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Latest Stiller Quips

September 07, 2000 by Still Mill

The Latest Stiller Quips

The Latest Stiller Quips

  • Kicker Kris Brown ran three 40-yard dashes after practice yesterday and was timed at 4.45, 4.49 and 4.53 seconds. "We have the fastest kicker in the NFL," proclaimed wide receiver Malcolm Johnson.

Yes, and unfortunately he�s faster than our FB, starting tailback, tight end, and most of our WRs, including Malcolm Johnson�..

And the one man who is unquestionably faster � Amos Zeroue � was deactivated last week.

  • Of course, fantasy football whizzes, always eager for squeezing out more points, might start wondering if a Graham-to-Brown fake on a field goal for a TD would generate points if they have the Stiller D/spec team on their fantasy roster�

But, do you really think Field Goal Bill would run this play and forgo the holy FG �?

  • Or maybe Cowher, in his infinite wisdom, can replace Graham with Kris the next time we march downfield and get a 1st and goal on the 1. Kris can then run a naked bootleg past a stunned defense�
  • Talked to a buddy who has Bungle season tix. Says that Danny Farmer said he felt more WELCOME in the first two minutes he was in Cincinnati, than he did the entire time in Pittsburgh...

I guess Farmer�s release was warranted based on the important role Courtney played in week 1.

  • And in the "But what about his own?" department: Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride was out of town to attend his mother's funeral.

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