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Stillers-Panthers Postgame Analysis & Grades

December 24, 2010 by Still Mill

Stillers 27, Panthers 3�

Stillers 27, Panthers 3�.Dec. 23, 2010��� Game #15


Stillers-Panthers Postgame Analysis & Grades


The Stillers hosted the hapless, bungling 2-12 Panthers, and basically toyed with the toothless felines for a cake-easy 27-3 romp.���


QB:Ben had another fine paper game, this time setting a personal record for yards in a half (259).22 of 32 for 320 and 0 INTs ain�t bad, but on the field, there was a rabid variety of ugliness that I wasn�t pleased to see.�� Twice, he handled the ball like a greased watermelon and turned it over.There were 2 consecutive HIGH passes in the EZ late in the 1H.�� There were 2 totally asinine sack-takes �


�� - at 0:02 2Q, he foolishly held FOREVER, despite eons of time and space to launch an inc. pass, and this sack nearly ran out the clock.�� It added about 8 yards to a FG that Suisham missed.


�� - Late in the 4Q, on a 3rd down, Ben took a sack just inches in front of his own goal line.�� Again, very brainless.����


There was also the wasted TO that Spike called after Wally hauled in a deep ball and went OOB late in the 2Q.WHY????!!!�� With Wally going OOB, there was no need for this super-quick TO call by Ben.����� B-


RB:Mendy ripped off a nice 36-yard run on his 1st carry.Of course, after that, he carried only 6 more times in the 1H.Mendy enraged me in the 2nd half.�� First, he ran far too upright, and failed to burrow, on a 4th & 1 short pass that should have easily netted a 1D.�� Instead, he was stonewalled short of the sticks.Then, on consecutive plunges from the 1-yard line in the 3Q, Mendy again ran as upright as a giraffe and was easily stoned.�� Very poor.


Redman had a nice, churning 12-yard run in the 2Q.There was a fumble involving a HO to Red in the 4Q, but this was clearly Ben�s fault, not Redman�s.On the 3d & 6 in the 4Q, he took a toss sweep and busted tackles for a 23-yard run.�� Of course, with production like this, he�ll be totally ignored and banished to the bench for at least the next 2 games.


Moor did little, and was nicked up late in the game.����� Mendy:B-��� Redman:�� A-


FB:Johnson and Legursky played some FB and did okay, although hardly dominant.Johnson, the dumbfuk, was flagged for a hold on a running play, which has become a WEEKLY occurrence.��� C


TE:Yancey Miller finally played, and did well catching the ball.�� He had 5 grabs for 73 yards.�� Spaeth saw a fair amount of PT but fortunately was never targeted with the pass.Hopefully he�ll never be targeted ever again�.ever.��� A-


WR:Wally led the way with 4 grabs for 104 and a splendid 43-yard TD.On the TD, he took a short slant to the house with pure speed.�� Turn on the jets !!��� He also had a superb catch of an underthrown deep ball late in the 2Q, and did a fine job of keeping 2 feet IB.The 1 downer was the pass he allowed to go right thru his hands on a curl in the 3Q.���


Ward dropped 2 passes and finished with 3 for 38.Sanders had a very strong game, grabbing 4 for 54.He had a sterling pluck of a tough grab for a TD in the 1Q, but then got fuked by an incompetent booth crew that over-ruled the catch.


Brown had 2 grabs for 20.�� Randle El had zero grabs for 0.������ A-


OL:The line had its usual fits of stumbling and ass-grabbing.�� Jon Scott led the way early on, failing ONCE AGAIN on a simple, routine DOWN BLOCK and getting Mendy ransacked for a 5-yard loss.In an extremelyrare fit of accountability, Scott was immediately pulled off the field and sent to the bench, where the sorry bastard flung his helmet like a complete loser.�� Essex went in for Scott, although Scott was reinserted early in the 2Q after the Stillers took over on downs.


Not to be outdone, Foster got shoved aside like a toddler on the playground, leading to a Ben sack that left the QB shaken up.��� This was a simple, routine block that should be made by any blocker beyond the11th grade.


