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Stillers-Doncos Postgame Analysis and Grades

January 09, 2012 by Still Mill

Doncos 29, Stillers 23 ��� Jan. 8, 2012
Doncos 29, Stillers 23 (OT) ��. Jan. 8, 2012 ����AFC Wild Card, Game #17


Stillers-Doncos Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers cruised out early, totally dominating the 1st quarter and seeming to be in total command with a 6-0 lead.Teblow had done utterly nothing at that point, and the Doncos leading receiver was injured on the 1st play of the 2Q. ��Then, on a 3d & 12, the defense inexplicably allowed Teblow to scramble to his LEFT and then threw up a long lob that was hauled in for 51 yards.A couple plays later, Teblow connected on a 30-yard TD, and the entire game shifted thereafter.�� The Doncos scored on a 73-yard march on their next possession, and a Ben INT gave the Doncos a chippie FG to a make it 17-6 midway in the 2Q.The Stillers stormed back in the 4Q, and tied the game to send it in OT. ��But on the 1st play from scrimmage in OT, Timmy Teblow hit D. Thomas on a simple small post for about 20 yards, and he shrugged off Ike Taylor and raced 80 yards for the game-winning TD.��





Missed an open Wally down the sideline on the 2nd play of the game.�� Should have been 6.�� Good pass under pressure to Miller, 33 yards, a few plays later.Overthrew an open Sanders on a Sunseri-like lob in the 2Q.Totally dogshit, horrible INT in the 2Q, which gave the Doncos a chippie FG to make it a 17-6 game.Ben finished the 1H with 11 of 23 for 134 yards and the 1 INT.


Shitty, low bubble screen pass on the 1st drive of the 3Q, which Butterfingers Wally dropped.�� Good pass to Sanders for 18 on 3d & 10 in the 3Q.Good rifled crosser to Brown for 19 in the 4Q.On 3d & 6 at the DEN 19 in the 4Q, Ben somehow felt that jamming a pass to a triple-covered Miller (who was only 5 yards downfield) was his best option.The pass was easily busted up, and the Stillers had to settle for a FG.Took foolish sack on 1st play after Mundy�s FF.�� Totally shit, underthrown quail of a lob to a double-covered Wallace that should have been INT�d by Bailey, but he dropped it.But on the next play, Ben scrambled to his right and hit Cotch for a 31-yard TD pass.��� Took totally stupid sack -- and nearly was stripped -- on 1st down at1:37 4Q��� Late in the game (29 seconds left), on a 1st down at the DEN 45, Ben stood and stood and stood in the pocket, and then allowed the ball to be stripped for an 11-yard loss.�� This took the Stillers out of FG range, and it was an entirely shit-eating play by a veteran QB.You simply CANNOT take a sack, or a strip, in this situation, and there was plenty of time and room to get RID OF the fuking ball.��


Overall, a gritty effort, but not nearly good enough.���� C- ��




Redman - Not much holes early on, but showed good burrowing and plowing.Good 6 yard power run on 2d & 2 at 5:40 1Q.Superb read and slice for 13 yards on 3d & 1 late in the 1Q.Superb inside run on 3d & 2 in the 3q, busting tackles and scoring a 33-yard TD.�� The replay review moved the ball back to the 1-2 yard line, which was total bullshit.�� At worst, this ball should have been placed at the 4-inch line.Superb28-yard run up RG in the 4Q.Superb run on 3d & 1 midway 4Q, gaining 4.�� Overall, Redman had the best game by a �33� for the Steelers in Denver, since Merrill Hoge�s epic performance in the Jan. 1990 playoff game.Red had 121 yards on only 17 carries, and grabbed 2 passes for 21.With Mendy being on the mend at camp, Redman will be the #1 back going into the �12 season, unless a rookie is drafted and given a chance.����


Clay - ran a plunge late in the 1Q for 1 yard.


