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Jonathan Dwyer would like you to stop picking on him

February 13, 2014 by Palmer Sucks

Jonathan Dwyer would like you to stop picking on him

Commentary by PalmerSucks

February 12, 2014



Ah, athletes and social media. How else would we know where Brett Keisel was taking the wife for dinner, or that Santonio Holmes was all set to “wake and bake”?


Well, Jonathan Dwyer is also part of Generation Twitter, and he’s got something he wants you to know:



Jonathan Dwyer ‏‪@JDwyer27 13h

Ppl on these steeler blogs sites are hilarious like me as wood aren't working hard. Wood was having a pro bowl year before he got hurt



No doubt included in Jon’s blogs rant are Stillers web sites like this one, and not just the front-page commentaries, but the message boards, too. But no matter; message received.


Now the dissing Woodley part I get, but Dwyer? That kind of puzzles me; I know I’ve never had anything but positive things to say about him, nor have I read much negativity from others. But if Dwyer says they’re ripping him on the ‘net, I guess he’d know better than I would.


The other thing I don’t get: “Pro Bowl year”? Really, Jon? Well, then, I guess I hadn’t been watching Woodley closely enough this season. Why, I had no idea he’d been playing at such a Pro Bowl level!  But I guess I should’ve known: those five sacks and 20 total tackles should earn you a spot in Hawaii every time.



Jonathan Dwyer ‏‪@JDwyer27 Feb 10

Me and my boy ‪@LaMarrWoodley are out here getting putting in that work out her in this Arizona heat. Working to be great


Dwyer also makes sure to inform us that both he and Woodley are sweating it out right now in the desert. What’s up with that? Is Woodley up for a new contract or something?


It used to be that we read about our favorite pro athletes. Now they read us. And apparently some of them don’t like what they see. Come to think of it, I do now remember some smack I read on some forum this summer, mostly about Dwyer’s weight. It wasn’t very kind.


Tell you what, though, Jon. Finish better than 8-8, put up more than 197 yards next season and you’ll be surprised how skinny you look to people. They’ll treat you on the message boards like you just won first place on “Biggest Loser.”





Jonathan Dwyer ‏‪@JDwyer27 Feb 11

We are workin to be great forget you haters who don't believe. I'll be smaller than I was last year & ball out. wood will be a beast trust



So for all you haters out there lurking on sites like this, watch out! Dwyer’s gonna come into camp cut like Schwarzenegger in his prime, and Woodley’s gonna ball to the tune of at least, like, 40 sacks! You read it there first.


Now please leave Jon alone, all you mean and nasty keyboard snipers. Football players have feelings, too.


I’ll be back here soon with some real football commentary. Until then, I am PalmerSucks, for


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