Adams is starting to really pile up the penalty yardage.He had a foolish, blatant facemask in pass pro, plus a false start.


Kemo was flagged for a hold on a toss sweep, and foolishly took a swing at a Panther in a dead-ball scrum that could have easily resulted in an ejection.


Pouncey was the lone bright spot.Damn, this guy is a stud.His twin brother is a senior center at Florida, and at this point the Stillers must make every attempt to draft the �other� Pouncey.�� If the twin is just 50% as good as Mo, he�d be instantly better than Scott, Foster, and Colon�..combined.��


Pouncey:A���� All others:C


DL:Keisel had a very strong, stout game.In a rare surprise, Hood actually contributed something, as did Eason.�� Hampton waddled about and chipped in, albeit meagerly.������ B-


LB:The defense got gashed on the ground early on, with the LB failing to make many plays.


Taunto Farrior tied with Mundy to lead all Stillers with 7 solos.�� He whiffed on the 1st play, allowing a 12-yard run.�� On a 2d & 10, he was also far too high on Stewart -- literally trying to tackle the man around his neck --on a short dumpoff in the 1Q.Taunto got shrugged off like a fly, allowing an extra 3 yards and setting up an easy 3d & 1.He applied a good stick on a 3D wildcat run for -3.�� He also got a Dong Sack on a coverage sack on the 1st play of the 2Q.��


Harrison had some good stuffs in the running game.�� He came down the line for a stop on a run up RG on the 2nd series.�� He had a bat late in the 3Q.��


Timmons had a good clean-up hit in the 1Q, which I like to see LB�s delivering, as these hits both wear down a ballcarrier as well as force fumbles.�� He whiffed on a sack in the 3Q, which enabled Keisel to get the sack.


Jason Woodley had yet another shit-laden, sub-par game.�� On the field for EVERY snap, he finished with (hold your laughter) 1 solo and 1 assist.Like the complete, over-rated homo that he is, on a 3d & 20 in the 3Q, Big LaMarr was shrugged off on a screen pass, allowing extra RAC yardage.He then whiffed on backside pursuit on a 9-yard carry in the 4Q.��� Pass pressure?None.�� Harassment?None.�� Meaningful contributions?�� None.A total waste of oxygen.���


Despite the enormous lead, Jason Worilds was never permitted to play at all on defense.


Farrior, Harry, Timmy:�� B+����� Woodley:C-


DB: Yancey Polamalu again did not dress, forcing Mundy to start.Mundy had a very active game, tying Taunto for the team lead in tackles.He also had a bust-up in the EZ in the 4Q.�� Although far from stellar, he�s a vast upgrade of LeBeau�s favorite backup safety, Ty Carter.�� Mundy was clumsy on an early 3d & 5, getting tooled for an easy 11 yards late in the 1Q.


Ike provided strong coverage, and at this point, he has to be a strong consideration to be named to the All-Pro team.��


McFadden had the rarest of accomplishments � an INT by a Stiller CB.��


Gay was tooled on a 3d & 8 by Smith for 9 yards.(a flag nullified this 1D.)�� Later, he clumsily slipped on a 3D coverage of Smith, but the QB was sacked.������ B


ST:�� Another frightful display of short-bus floppers and bumblers.�� On the 2nd KO, a massive hole opened and the Panthers returned it to their 43.Very poor.�� On a late punt, there were 3 whiffs, allowing a 19-yard return.


Sylvester and Madison forced a fumble on KO coverage in the 2Q.�� Allen had a good stop earlier.Sylvester had a very strong hustle-stop in KO coverage in the 3Q.I�m looking forward to seeing what this youngster can do at LB next season.


After spewing vomit all last week in the loss to NY, Krapinos at least slightly resembled an NFL punter.�� He booted a 52-yard punt, and later had a decent pooch punt that was FC at the 14.


Tonio Brown had a blunderous, backwards return from his own 10 in the 4Q, placing the ball at the 5.�� Very no-brained and stupid.


Suisham finally missed after 13 made FGs.Better now, of course, than in the playoffs.His KOs ranged from shallow to decent.����� C+


OC:Arians again presided over rabid, ass-monging futility in the red zone.6 forays into the RZ produced just 2 TDs.�� Unacceptable.