Moore - Sat out due to his knee injury.�������A+




Johnson - Had a couple ok blocks.�� They also used Johnson as a decoy, in which the Donco LBs followed him but the run was to the other side.������� B




Wally - grabbed an out for 17 in the 1Q, although he had acres of room to gain more had he not stumbled OOB.�� Made a diving grab for 52 yards in the 2Q, but it was correctlyover-ruled on a challenge. This should have been a much cleaner catch than it was, and should have never slithered thru his hands.He grabbed a short crosser on 3d & 10 and had a HALF ACRE of room, but like a complete pussy, he stuttered and partially slipped on his little faggot cut and was stopped 3 yards short of the sticks.��� Dropped a low but catchable bubble screen midway in the 3Q, and by the grace of God, the play was immediately whistled as an incompletion when it was very clearly a fumbled lateral.�� Had the refs not botched this, Denver would have gotten the ball around the PIT 19.Wally showed today what a shitladen pair of hands he truly has.�� Very, very disappointing.��


Brown - mostly ignored in the 1H, but did grab a 25-yarder on a backshoulder late in the 1H.�� Clutch grab on 3d & 3 in the 3Q to move the sticks.Nice run on end around for 17 in the 3Q.�� Good 19-yard crosser in the 4Q.�� Brilliant catch on a rifled crosser at 1:30 4Q, good for1 17 yards.This man is a warrior and is quite clearly the best WR on the roster.


Cotch - From the DEN 46, dropped a cake-easy little crosser on 3d & 3 in the 1Q, in which he had an ACRE of room and would have gained at least 18 yards.He was ignored the rest of the game, until Ben hit him with a 31-yard TD pass at 3:48 4Q.Cotch made a tremendous catch under tight coverage, even ,taking a pop after the grab.������


Ward - was targeted only once and finished what was probably his last game in a Stiller uniform with zero catches.�� Sad, really.��


Sanders - Nice grab on out pass, gained 7 in the 1Q. Good tackle on INT return in the 2Q.Good grab for 18 yards on 3d & 10 in the 3Q.Dumfuck false start on 2d & 10 at the DEN 23 at 10:57 4Q, which bogged down the drive and we had to settle for a FG.Very, very stupid.�� Good RAC on short hitch, getting 15.�� Superb catch for 18 yards on sideline lob late in the 4Q.���


Wally:D+������ Brown:A����� Sanders and Cotch:�� B���� Ward:Inc.




Miller -�� Good grab, 8 yards on early 3d & 3.Then 33 yards on a seamer the next play.Grabbed his 3rd catch on the 3rd series, in the 1Q.�� Good pull and block on Red�s 9-yard run in the 1Q.Good block to spring Brown on the long end around.Heath had an alert fumble recovery late in the 2Q, which, had he not recovered, would have given the Doncos the ball in FG range.


Johnson - dropped a cake-easy lil� middle dump in the 2Q, which would have gained 6.�� What a fuking pile of shit.�� Good block on the Wallace TD run.��


Miller:A��Johnson:�� C-


OL: The O-line often allowed leakage on simple 3 and 4-man rushes.�� The blocking in the ground game was decent.


Starks: Got totally steamrolled onto his back for a sack by Ayers in the 2Q.�� A totally barf-laden blocking attempt. ���He somehow got hurt, perhaps when he was flattened onto his back.�� ���


Scott - came in at LT in the 4Q.�� Good block on 3d & 1 in the 4Q.��


Gilbert- rode his man way to the left to help spring Redman for the 33-yard run in the 3Q.��� Wasn�t the total pile of shit that he was last week, which was a pleasant surprise.��


Leggo - On 3d & 4 late in the 2Q, with the offense in FG range at the DEN 32, Leggo snapped a 94-MPH snap that was high, and it glanced off Ben�s hands and rolled further for a 23-yard loss that forced a punt.Was beaten late in the 4Q for a strip of Ben, which pushed the Stillers out of FG range.��


Foster - failed to ward off Dumervil on a 1st down sack at 7:20 4Q.��


Kemo - good pull and maul on Red�s long run in the 4Q.


Pouncey - did not play, due to the ankle injury.������C+


DL:The line got gashed here and there in the ground game, and did nothing to even get a paw in the face of the QB, much less harass the QB.


Keisel - injured in the 2Q and did not return.


Hampton - tweaked his knee in that long 1st series (all of 3 plays).�� Did not return.��


McClendon - replaced FatBoy Hampton.��


Hood - tackle of Tebow on option keeper late in the 3Q.Had a fairly active game with 4 solos.


