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Worst Bet (plus two)

November 16, 2011 by Steel Haven

My best bets remain a clusterfuck. I couldn't decide if that was one word or two. If I pick the Chiefs again this year I will need to slap myself upside the head. At least I jinxed the Ravens. They are really way too focused on the Steelers. I could honestly see them blowing the division despite sweeping the season series against Pittsburgh. My salvation was the Rams. Or more succinctly the suckitude of the Browns.

Seven weeks left. I can still finish over .500 on my best bets. The chances are about the same as the Eagles making the playoffs. Or Matt Leinart adequately replacing Matt Schaub.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Jacksonville Jaguars (E) over Cleveland Browns

MJD over Chris Ogbonnaya. Neither team has any other offensive weapons.


San Francisco 49ers (-9.5) over Arizona Cardinals

This seems like a lot of points, but the Niners are +95 in point differential. Kendall Hunter is a more than solid replacement if Frank Gore can't play. John Skelton is unlikely to have the benefit of a complete fourth quarter defensive collapse like the Eagles provided him with last week.

Dallas Cowboys (-7.5) over Washington Redskins

A road team favored by over a touchdown in a divisional matchup is scary; especially a team as wildly inconsistent as the Cowboys. I just can't pass up betting against the Sex Cannon and/or John Beck. Mike Shanahan really shit the bed with regard to the QB position heading into this season. I'm still disappointed I foolishly passed up taking the Dolphins last week.

Last Week

Kansas City Chiefs (-3.0) over Denver Broncos LOSS

Baltimore Ravens (-6.5) over Seattle Seahawks LOSS

St. Louis Rams (+2.5) over Cleveland Browns WIN

Year to Date: 14-14-2   Best Bets: 2-7-1
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