The epitome of Arians� crass stupidity and carelessness occurred late in the 2H.After Carolina fumbled the KO, the Stillers took over deep in Carolina territory.On 1st down, which was at the Car. 28 with 32 tics remaining, Ben hit Brown for 13 yards.The offense immediately rushed forward�just so they could WASTEa down with Arians favorite play, a SPIKE.��� Why ???���� There should have been TWO plays called in the huddle as the Stiller offense embarked on this drive.No team in the league wastes more downs with SPIKES and assaholic TO�s, than does a Bruce Arians-led offense.�� None.


After Mendy had the 36-yard run on the 1st carry of the game, he had a whopping 6 (six) more in the 1H.��� Preposterous.And Redman barely touched the ball AT ALL until late in the game in garbage time.�� This is a terrific 1-2 punch that Arians has right under his nose, but he�s too daft and too dim to realize it.���� C


DC:Dick and his fan base will jump for glee after �shutting down� THE WORST offense in the entire NFL.�� This is an offense that will become only the 2nd offense since 1975 to go an entire season without scoring more than 2 TDs in a single game.�� Want more?Since becoming the starting quarterback for the NFL's worst team, rookie Jimmy Clausen has thrown seven interceptions in 243 attempts, averages just 5.4 yards per attempt and has the league's lowest passer rating (59.1). What's more, he has only 13 completions of 20 yards or longer, fewest in the NFL.


True to his form, Dick began the game as befuddled as a drunken stooge.The hapless Panthers took the opening KO and casually marched down the field, as easy as pie.Only consecutive false start penalties bogged down the drive, and even then, they were able to claw back to make it a comfortable 4th & 5 at the Stiller 32, at which point soon-to-be fired HC John Fox decided to PUNT.�� No wonder he�s getting fired.


At any rate, this D-side effort was no more arduous than if the Stillers had faced Robert Morris Univ. ��B


HC:�� Tomlin had his troops fairly focused and ready to hunt bear. The leakiness in the KO coverage team is simply frightening, and it�s gotten well past the point where most fans sit erect in frozen horror every time a kickoff is booted, much the same as spectators who watch daredevil stuntmen like Evel Knieval.��


The worst aspect of Tomlin�s nite was the imbecilic, no-brained insistence on keeping Ben in the ENTIRE game, despite a lopsided blowout against a foe that couldn�t score 10 points against Duke.�� This was simply STONE STUPID.�� The Steelers had a COMMANDING 27 point lead in the 4th Qtr, yet Tomlin, the IDIOT, kept trotting Ben out there.�� WHY ???!!!��� Aside from Ben getting injured from ANY number of possibilities, you ALSO have the fact that the backup QB has yet to take a single snap the entire season.�� A really moronic, no-brained bit of mis-management by Tomlin and his dullardly staff.������ C


Officiating:I�m not convinced there was �indisputable evidence� to over-turn the Sanders TD reception in the 1Q.�� He plucked the ball well and had full and complete control of it as he fell to the ground.��


On a related note, I was amazed over the rapid-fire, ultra-fast whistles that took place last nite.�� Both Tomlin and Bellicheat have commented this year that �there are no whistles� at the end of most plays.�� I can only assume that Adolf Goodell�s office sent out a memo, dictating immediate whistles.�� There were numerous plays last nite where a ballcarrier or WR was fighting for extra yardage, only to be whistled down by a hair-trigger whistle that seemed too early.


Synopsis:Aside from helping to secure a 1st round bye, this was 1 of those �so what� games where the opposition offered no opposition and the Stillers basically toyed with a disinterested, uninspired JV squad. Hopefully Cleveland will put more energy and fight in their effort next week, as you�d hate to have a team enter the playoffs having faced 2 lifeless cupcakes.


Special kudos to the LZ Bar & Grill in Yuma, AZ, where I watched tonite�s game while travelling for the holidays.A superb facility and a large, very hard-core, friendly, astute group of Stiller fans.They certainly carry the Stiller pride and passion quite well.��


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