Heyward - got a 1-handed grab of Ball on 3rd & long to force a FG try in the 4Q.Over-bvit on a read-keeper in the 4Q, good for 10 yards.Superb hustle play to chase down McGayboy and help strip the RB for a FF in the 4Q.�� Overall, I�m really disappointed in this man�s upper body strength.�� He needs to spend at least 6 days a week.


Overall, not good enough.���� B-���


LB:An entirely weak-assed, subpar effort by the crew that, schematically, is supposed to be making the plays to lead this defense.


Farrior - weak whiff on bubble screen, 2nd series.�� Weakly whiffed like a complete pansie on a McCaghee plunge for 11 yards late in the 2Q.Finished with paltry 3 solos and did nothing.��


Timmons - flashed into the BF and dropped the RB for a 2-yard loss, 2nd series.�� Blasted into the BF for another loss-drop on the final play of the 1Q.��� Had 5 solos and 1 A.�� Earned his keep.��


Harrison - delivered a low lick to Decker (not his man in coverage) and knocked him silly, as Decker lay woozy after he hit the ground.The hit forced an incompletion instead of a 21-yard reception.Fooled on a Tebow keeper around end for 4 yards in the 2Q.�� Flagged for a late hit on the QB in the 2Q.Fooled on option keeper late in the 3Q, good for 11 yards.�� Good stuff of McGahee late in the 4Q.On an option pitch in the 3Q, Harrison had a chance to LIGHT UP Timmy Teblow, but instead, he held up and just gave Timmy a wee lil� baby tap.��� On this kind of play, a LB must light up the QB.THAT is how you stop the option in the NFL.Me thinks the fines and suspension finally put a crimp into Harrison�s play, because up until 4 weeks ago, he would have simply lit up the QB on that kind of play.��


Foote - As usual, did absolutely nothing.��� A total waste of oxygen.�� He did manage to get blown out on the Tebow TD run.��


Woodley - Made a rare stop, 1st play, stopped Tebow on keeper.�� Gay helped considerably, but Big LaMarr was given a solo stop.After that long, laborious 1st series (all of 3 plays), he gave way to Worilds.LaMarr returned for the 3d series.Just as I warned in my pre-game analysis, Big LaMarr did a huge Wide Loop Rush on 2d & 6 on the 8, and the resulting ALLEY was wide enough to fit a �72 Oldsmobile, and Tebow ran in nearly untouched for an easy TD. Being the complete puss that he is, LaMarr sat out a good bit of the 2H.�� He did return late in the 3Q.�� Whiffed on Tebow on an option keeper late in the 3Q.Whiffed on a fairly easy sack at 8:34 4Q.Big LaMarr, who was standing around and doing nothing, managed to recover the fumble that was forced by Mundy.The lazy, fat-fuk that he is, he blatantly grabbed Tebow�s facemask back in the pocket on a pass play at 2:00 4Q, but luckily the refs failed to see it.�� Overall, Big LaMarr provided no more impact than if the coaches had merely inserted a 55-gallon drum in his place.�� No pressure, no heat, and no harassment on the QB.NONE at all.��


Worilds - On 2nd series, superb chase-down on bubble screen on OTHER side of field, stopping the play short of the sticks and forcing a punt.


Timmons:B+����� Harrison and Worilds: B-��� Farrior, Foote: C����� ��Woodley:D-




Pola - chipped in with Mundy on FF on 1st series.Overplayed a long loft on the 2nd series that could have been an 92-yard TD pass, but it was 2 inches too long. Bit up on the rollout that gained 40-yard in the air in the 2Q.Flashed up and nailed McGahee for no gain late in the 3Q.


Ike - Had a barf-licking, putrid effort the entire game.�� Played like a complete faggott. ���Failed to make ANY play on the ball on the deep ball to Thomas for 51 yards.�� Got literally spun like a top on a stop n� go by Thomas in the 2Q and then tried a weak-assed, girlish tackle attempt, which gained 58 yards.�� (At that point, this was the longest pass play of Tebow�s career).�� Ike was flagged for a hold early in the 3Q.Flagged for a ticky-tack PI in the 3Q on a deepish lob to Thomas in the 3Q, good for 32 yards.Like a complete asspump, Ike grabbed HIGH on the huge, strong Thomas after the catch in OT, and Thomas shrugged him off like a toddler and sped another 55 yards for the game-winning TD. Going into the game, I felt Ike was man enough to at least moderately handle Thomas, but I had no idea Ike would play as though he squats -- not stands -- when he pisses.


