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Stillers-Panthers Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 18, 2022 by Still Mill

Stillers 24, Panthers 16 ...... Dec 18, 2022 ………Game # 14


Stillers-Panthers Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 5-8 Stillers mosied south to face the 5-8 Carol Panthers.   The Stillers pieced together an adequate effort, aside from a litany of foolish penalties, and held on to stave off the Panthers.    




QB:   KP sat out, due to the concussion.


Trib got the start.  Solid game.   Nothing foolish (for the most part), unlike last week.  Made several clutch throws to move the chains.   Also ran the QB sneak quite well.   Was 16 of 21 for 170.  Not shabby.    A- 



Harris  –  good run, first series, for about 10.   Good TD run, more or less scaring the DB to back off as Harris approached the GL.  Kind of got weaker as the game went on, and many of his 2nd half runs were meager gains of 1 or 2 yards.  Had 21 rushes for 84.   B-


Warren – tough, rugged RAC on a screen play, 1st drive of game.  Nicely done.  Good TD plunge, 2Q.  Solid game.   B


Snell –   no work on O.  


FB:    Watt played only a few bit plays.   Converted a 3d & 1 plunge, late 3Q. 



Dionte –  stellar jukes to elude 2 tacklers to move the chains, 3Q, but then, like a complete jackass, taunted the defender and was flagged for 15 yards.  Big grab on 3d & 14, late 4Q, to move the chains.  Had 9 grabs for 89, which was good and productive, but the taunting flag was utterly inexcusable and hampers the grade.  B-


Boykin – Tossed a couple nice blocks for the short yardage running game


Pickens –  Stellar downfield grab by Pickens, 2Q.  38 yards!    Dude's the king of combat catches !!   Flagged for an imbecilic false start, late in the game on 3d & 9.  Had 2 grabs for 53.  B


Sims –   Had 1 grab as a slot WR.  Big run on 3d & 1, 3Q, on an end around, for 22.     B


GunnerO – had 1 grab for like 3 yards. 



Pat FryBoy –  for reasons beyond the universe, this fellow was targeted ZERO times today.   


Gentry – Had his mandatory 3-yard pass, 2Q.  


Con Heyward –   rarely, if ever, used on O today. 


OL:  Overall, the line (Moore, Dotson, Cole, Daniels, Okorafor ) had a pretty solid, sound game, both in run blocking and pass pro.   Dotson was flagged for a false start on 3d & 3, 2Q.      A



Heyward –  The Big Scam had another pedestrian effort.  Had a QB pressure/hurry, 2d series of game.  Allowed the QB to escape his grasp back in the pocket and gain 3 yards, 2Q.   Stop the presses ….Scam Heyward FINALLY does something, and sacks the QB on last play of 3Q...his FIRST tackle of the game.  Got a half Dong sack, 4Q, when no one was open on 3d & goal.  Had ONE solo and 2 As, one of which was the half Dong sack.   Rather putrid.  C- 


Ogunjobi – Bit stick and stuff, first play o’ game, for a 1 yard loss. Bottled up a plunge, 2d series, for a 1 yard loss.



Adams – chipped in a little bit. 


Alu Alu – As he has done ALL season long, did very, very little. 


Loudermilk – got to play with the injury to Worm, and had a TFL. 


Wormley – Out on IR.   


Leal – got some PT and helped bottle the run-heavy packages of CAR. 



Bush – Did pretty much nothing all game long.  Had a rare stuff of a plunge, 1Q.   Had a measly 2 solos and 2 As.   Not nearly enuf.    D


Jack – Sat out due to injury.  


Watt –  finally dd something, whipping the RT in SOLO blocking and getting the sack, 4:00 2Q.   Committed a foolish offsides, erasing a sack by Edmunds, 4Q.  Got a half Dong sack, 4Q, when no one was open on 3d & goal.  His sack was his only solo of the game, which ain’t nearly enough.   C- 


Highsmith –  Stop the presses!!    Alex FINALLY does something, and sacks the QB late 3Q.  Slashed in from the backside on 2d & goal to stop the RB for no gain, 4Q.  THIS was a stellar play.  Had 3 solos and 1 A.    B


Spillane –  On a key 3rd down, late 3Q, Spillane, who has ZERO business starting in the NFL, feebly whiffs on a short dump to Hubbard, who then races for a 45 yard gainer.   Thank you Robert, you pilo manure.    C


Mark Robinson – helped Ogun on plunge stop, early 1Q, but wasn’t credited.   Played very little. 



