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Stillers-Chargers Postgame Analysis and Grades

November 21, 2021 by Still Mill

Chargers 41, Stillers 37..... Nov 21, 2021 …………Game # 10


Stillers-Chargers Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 5-3-1 Stillers went out west to face the 5-4 Chargers, amid a crowd of 65% Stiller fans.  The Stiller defnse got gashed the entire evening, and gave up the late, go-ahead TD to snatch defeat from victory. 


Due to the late nite nature of this game, this will be a very condensed report.  




QB:   Ben returned to the lineup after missing last week’s game with Covid.  Threw a lollipop lob that was basically INT’d, first drive, but the DB’s 2nd foot landed 2 inches OOB.   The promising drive ended with TWO successive misfires to Dionte, both a good 8 feet over the receiver’s head, and thus they had to settle for a FG.     


2nd drive, threw a needless deep ball to Carpool in DOUBLE coverage, plus the pass was literally 18 feet too long.  Later threw deep to a WIDE open Carpool, who had to camp underneath the poorly underthrown ball.   Clay grabbed it, but this should have been a WALK IN TD, not a ball grabbed and tackled at the 5.  Sure as shit, the offense failed on 4 downs to punch this in, and 7 points were literally removed from the board. 


Helped lead the team back in the 4Q.   But was rather putrid on the very last drive.   Sure, there was pressure, but 2 of those plays ended with hideous passes to nobody.       B-  



Harris  –  Nice vault over the stack for a TD, 4Q.   Got injured, mid 4Q, on a vicious hit to the head (no flag, of course) as he was spinning from a tackle after a dumpoff.    Had 12 rushes for 39, and 5 grabs for 20.    B


McFarl – again deactivated, which makes little sense. 


Snell –   Saw a few snaps, 1Q, and then never saw the field again on O. 


Ballage – Ditto as Snell.  


FB:    Watt played 1 play on O, the TD plunge by Harris in the 4Q.  



Wash -  grabbed a short pass, late 3Q, his first target of the game.    Grabbed a 7 yard pass, late 4Q.    B


Dionte -  stellar grab on a line-drive sideline pass, late 2Q.  Then capped off the drive with an outstanding TD grab in the back corner of the EZ.     Had 7 grabs for 101.     A


Claypool –  .should have had a 2Q TD, but Ben’s rotten deep pass forced Carpool to CAMP under the ball, and he was tackled at the LA 5.     Had 5 grabs for 93.    A


GayRay McCloud – converted a 3d & 7, last play of 1Q.   




Ebron – good snag of a skinny post, 4Q, on a 3d & 5.  A few plays later, he scored on a RAC from the 5 yard line. 


Pat FryBoy – dropped a tough grab, first series, although it would have gained only 4 yards or so.  Good RAC to score the TD, late 4Q. 


Gentry – no targets.   


OL:  Overall, the line blocked adequately.   The running game wasn’t overly productive, but that’s Matt Canada for completely eschewing the ground game throughout the game.  


Dotson was placed on the 3-week IR, replaced by JC Assan-hour.   Haeg replaced Ass-an-hour late in the 2Q, due to an injury. 


Green got roller-skated back into the QB, first drive.   Okorafor had a good block on the FryBoy TD, late 4Q.  Haeg got over-powered for a sack, late 4Q.  Then, on the very next play, allowed ANOTHER sack while imitating a fuking turnstile.   


Overall grade:  B-



Heyward – The $65M Man       .   Charger 6-yard TD on first drive.....on a running play right at Big Cam Heyward, who got maul-blocked on the play, causing a hole 14 feet wide.   He then foolishly went offside late in the 2Q, which negated a Spillane sack.  Big Scam finished the half with ONE tackle.    Just one. 


Had some rare pressure, 3q, but Herbert was able to easily shrug off the Big Scam and shoveled the ball to a nearby RB. 


Big Scam at least had the presence to chase down Herbert on the long scramble, 4Q, but then stupidly earned a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty.   And then, on the very next play, got MAULED and shoved like a toddler on the cake-walk TD run by Ekeler. 


Scam Heyward......gets a cheezy batted pass off his FACEMASK, on a low, shitty pass, and Cam Button got the INT.  


Schoebert made the huge stop on the late 4th & 1….and who does NBC show after the play?   Why, Scam Heyward, who did NOTHING on the play.   The entire evening was a fawn-fest over The Scammer, who did oh-so very litte.


