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Thoughts on the Stillers Win

October 16, 2000 by In the Trenches

Stillers - Bungles Game Summary

Stillers - Jets Game Summary

1 2 3 4
Stillers 7 3 3 2 15
Bungles 0 0 0 0 0

I'd normally recap the game, pointing out highlights and lowlights. But, in this case, I'm feeling a little sick to begin with so recapping so many lowlights would probably cause me hours of worship to the porcelain god... Rather than a complete recap, here are a few thoughts on win number three for our Stillers.

The Good

The good news in today's 15-0 beating of the Bungles is that the Stillers finally recorded a long offensive strike - 77 yards from Graham to Ward on the second play from scrimmage....The Stillers scored in every quarter....the Bus recorded his third 100 yard performance of the season...Joey Porter showed his face in a big way - 3 sacks, a forced fumble and a safety....the Stillers recorded a shutout....Hank Poteat again dazzled on punt returns -- whether or not he properly fair catches does not matter since he is a threat to go all the way EVERY time he touches the ball... and finally, and most important, the Stillers recorded their third win of the season, their third win in a row and a win that puts the team at .500.

The Bad and the Ugly

Unfortunately, there was plenty of bad news. This game again showed that the Stillers still do not own home field advantage (the fans were quick to voice their displeasure at poor passes and dropped balls)...The game was littered by a poor running game most of the game and saw poor quarterbacking from Graham after starting 6 of 9 with a TD then finished a woeful 13 of 33 for 176 yards....there were plenty of dropped passes including drops by the slovenly Plax Burress....stupid penalties ruled the day including another offsides by the numb-skulled Burress and an offensive penalty at the Cinci one yard line....the defense had a slew of missed tackles which is a trait that could have cost them the game were they playing anyone but the Bungles.

Fortunately the team escapes with a win, but after making improvements four weeks in a row, it was painful to watch the team take two steps back. Luckily the Bungles were not hungry for a win so the Stillers post another W in the win column. This digression from solid football had better serve as a wake-up call for next week's game against the Brownies know that story already.

Miscellaneous notes
Pittsburgh quarterbacks again eluded critical interceptions and have given up only one this year.... Joey Porter has shown his abilities the past two weeks with 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles and a safety....John Witman had about 600 pounds roll up the back of his right ankle while blocking - he left on a stretcher and for the season.... Cowher quickly dismissed questions about a quarterback controversy after the game stating that Graham is the man.

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