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2000 Game by Game

September 06, 2000 by Steel Tank

Steeler Season Game-by-Game Outlook

Steeler Season Game-by-Game Outlook

The Steelers will finish 5-11 this year - no I'm not some idiot who scans the schedule and looks at each game to see how many they will win. Why? Well, the Steelers play in the National Football League - not college. They play only pro teams with pro players - they can't escape this fact. Therefore, looking at this marginal team all through preseaon, it leads me to believe that they are worthy of about 5 wins - Regardless of who they play. Last year, everyone told me they would finish 8-8 because they had an easy schedule - well, I predicted that they ould finish 6-10 because they were a 6-10 football team. Well, we all know what happened last year� Having said all that - here is how te woeful Steelers will go 5-11 this year.

Game1: Home against BrownRavens. Several years ago, yu may reacall I wa boasting about the state of affairs with the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens. At that time, I said the Ravens would be the best team in football in a few years if they eve solved theit QB problem. Well, I really don't think they've done that with Tony Banks, but their defense is awesome. I look for a close game with the Steelrs losing their home opener 17-13.

Game 2: At Cleveland. Last year the Stelers pummled hapless Cleveland in the Browns return to football. I doubt that will happen this year. However, Kent Graham should be getting more acquainted with the Pittsburgh offense after the bye week. The Browns are still a young football team - Steelers 24-10.

Game 3: Home against Tenn. This will be a very tough and hard fought game, but the Titans will eventually wear down the Steeler defense and George will pile up huge chunks of yardage in the second half of this game. The Titans are not the best, but they are close. Tenn 27-13.

Game 4: At Jacksonville. I really look for the Jags to slip this year behind the Ravens. It won't matter - they have too much talent on offense for the Steeler "D" to contain them as more big plays plague the Steeler season. Jags 31-14.

Game 5: At New York. This was supposed to be an easier game against a mediocre opponent - it isn't. The Jest will fired up a home and dismiss the Steelers with a solid running attack and good defense. This is the game that will really tell us how far the offense has come over the first 5 games of the season. I look for Graham to be a much better QB at this stage of season. Still, the Steelers are simply not the physically tough football team on the offensive side of the ball they were 3 or 4 years ago. Jets 24-17.

Game 6: At Home against Cinci. The Bengals are terrible. We aren't much better - I look for the Steelers to finally click on offense and bury the worthless Bengals 34-17.

Game 7: Homr against Browns. This game is a mystery. The Steelers, for the past few seasons get all geeked up when the embarrass an opponent. This has all the marks of an upset once again this year in my mind - the Steelers lose a tight one 21-20.

Game 8: At Baltimore. I don't think so� Another lose to a division opponent. The reality is, the Steelers are only forth best in their own division and not much better than the teams trailing them. This spells out disappointment - maybe they get 2 or 3 wins in the division this year but that's it. Ravens 28-10.

Game 9: At Tenn. Tennessee will thouroughly embarrass the Steelers in this game - we have it coming for pounding everyone in our division for most of the 90's. Tenn 34-10.

Game 10: Home against Philly. This will be an interesting game - the Eagles should not have a juggernaut of an offense nor will they have an over-powering defense. I think we can win this game. Graham - if he is stil the starter will enjoy a game with descent protection and Burress should have the best day of his early pro career. Steelers 34-24.

Game 11: At home against Jags. This will be the last bit of inspired football the Steelers will this year - I look for them to keep it close most of the game and maybe get the upset. Graham will be more confident and the Jags will have fallen on hard times - Steelers 24-21.

Game 12: At Cincy. Again foolish thoughts of turning the season around send the Steelers soaring - only a loss to the lowly Bengals reminds them of the fact that they are rebuilding. Cincy 28-13.

Game 13: Oakland - an embarrassing loss - 34-10.

Game 13: Giants - a close game, but Steelers lose 14-13.

Game 13: Skins - are you kidding?

Game 13: San Diego - a win and the same cliché about how "�we can grow on this positive because it's our job to win football games�" Hopefully, that will the last comment we will have to endure under the Cowher regime.

Well, that's it - I'm not sure what that adds up to - I don't care really. The steelers are a few good players away from contending again, but these are at very significant positions. Then again - Go STEELERS!!!!

Steel Tank

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