The Scammer finished with (hold your laughter, please) TWO solos.   D  


Tuitt – another vaunted DE who again sat out.  What a big pussy.    F   


Wormley – got nicked up, late 2Q.  Came back, though. 


Loudermilk – sat out due to injury. 


Buggs- batted a pass, early 3Q.   



Bush – on the 6 yard TD run, firs series, Bush did jack shit, just standing around like a traffic barrel, and did nothing to disengage from the blocker.  Damn, this fellow sucks buttock.   Then, on the 2nd TD, got completely abused by Ekeler, with bootfooted coverage befitting a nose tackle.


Devin Bush......THE weakest tackler in the NFL.  He fuking PAWS at RAC runners as though they're coated in radioactive slime.    I've seen it no less than 4 times this evening.   


Got abused by Ekeler on the late drive, getting tooled on a simple out pattern for a 17 yard gainer.   A shit play by a shit player.  Finished the game with a meager 4 solos, all of them on cheezy little stops well down the field.   F 


Schobert – slashed in and nabbed Ekeler on the late 4th & 1, 4Q, to give the O the ball at the LA 34. 


Watt – The Great Sitter got injured last week, and sat out tonite.  


Highsmith – Crisp, hard tackle on a toss sweep, 2Q.  Got a sack on 1st & goal at the 6, 2Q.  Stellar spin move for a sack, late 4Q.     B+


Spillane – chipped in here and there.  At this point, he might as well start in lieu of Bush.


Burrito Charlton – did jack fuking NOTHING.   A complete dud.   A waste of oxygen.    D+



Haden – sat out due to injury.  


Cam Button -   snared Ekeler on a wide run for a 3 yard loss, 3Q.  Then was flagged for a hold on the very next play.  Got the late INT, a Dong INT, on the batted pass.      B


Norwood– Got the start at FS.  .Fell asleep on the late, long TD by Willams.   A sorry-assed play.    C-


Edmunds – waved and WHIFFED like a girlish faggot on the Ekeler TD RAC, early 3Q.  Waved again on a 0-step hitch, 3Q, missing feebly.   Flailed and WHIFFED on the long, long Herbert scramble, 4Q.    C-


Minkah -  missed the game due to Covid.  


Pierre – flagged for PI on an oop in the EZ, first drive.  Waved and WHIFFED, as the first tackler, on the Ekeler TD RAC, early 3Q.   As shitty a tackling attempt as one can make at this level of football.   C-


Witherspoon – got completely abused and humiliated on a 3rd down, allowing a big chunk down to the PIT 4.   C-


Joseph – flagged for a hold, 2Q.  Busted up a pass at the PIT 3 yard line, 2nd to last play of the 1H. 


Spec teams:  

Harvin– didn’t punt at’all in the 1H. Booted once in the 2H. 


Boswell – 3 for 3 on FGs. 


RayRay – decent KO return, late 2Q. 


Cam Button was lined up about 5 inches offsides, and then moved before the snap, on a 3Q FG try that was like 39 feet WIDE of the upright.   LA was able to re-kick, and the boot was good, adding 3 points that should have never been placed on the scoreboard. 


Killebrew blocked a punt early in the 4Q.  Nice play, but then he stumbled after the ball like a drunken fool, and rather than snaring the ball before it rolled OOB and scoring a TD, the ball rolled OOB at the 3. This nearly proved disastrous as the Canada-led offense passed the ball like fuking idiots, but a 4th down flag on LA enabled the Stillers to score from the 1. 


For once, Danny Smith and his lousy spec teams weren’t responsible for a grisly loss.    B+


OC:  Matt Canada had the luxury of facing a decrepit LA defense that was at or near the bottom of the NFL. The Chargers defense was the worst in the NFL at opponent success rate on running plays (51.7%).  And the Chargers defense was a distant last in the league in rushing yards allowed at 155.1 per game. The Chargers have allowed the third-most rushing touchdowns (12 in nine games).  Sure as shit, of course, Canada struggled like a complete bitch most of the nite. 


A deep ball to Clay set up shop, 1st and goal at the 5.   Sure as shit, Canada pissed this one away faster than a heroin addict pisses away a wad of cash.  First down, an end around by Clay gained 2.  2d down, a Harris plunge gained 1.   Third down, a fade to Clay, which looked like it had NEVER been practiced, was woefully incomplete.  And on 4th down, a shovel pass to FryBoy was easily engulfed for no gain.  


