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Best Bet (plus two)

October 05, 2011 by Steel Haven

I was counting on my first best bet win of the season at halftime of the 4 pm games on Sunday with the Falcons up by 17.

Not so fast, my friend! - Lee Corso

After kicking a field goal to go up by 20 the Falcons rolled over and played dead. They managed to luckily hang on for a 2 point win. At that point with no hope of a cover and the Seahawks possessing the ball I was actually rooting against the Falcons. Bastards. Previously the Bills had somehow blown a 14 point halftime lead in Cincinnati. At least I hadn't picked the Eagles or Cowboys.

Not much to say going forward. Last week I liked a number of games and was wrong on most. This week I really don't like any games. Maybe that is a good sign. Probably not. I suggest betting against my Best Bet and continuing to rack up the cash. I honestly tried to find more home teams to bet on this week, any home team to bet on this week. I failed.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5) over Buffalo Bills

The bubble burst for the Bills in the second half last week in Cincinnati. The desperate Eagles have to finally explode offensively and win this game to save their season, right.... right.... anybody....


San Diego Chargers (-4.0) over Denver Broncos

The Chargers have been winning ugly which is a step up from their normal early season routine of figuring out ways to lose despite dominating. Given my recent luck this likely sets up as a 3 point Chargers win in a sloppily played game with a backdoor cover on a 90 yard Tim Tebow scramble with under 2 minutes remaining. I'm getting a headache just thinking about it....

Cincinnati Bengals (+2.5) over Jacksonville Jaguars

It disgusts me to pick this game.

Last Week

Atlanta Falcons (-4.5) over Seattle Seahawks LOSS

New Orleans Saints (-7.0) over Jacksonville Jaguars WIN

Buffalo Bills (-3.0) over Cincinnati Bengals LOSS

Year to Date: 4-6-2   Best Bets: 0-3-1
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