Gay - Mimicking Ike, Gay got caught flat-footed 2 plays later and never made a play on the ball on the 30-yard TD pass.Of course, the WR only got ONE foot down and his ass landed OOB, but the review ruled it a TD anyway.�� Saved a TD with an ankle-nip tackle of Royal in the 2Q.On the next play, on 3d & goal, Gay busted up a TD pass.Good tackle of McGahee near the end of the 2Q for a 3-yard gain.


Mundy - FF, 2nd play of game (but Denver recovered).�� Helped strip McGahee for a rare FF in the 4Q.Got caught up near the LB box on the game-wining TD, although we can presume that his coach, who is in the Hall of Fame, you know, tasked him to be there.��


Clark - did not play, due to his sickle cell issues in altitude.���Facing an inept QB who was missing his most prodctuve WR (Decker) for 70% of the game, this was a total pile of bile.���� Ike: F���� All others: D


Spec teams:Surprisingly, no fiascos or blunders at all.


Brown - nice catch of a fair-catch punt in the 1Q, in which he was blatantly interfered with (crowded by a coverage man who was well within the 1-yard bubble), but no flag was thrown.��


Kapinos - decent pooch punt in the 1Q, with it being FC at the DEN 11.Booming 62-yard punt in the 2Q.


Suisham - 45-yard FG to put the Stillers up 3-0.Nailed a 38-yarder late in the 1Q to increase the lead to 6-0.��� Did a god job with all his KOs, getting TBs on each time but one, with the 1 return coming out only to the 15.���� A



OC:Arians, as usual, arrived to this game with no plan, no purpose, and no sense.It was yet another exposition of grab-bagism at its best, or worst.��


1st series, 3d & 7 -Airhead Arians calls a bubble screen to Wally, which was easily stopped for a piddly-ased 2 yards.�� A shit playcall by a shit-for-brains coordinator.�� Miller is ravaging the Doncos on this drive, and you also have Brown, Wally, Ward, et al, to pass to near the sticks�.and you call a piss-drinking, behind the LOS bubble screen ??��� Fuk Bruce Arians.�� Arians went on tocall 3 bubble screens, 1 of which gained 5 yards; another which should have been ruled a fumble recovery by Denver; and the 2 yarder by Wally.���


Finally, at 1:05 2Q, Arians finally decides to get the ball to his BEST receiver, Tonio Brown, which gained 25 yards.Prior to that, the only pass Brown had thrown his way was a bubble screen for 5 yards.��


12 men in huddle early in the 3Q.�� How fuking stupid can you get ?��


Rare, smart call on the jet sweep that scored an untouched TD by Wally in the 3Q.�� Another rare but smart tactic was to use Johnson as a decoy in short yardage, as the Doncos must have shown a tendency to rabidly over-pursue wherever the FB went.


As usual, the offense pissed away gobs of time late in the game.At 1:04 4Q, Ben hit Brown on a fairly quick 17-yard completion.�� The play ended at 0:56.In true Arians Offense fashion, the offense took nearly an hour and a half to get off the next snap, which did not occur until 0:33.��� At this level of football, it should not take 23 seconds to get a snap off after a 17-yard catch.


Arians never did adjust his offense to accommodate Ben�s injury and lack of mobility, resorting instead to the ad-hoc, playground offense that Arians uses when Ben is healthy.�� It all spelled a complete clusterfuck.���� D-


DC:Dick, once again, for the 14th time this season, had the luxury of facing a totally inept offense led (sic) by a totally inept QB.Coming into this tilt, the lowly Donco offense had not scored a TD in their last 19 drives.��� The Doncos lost their starting RG last week, and had to user a backup.Lil� Timmy Tebow was THE MOST inaccurate passer in the NFL this season and was THE WORST QB, statistically, in the entire league this season.