Wallace – got tooled on an early crosser.  Then allowed the first CAR TD.   C


Cam Sutton -   got abused and beaten on what woulda been a TD, 4Q, and was flagged for PI.   B-


Norwood – little PT. 


Edmunds –  Solid run stop, 1st play of 2Q.  Bowled over an OG on a pass rush, 4Q.  Then sacked and stripped the QB, but Sitter Watt was offsides.   B-


Minkah -  busted up a pass, late 2Q.  B


Pierre – got lost in a fog on 3d & THIRTEEN, late 1Q, and allowed Darnold to play pitch and catch with a WIDE open receiver for a 40 yard gainer.    C-


Kayzee – didn’t do much 


Maulet – played here and there.  


Spec teams:  

Harvin –  Booming punt, 2Q, which traveled all of ......38 yards !   FC on the CAR 27.   Complete bag o’ vomit.  The punt that was initially downed at the 1 (and then ruled a touchback), late 2Q, wasn’t actually a good punt.  It landed at the 5, and then ROCKETED FORWARD, rather than the preferred backwards (with “backspin”), and as it was, Pierre had to step on the GL to bat the ball backwards.    D-


Boswell – nailed a 50-yard FG late in the game to secure the W.  Solid KOs.    A


Sims – did little in the return game. 


Pierre and Boykin combined to “save” a punt from going into the EZ, late 2Q, downing the punt at the CAR 1…but upon review, Pierre had barely stepped on the goal line.    


On opening KO of 2H, two Steelers were flagged….Snell for a hold, and Killebrew for a blindside block.  Instead of starting at their own 32 or so, the O started at their own 9. 


4th & 27, and Marcus Alen decides to play the role of dumbazzed fool, and goes INTO the CAR huddle.  Penalty, and an Auto 1st down for CAR.   What a stupid piece o' shoit !!!    On most teams, this fella would be CUT tomorrow.   Allen: F-


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw a modicum of offensive production. 


Wasted a timeout, first series, for no fuuking reason whatsoever.


2Q -- Hey look ..... there's the mandatory THREE yard pass to Jach Gentry !!    It's required every week by Matthew Canada.  Later in the 2Q, the mandatory end around to Stephen Sims.  Loss of 3.   Fugging brilliant !!  


Solid TD march in the 3Q, going 91 yards in 21 plays, and chewing 11:43 of clock.


With only 3:07 left in an 8 point game and the offense having just converted a 1st down, somehow these morons insisted on calling a TIMEOUT, fer chrissakes, to help out CAR.  


I despised how Pat Fryboy was literally written out of the gameplan, with ZERO targets the entire game.  B-



2nd series, 3d & 11, and Austin has his CB giving a SIXTEEN YARD CUSHION on a simple curl route, allowing CAR to casually move the chains.  Then his CB falls asleep a few plays later, and they allow a FIRTY yard gain on 3d & 13.   A few plays later, CAR scored on 3d & goal from the 5, and just like that, the early lead gets wiped away quick than a goose can take a crap. 


Austin at least got his run defense to perform much, much better than last week’s half-assed effort.    B


HC:  Mike Asslin once again oversaw a litany of foolish penalties and other bizarro decisions.


With a 15-yard penalty assessed on the kickoff after Warren’s TD plunge, what did Asslin order?   A boot through the EZ.  WHY kick it out of the end zone...why not a squib kick?   Answer: because Stoogelin’s a jackmule.


The completely moronic flags on Dionte and Allen reflect squarely on the dim-bulbed HC.  So, too, were the imbecilic timeouts.   


Synopsis:  I’m not going to get all giddy over beating a middling 5-8 club.  Next up, the Raidas visit on Christmas eve, in the 50-year anniversary of the Immaculate Reception. 



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