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Staat Still as Nose Tackle

July 24, 2000 by Still Mill

Staat Unbelievably Still at NT (July 24th)

Staat Unbelievably Still at NT (July 24th)

Today's PG states that

"At 6-5, Staat seems more suited for end, although he has been a disappointment there in two seasons. For now, he's running as the No. 1 nose tackle."

WTF is Bill Cowhead doing down in Latrobe, besides obviously guzzling too much Rolling Rock?? Those of you who saw Staat lie prone on his back the entire '99 season must be as puzzled as I am.

No less an authority than Joel Steed said in the article,

"Stay low, that's the first thing," Steed said. "Low man wins. You get high, and that's when all kinds of problems happen."

BINGO !!! The fact of the matter is that Staat is too tall and frail to play NT in the NFL. 6-foot-5, with no acute upper body strength or leg power, is unacceptable for a NT in the NFL. Why in the world is Cowhead, then, wasting time even using this stiff at NT??? I don't care if Staat has 2 seasons under his belt...that's bull. 1st of all, Staat saat nearly his entire rookie season, while moping and longing for his mama and his girlfriend. 2nd, you don't put a guy TOTALLY out of position just because he happens to have a couple more years of NFL experience. Tom Myslinski has loads of NFL experience -- much more than Farris or Smith -- but fortunately no one is trying him out at tackle. 3rd, we already TRIED Jeremy Faat at NT LAST season --- with DISASTEROUS results. This guy got pushed around like a punching bag in every game, allowing massive holes to open up in the heart of the defense.

I'm fully content to allow Clancy and Lucas, both of whom are actually NOSE TACKLES and not ends, to fight for the starting job, with Kimo platooning if need be for some veteran presence. Mark my words, if Faat is our starter at NT this entire defense is screwed again for another season.

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