Everyone knows you do NOT ALLOW Tebow to scramble to his LEFT.Everyone, that is, except Dick LeBeau.�� On the 2nd series, the defense allowed Tebow an ACRE of room, and what would have been a 92-yard TD pass was just 2 inches too far for the WR.�� Early in the 2Q, with the Stillers in total command and leading 6-0, the Doncos faced a 3d & 12 the defense again allowed Tebow to scramble to his LEFT, and the pitiful QB easily completed a 51-yard bomb to Thomas on 3d & 12.��� Everyone knows you don�t allow Teblow to scramble to his LEFT, and it was at this point that I quickly realized -- LeBeau and his vaunted defense were totally unprepared for this QB.


In the 2Q, Dick allowed a 58-yard deep ball to Thomas, the longest completion of Tebow�s career (at that point).��� Soon thereafter, Teblow ran a keeper for 4 yards, setting up a 2d & 6 at the PIT 8.�� ANYONE who has watched the Doncos this season knows this a situation where the Broncos LOVE to run the QB keeper.Sure enough, they did, and Dick was entirely unprepared for it, and Teblow ran up a GAPING hole, nearly untouched, for a cake-easy TD run.���� �Duh-uh��I am Dick LeBeau and I am a clueless fuking idiot�.�����


Later in the 2Q, the vaunted �#1� defense allowed a designed rollout to Teblow�s LEFT, and Tebow, totally unfettered, easily completed a 40 yard pass on a long loft.�� Late in the 2Q, Dick, as helpless as a 1-legged man in an ass-kicking contest, allowed a 59-yard march for a chippie FG to make the lead 20-6.�� In the 2Q alone, Dick allowed 226 yards of offense to a lowly, putrid, sack o� shit offense that passed for 60 (SIXTY) yards in the entire game last week.


Dick finally managed to stop Timmy and the Broncos on the 1st drive of the 3Q,�� Problem was, Dick allowed the Doncos to make a couple first downs, and the Doncos marched to the PIT 37 before punting and pinning the Stillers on their own 12.�� That�s called FLIPPING the field, and no one allows it to happen easier in big games, than Dick LeBeau.��


On 2d & 7 late in the 3Q, Tebow had an ETERNITY in the pocket.He finally took off running up the gut, and had an ACRE of room for an easy 8-yard run.�� A couple plays later, Tebow ran the read-option keeper for 10 yards.The flat-footed defense looked about as prepared as the French army was for either World War.��


In the 3Q, the Stillers scored a TD to make it a 7-point game.�� The KO was a TB and Denver took over at its 20.RIGHT HERE was a chance for this softee, over-rated defense to make a STOP, force a punt, and get the ball back for the offense.�� What did Dick do ?�� He allows the Doncos to casually MARCH, and MARCH, nearly the entire length of the field, in a long, clock-chewing 11-play, 87-yard drive that culminated in a chippie 35-yard FG to make it a 10-point game.�� That�s some dominating defense, isn�t it ?


After Ben tied the game, DEN took over at its own 15-yard line with 3:42 remaining in the game.�� RIGHT HERE, the defense could force apunt and give the offense golden FP for a game-winning FB.Nope, not LeBeau.�� Dick allows another bootleg left, which Tebow casually completed for 17 yards to Fells.�� Dick finally did force a punt, but precious time, and yardage, was pissed away.��


On the first play of OT, Tebow had no pressure in his face, and then calmly hit a WIDE OPEN Thomas on a short post,�� With NOBODY back at safety, Thomas ran 80 yards for the game-winning TD. When the ball was snapped, there were 11 (ELEVEN) defenders within 4 yards of the LOS.Why ?��� It�s not like McGahee was tearing it up.He�d gained 61 yards on 19 rushes, about half of what Redman had gained with 2 less carries.�� LeBeau was a complete fuking ignoramus for sticking EVERY defender up at the LOS on a 1st down play from the opposing 20 yard line.A stupidfuk scheme by a complete stupidfuk.��� ���


By the way, lest anyone forget, the Broncos lost their LEADING RECEIVER, Eric Decker, to injury in the 2Q and he did not return.LeBeau faced a depleted Denver receiving corps, and still gave up yardage and points to a pitiful, scattershot QB the way the French army got over-run in both World Wars.


