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Loose Slag From The Still Mill - Apr. 20th

April 20, 2000 by Still Mill

In a move that makes as much sense as building a submarine with a screen door, Bill "Mensa" Cowhead is going to move Piss Conr

Loose Slag from The Still Mill



In a move that makes as much sense as building a submarine with a screen door, Bill "Mensa" Cowher is going to move Chris "The Matador" Conrad to OG.


The pelican-legged Conrad, who has ZERO lateral mobility or quickness, couldn't play guard for a JUCO team, much less the NFL.Plus, he has ZERO power to drive block, which would inherently caused any running play up the gut to get clogged immediately.


If Chris Conrad, aka The Human Turnstile, is thought so little of that Cowhead has moved him from OT, then he SHOULD be moved to the unemployment line, thereby saving some cap $$ and PT at camp for other players.


Just another in the LONG line of dumbassed Cowher moves......



Speaking of which, here's an interesting tidbit...


FOUR of the starting QB's in the NFL playoffs last year played in NFL-Europe... (Kitna, Warner, Huard, and Johnson.)


Pete Gonzo gets CUT for refusing to play in NFL-Europe this spring.�� But Field Goal Bill doesn't use the same insistence with greenhorn Anthony Wright, and Wright sits around all spring doing NOTHING�


Go figure�



In a rare fit of genius, this might be sensible.


From the TR:


"On the surface, the Steelers' signing of undrafted rookie nose tackle Al Lucas appears to be a relatively meaningless transaction. The coaches, though, are elated.


The Steelers rated Lucas as a fourth- or fifth-round draft possibility, worked hard to sign him Sunday night after the draft and were disappointed when he reportedly decided to go with another team. But Lucas never signed, and Steelers chief negotiator Dan Ferens, who has a good relationship with Lucas' agent, Brian Ransom, finally got his name on a contract.


Lucas, 6-foot �, 294 pounds, won the 1999 Buck Buchanan Award as the top defensive player in Division I-AA, recording 20 tackles for losses and four sacks. He also played part-time fullback at Troy State, rushing for seven career touchdowns.


"He is big, strong and fast," defensive coordinator Tim Lewis said.


2 words NEVER used to describe Jon Witmann:"strong and fast".


Perhaps Lucas can platoon at NT, and also play FB.This would save a roster spot and also a good chunk of change for the salary cap by cutting the worthless Witmann. It's hardly plausible that this will occur, or even be tried, but teams that lose 15 of their past 21 games should not pooh-pooh ideas without first thoroughly exploring them.�� I will say that at the very least, I like Lucas's BUILD for playing NT.�� Unlike Jeremy Faat, who's 6-5", 299, Lucas has a stout build that is a MUST to be a stout plugger at NT.�� Ron Jeremy Staat can practice for 5 years to play NT, but he will NEVER be any good at it, due to his height and his inability to get the LEVERAGE required for a NT.�� It's low odds that Lucas can come from nowhere and succeed at NT for us, but for it's a very low risk idea that is, dollar for dollar, 10 times smarter than the outrageously fatty contracts lavished upon Stai, Witmann, Breuner, and Emmons.As an aside, it should be noted that Joel Bushsbaum of PFW (Pro Football Weekly) had Lucas rated as the 12th rated NT and Kendrick Clancy the 14th rated NT.



Lastly, I was a bit perturbed by Plaxico Burress's comments in today's TR:


"Burress was greeted by the slightly troubling news - to him, anyway - that the Steelers plan to outfit him with uniform No. 88, the same number worn by Lynn Swann.

"Why do they want to put that kind of pressure on me?" he said, laughing. "That kind of scares me. I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. I just want to sit back and kind of relax a little bit"


Listen here, Waxico --- This sorry team did not spend a top-10 draft pick to hear your mope about "not wanting to put too much pressure on myself", blah blah blah.This team's passing offense has been near the bottom of the entire NFL the past 2 seasons.We need an instant and significant boost to our sorry passing game, and YOU are being counted on to do it.We don't have the time, nor should we waste the energy, to coddle, cajole, and nursemaid you.You're supposed to be a big-time player and we expect you to come to camp, IN SHAPE, ready to hunt bear, kick ass, and take names.Period.�� Nothing less will be sufficient.So get over your pity party, pull your head from you posterior, and start getting a mean-on and be ready to play pro ball.


The Still Mill


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