Just like last week, Canada had his ANTI pass abortion after the Killebrew blocked punt.   A jet sweep that LOST 2 yards was sandwiched around moronic passes that didn’t do shit.   A 4th down pass was busted up, but a defensive flag gave Canada, the fuking village idiot, a reprieve, and he finally called a RUNNING play, which Harris scored on a 1 yard plunge.  


Ya had to like all the clever playcalls that involved all sorts of extensive movements, fakes, and so on.   Like the bootleg pass to Harris, 1Q, which gained ZERO yards.  Or the elaborate little dump off to FryBoy, early in the 3Q, which netted a whopping 2 yards. 


Sure, the offense scored 37 points, but much of that was aided by the blocked punt and the Sutton INT, plus the fact with how putrid the LA defense is.      D



Keith Assler was given an early 3-0 lead.  What did this sorry fuktard do with it?   Why, on the first LA drive, Assler faced a near-immediate 3d and FOURTEEN.    Sure as shit, Assler goes soft, and Herbert plays EASY pitch n catch for a 22 yard gainer.    The Chargers then marched, and marched, and scored a TD to take a 7-3 lead.  


Then, after the O turned the ball over on downs on the LA TWO yard line, Assler allowed LA to march….and march….and fuking march.    12 plays, 98 yard TD drive, boosting the lead to 14-3.   


After Dionte’s superb TD grab made it 14-10 with only 1:09 left in the 1H, Assler allowed LA to literally BREEZE down the field, easy as pie, down to the PIT 7.  Mercifully, the drive ended with a FG, but the damage was done as LA went into the locker room up 17-10. 


First drive, 3Q, Assler had LA in a quick 3d & 13.  Sure as shit, he then allows a cake-easy 30-yard completion to allow the drive to continue.   The drive continued easy as pie, and quicker than a cat can piss on new carpet, the Chargers scored another TD to go up 24-10.   That made it 4 for 4 for LA to score points on its 4 drives. 


The fifth drive moved the ball all the way down to the PIT 4, but a cheezy holding flag negated the 3rd down scramble, and Assler’s bacon was saved from yet another TD.  LA missed the initial FG, but an offsides flag allowed a re-kick, which was good, making the score 27-10.   


Aided by a horrid pass by Herbert, on drive 6 the Bolts finally punted……3 minutes into the 4Q. 


After the blocked punt and the Harris TD made it a 27-20 game, Assler promptly allows LA to march, easy as pie, right down the field to score yet another TD, making it a 34-20 game.  Thank you, Buttler, you buttfuking nincompoop.  


The defense actually held on a 4th & 1, with about 4:40 left.


The final LA drive was yet another TD, when a WR was allowed to roam SCOT FUKING FREE down the sideline for a game-winning 53-yard TD.   


Along it all, Herbert ran AT WILL, as Buttler was quite apparently unaware of Herb’s athleticism.   Herb rushed for a killer 92 yards.    In all, Assler again got gouged and embarrassed.    F


HC:  Mike Asslin oversaw yet another game of puke n’ vomit on defense, with blown assignments, meek play, woefully missed tackles, and softee play.     Isn’t Asslin supposed to be the vaunted “Defensive expert”??   If so, when in sam fuking hell does he intend to get things fixed?   We’re 10 games into the season, and this defense has sucked ass in every game, to include the opener when Josh Allen missed like 9 different wide open receivers.  Sure enough, you’ll hear a tidal wave of excuse making about injuries on this shit-laden defense.  Fact is, Stoogelin had ALL WEEK to prepare this defense to play without Watt, Haden, and Fitz, and their preparation obviously sucked ass.  The entire defense was passive, confused, and soft all evening long. 


I despised the decision to boot a chipshot FG on 4th & 4, early 4Q, while down by 17.   The Chargers were FIVE FOR FIVE on their drives thus far, with this shit-soft defense offering ZERO resistance.  The FG meant so little when you have a defense getting gashed and carved at will.    


The refusal by Asslin to kick ass on Canada and his love affair of excessive passing, is Stoogelin’s and only Stoogelin’s fault.   Canada reports to ONE man, Mike Asslin, yet Canada again went pass happy down near the LA goal line, which turned out to be a killer when the O failed to score in the 1Q.  


This defense is an absolute goatfuk, and Asslin has no one to blame but himself.     F 


Synopsis:  A shit loss against a mediocre Charger team.     One more game pissed away like this to a subpar foe, and you can kiss goodbye to the playoffs.  



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