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Haslet Hired by Saints !!!

February 03, 2000 by Still Mill

Haslet Hired by N'Orleans

Haslet Hired by N'Orleans!!!

Yes!! My prayers have finally been answered!! Haslet has been hired by the Aints, for unknown reasons, to be their head coach!!


In 3 years as DC, he did NOTHING. ZERO innovations, zero new things, zero creativity, zero adaptations.

Who can EVER forget Haslet's 1st game as DC, at home in the '97 season opener vs. Dallas?? Asslet, as a precursor to his style of coaching, took a formerly aggressive, rugged, blitzing defense, and played totally VANILLA versus Dallas, a team that went on in '97 to severely struggle to score even 10 points per game. Troy Aikman had enough time in the pocket to eat a Primanti's sandwich and guzzle a pint of 'Arn City, and he brutally shredded the defense. America's Soccer Team scored 37 point en route to one of the most embarrassing blowouts in 3 Rivers history.

Then, there's the '98 AFC title game.

The epitome of Asslet can be summed up in 1 play:

Denver leads the '97 AFC title game by 3 points. There is 2 min. left in the game, and there is the TO for the 2 min. warning. It is 3d & 7, on the Denver 15. If we stop Denver, we can get the ball back and get 3 or 7 points. With the lengthy 2-minute warning timeout, you have to figure that Asslet will come up with something sound and shrewd to stop what surely will either be a draw play or a short, safe pass.

What does ASSlet do?? He rushes only 4 men --- a little DB (Chris Oldham) and 3 linemen. AND, he puts his WORST cover LB --- Jason Gildon, a man who at the time NEVER covered ANYONE; he just passrushed --- to cover the most likely receiver, S. Sharpe. Elway had all day in the pocket, and clear, unobstructed vision. He hit Sharpe, who was covered by a flailing, flopping, Gildon. GAME OVER. Mr. Vanilla died with his boots on with a spineless defensive playcall that was so soft and passive that it had to make the old Steel Curtain bend over and vomit.

Some will claim that losing Asslet will cause disruption on the staff and team. Hey -- when you've gone 7-9 and 6-10 the past 2 seasons, you need ALL the disruption you can get your hands on. The last thing this sagging team needs is a status-quo, "let�s keep doing what we've been doing" mentality. Plus, only Cleveland's rush defense gave up more yards per game in the AFC than the Stillers. That's sad. This recently was a defense that could dominate the run. No more. Asslet's departure is addition by subtraction.

Now, we simply have to hire a solid DC to take his place. A man who will teach his OLBs how to support the run, and rush the QB with more than just the Wide Loop rush. A man who will ensure that our NT is not some tall, spindly chump who is clearly playing out of position. A man who is willing to take risks by harassing the QB. A man who will staunchly fight for rookie's to get at least some PT. A man who will use schemes based on player skills, and not try to pound a square peg into a round hole, which has been Billy Cowher's hobby since he was a little boy.

Now, if only Al Martin & Jason Gildon can be traded, all my prayers will be answered�..

The Still Mill

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