


Shitpulveda had a poor pooch punt, FC at the 21.�� Randle El failed to FC a punt at his own 12, and the ball ended up rolling OOB at the 4.�� Lewis had a good FF in OT, but Mundy and others failed to corral the loose ball.���


The brightest spot was Suisham, who booted 4 of 4 FG tries.�������� Suisham:A��� All others:D


OC:Arians started off nicely, chewing up yards and clock and racing to an easy 10-0 lead.�� After that, the Bills sold out to stuff the run, and Arians, true to his nature, was helpless and clueless in how to attack the woeful Bill defense.�� 3 whopping points in the entire 2H.��


Screens?�� NONE.��Boots?NONE.��� Rollouts?�� NONE.��� Deep stabs?��� NONE.��


Arians thinks he�s clever, keeping Miller in quite often to PASS block on obvious pass plays.��� It�s not clever; it�s simply fuking stupid.��


The overt, outrageous conservatism late in the game enraged me.�� There was eons of time on the clock when the offense took over at its own 6, with 2:51 remaining.�� Arians, like he ALWAYS does, went overly bland and conservative, hoping to milk the clock when there was EONS of time remaining.�� The clock meant nothing here; getting a FIRST DOWN was paramount.���


This offense is so lurching, so plodding, and so bland, it�s sickening.��� D��


DC:That Dick Lebeau ...he�s just so clever.�� He�s just so brilliant.�� He�s just such a mastermind.He�s just so knowledgeable and diabolical.�� He�s just .....a fuking flaming faggott!!


Due to the offense�s 1H dominance and Fitz�s own ineptitude, Dick enjoyed a LAZY BOY of a 1st half, in which the TOP was a lopsided 23:55 to 6:05.�� Again, this was almost entirely due to the Stiller offense chewing up enormous chunks of clock, thereby once again showing how worthless TOP can be when praising a defense.


Of course, in the 2H, Dick came out soft and flaccid, and then proceeded to get SHREDDED, allowing Ryan Fitzpatrick to look like a combination of Danny Marino and Joe Montana.�� The 2H run defense was also poor, allowing 68 yards rushing.


3d & 17, after a Harrison sack rattled the QB?��� No problem.....Dick goes with the VANILLA 4-man rush, and Fitzhue makes the easy curl pass for 17 yards,


3d & 10?�� No problem -- a 65-yard catch and run.


3d & 6 late in the 3Q?No problem...Dick has lardAssed DE Nick Eason covering Freddie Jackson !!���� Clever !�� And stupid, as Jackson easily grabbed an easy pitch n� catch for 10 yards.��


4th & 1 -- huge cushion by Gay on Johnson, allowing an easy10-yard out.�� Anyone ever hear of the run blitz combined with PRESS coverage ???


Dick also plans for an opposing WR to drop 5 (FIVE) passes, including the game-winner in the EZ in OT.���� That Dick -- he�s just such a genius mastermind.���� It�s a sad indictment of the DC when NOBODY has the slightest bit of confidence in this defense holding a LEAD in the 4Q.��� NONE.����� D


HC:Tomlin allowed his team to take its foot off the gas pedal after the 1Q, and they damn near pissed this game away.�� Hasn�t this simpleton learned ANYTHING as a head coach??�� Hasn�t he learned that in the NFL, you cannot call off the dogs after the 1Q ??���


The coverage teams are one against going into their annual November swoon.��� Tomlin better get this fixed, and FAST.�� ���D+ ��


Officiating:��� I don�t often rant about officials, although I�ve been forced to a few times this season.�� It�s gotten to the ridiculous point where the refs are MAKING up rules as they go !�� Today was another fuking ludicrous shower of bullshit flags.��


- Randle El is hit in his CHOPS as he releases a pass.No flag, no penalty.


- Heath Miler is blanketed, and OBSTRUCTED, on a wheel route by a LB who NEVER looks back for the ball, nor does he make ANY play on the ball.���No flag.


- Chris Kemo is flagged for TWO bullshit holding flags by a ticky-tack ref crew that THOUGHT they saw something that simply wasn�t there.��� Of course, for how tickytack this crew was, how many holding calls did the Bills get flagged for?�� NONE.�� ZERO.�� Total horseshit.��


- The worst call -- James Harrison was flagged for his weekly personal foul flag.�� On this play, he hit the QB a millisecond after a pass was released.�� The ref�s explanation:�Personal foul...leading with the crown of the helmet...���� Total bullshit!��� He led with the RIDDELL of his helmet, just above the facemask, which is TEXTBOOK tackling.�� The replay very clearly showed Harrison�s RIDDELL hitting the QB in the CHEST, not the face or the head.�� A totally bullshit call by a ref crew ANTICIPATING something that simply wasn�t there, a theme that keeps repeating itself every fuyking week in this sorry league run by AdolkGoodell.�����F


Synopsis:As exasperating a Stiller game as I�ve seen in some time.�� An easy steamroll over a 2-8 opponent turns into a nailbiter and very nearly a defeat.�� Not good.�� Too reminiscent of the losses last season to KC, Oak, and Clev.�� Yes, the refs sucked, but this team has got to overcome shitty officiating and play better football.�� The tackling was slovenly, the offense anemic, and they allowed a weak-assed team to hang around and nearly steal the win.����� Next up, a Sunday nite game against the hated Poebirds.��



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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