Timmmy Tebow, a total pile o� dung as a QB, completed 10 of 21 passes for 316 yards. He averaged an unheard-of 15 yards per attempt and had a passer rating of 125.6. Timmy�s passer ratings in the two previous games were 37.9 and 20.6.�� Yet Dick LeBeau, supposedly The Supreme Almighty Lord and Deity of Defensive Football, allows this sorry pissfuk of a QB to achieve a 125.6, with zero turnover.And Dick allowed Timmmy a gaudy 31.6 yards per completion, which is the 3rd highest mark EVER in NFL history.��


Overall, Dick got tooled and schooled.Pressure on the QB?NONE.�� Heat on the QB ?None.��� Clever disguises?�� NONE.��� Exotic coverage that fooled the young, greenhorned Tebow ?�� NONE.��� Forced INTs?�� NONE.�� Forced turnovers?�� Only one, that by a RB�s fumble.��������


Quiz Question --�� How do you make Timmy Tebow look like a competent QB ?


�� Answer:Let him face Dick LeBeau and that vaunted �#1 defense� !!����


Dick LeBeau -- totally befuddled, totally confused, and totally worthless.�� Sure enough, you�ll hear plenty of babble and fury, making pathetic excuses and rationalizing the performance of Dick�s schemes and his flaccid defense.The defense was woefully unprepared for the Denver read-option and the entirely left-handed nature of Tebow.�� Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance.A complete farcical fraud of a coordinator that was EXPOSED for the entire world to see and snicker.�� Senility is sad.�� Denying it is even sadder.Time for this senile fool to do himself, and his team, a favor by retiring.There has been one, and only one, nationally followed web site that has broken down how flaccid, how weak, how over-rated, and how much of a paper tiger LeBeau and his vaunted �#1 defense� is....and you�re reading it right now.�� ����


Of course, Mister Teflon, Dick Lebeau, was in total denial after the game and pulled a Todd Graham by throwing Ike Taylor under the bus."I just talked to him corner to corner," LeBeau said when asked what he said to Taylor.�� �"I know how he's feeling," LeBeau said of Taylor. "But that's part of playing corner. Ike will be back. He's down right now, but he'll be back."���� Ike indeed will be back.��� Let�s hope Dick is not.�� ��F-


HC:Tomlin had yet another miserable playoffs.�� He oversaw a dogshit defensive gameplan and never helped to make adjustments.�� And, isn�t defense supposed to be Momlin�s specialty and expertise ?�� Perhaps after this ass-raping, Momlin will finally get the cajones to let Dick The Dullard go and find someone who can instill some modern schemes and adjustments into a stale, flaccid, vastly over-rated defense.��


In a rare fit of intelligence. Momlin challenged the Decker play in which Harrison hit Decker and the ball came loose, early in the 2Q.��� The reception was over-ruled and it was ruled an incompletion.


The gaffes, simpleton errors, and silly-assed mistakes were typical of a pee-wee football team.There was no defensive game plan against the left-handed QB at all.�� 12-men in huddle flag.Dropped passes.�� A bad snap to take the offense out of FG range.�� A totally assaholic false start by a WR at the Denver 23 in the 4Q.�� A delay of game on the offense with 12 seconds left in the game and the �O� trying to get into FG range.��� Mike Tomlin -- the statue who stands around and does nothing.����� F


Synopsis:A disgraceful, embarrassing loss against a badly outmanned, weak-assed opponent.�� This game should have never gone into OT.�� Ever.�� It was a dogshit defensive game plan that allowed a barf-spewing QB to riddle and roll all over the defense.Only Dick LeBeau could manage to make Timmy Tebow look competent.�� The offense did its usual sputtering, although they were missing Pouncey and Mendy, plus Starks.��


������ Of course, to those of us like myself who objectively studied this team all season, none of this was a surprise.None.This is a team that, all season long, faltered against good teams and eked out weak-assed wins against shit-pile opponents.This is a defense that feasted on a plethora of shitbag QBs and inept offenses, and on the rare occasions they faced offensive competence, they almost always were riddled and shredded.Even had they squeaked by the lowly Doncos, this team would have had their asses whipped and thrashed next week against the Patriots.��� Just as well to end this hideous season and move on to the offseason.


Stay tuned.�� No one provides better season-ending coverage, and pre-draft analysis, than



(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.)




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