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Stillers-Browns Postgame Comments

December 31, 2017 by Still Mill

Stillers 28, Brownies 24 ……. Dec 31, 2017…………Game # 16


Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers hosted the hapless, feckless 0-15 Browns, and nearly pissed away the game.   I won’t spend much time, given the sorry, slop-laden effort by the defense.   


Still Mill's Take 5:

1.)  Pass defense sux ass.  

2.)  JuJu and Hilton continue to make plays.

3.)  Dupree: ZERO solos; zero impact; a POS.

4.)  Mike Bitchell, the sorriest starting FS in entire NFL.

5.)  Did I mention, the pass defense sucked ass....??



QB:   Jones got the start at QB.   Horrible INT in the 1Q, and had some other spotty throws.   Couple of decent passes, but largely mediocre.   C+



Ridley - ran the ball fairly well.   Looks to be an adequate backup to Bell.     B



Bryant - couple solid plays.    Really need him to man up come playoff time. 


Eli - almost no involvement, which was odd


Heyward-Gay – nice TD run on a reverse.


JuJu - What can ya say?   All this dude does is make plays.    A


TE:   Little production today.   That needs to change come playoff time.   


OL:  Overall, the line played solidly, tho missing Pounce and then Finney.  Hubbard struggled, as can be expected, with snaps.


Villeneueva -  Got tooled on a speed rush (surprise!!) that caused a strip-sack.   Imagine what James Harrison will do to this clumsy fellow. C-



DL:   Fairly mediocre.    Unimpressive today.   Alu as the one man show showed up ready to hunt bear.


LB:  Again, very uninspiring.   


Watt - Missed a late sack of the QB, on a 4th down play that the Clev WR dropped.   Also failed to bust up the slant pass, and then unable to make the tackle, on the long TD pass. 


Dupree – Despite playing at least 45 snaps, he managed to ROLL THE DONUT --  ZERO solos, ZERO assists, ZERO of nothing.   Did jack squat the entire game, other than titty-jousting with opposing blockers.   Just remember -- in the genius mind of Mike Asslin, there was no room for PT for Harrison.  No wonder Harrison was so pissed off, rotting behind a complete stiff like Crud.   F 



Mitchell –  nowhere to be found on the ONE MAN pattern that went for a long completion to the PIT 2, setting up the first TD.   Nowhere to be found do much of anything useful.  F


Gay  -  sucked, as always, tho he did have a good FF.  


Haden - tooled on the deep flag that set up the first Clev TD. 


Burns - helped set up the Davis INT with a blitz on the QB.   


Davis - completely poor angle on the long Cleve TD.    Stunned he held onto the INT.


Hilton - All this dude does is make plays.   Did drop an INT, but otherwise, a stellar game.    A


Spec teams:  

Jordan Berry – punted like vomit, once again.  There isn’t a payoff opponent we’ll face who won’t have a massive advantage in the punting dept.  S


Boswell – was money on his PATs. 


Rogers - did little on PRs.


JuJu - took a 2H KO to the house !!  


OC: Hard to evaluate, with Ben, Bell, and AB not playing, along with subs on the OL.  



Keith Assler had the easiest task of all:  shut down a putrid Clev offense on a frigid day that FAVORED the defense.    Unlike Haley, Assler had pretty much his ENTIRE compliment of starters and key reserves.   The only key starter who sat was Heyward.  That’s IT.    Yes there was Assler, struggling like a complete bitch against the woeful, inept Clev offense.   How ‘bout that 3rd quarter MARCH, which Clev started from its own 10, and seemed to last the entire 3Q.   It ended up being a 16 play march, and only a silly Cleve penalty caused the drive to abort and settle for a FG.   3d & 15?    Easy conversion.  3d & 17?    Piece o’ pie.   It was all piss and vomit, and much of revolves around the CONTINUAL allowance of 30+ yard pass plays, which at this juncture of the season is entirely unacceptable.   F   


HC:  Mike Dumblin oversaw a sorry, slop-laden effort, especially on defense.   Playing at home, against such a weak-assed opponent, unacceptable.   D- 


Synopsis:  The Stillers end 2017 the same way it began on Jan. 1st -- with Laundry Jones leading the team to a win over the hapless Brownies.  Very unimpressive effort today, esp. on defense.  And to think, this sorry, softee,,over-rated defense couldn’t find playing time for James Harrison…..??   Go figure.


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close….)

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