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Loose Slag from The Still Mill

February 09, 2011 by Still Mill

Slag - post Sup Bowl

Loose Slag from The Still Mill


- Having re-watched the game twice on DVR, I can assure folks that few tasks are more distasteful.Really painful.�� Almost as bad as dental work without Novocain.


- The defensive follies, failures, and fa�ade can be examined here.


- The late 2-minute drill that looked like a Chinese fire drill should come as no surprise.�� Just last season, The Idiot Arians said, on the late 2M drill that produced exactly zero yards versus Cinci:��


���� "We were just trying to get the ball down the field deeper because we needed chunks," offensive imbecile Bruce Arians said. "We didn't protect very well. We had to go a long way. We couldn't nickel-and-dime our way down there with that amount of time."��


���� In that �09 loss, the Stillers still had one timeout.The drive started at the Stiller 33.�� There was 1:49 remaining on the clock.In that case, ya don�t need to throw 53-yard bombs to move 67 yards in 1:49.3 nites ago, the offense began at the 13 with 1:59 and 1 TO, and took the same approach.....forcing the ball down the field when there was no need to. The defense is SITTING BACK in a PREVENT defense, giving you plenty of open room on short & medium routes.We have excellent RAC runners in Ward, Wally, Brown, Randle El, and Moore.Three (3) medium range completions, with RAC, of, say, 15 yards a piece would put the ball roughly at the GB 40.Now, you�re in striking range, as opposed to flailing about like a beached whale on your own 33 on 3rd & 4th down and 5.��


- At which bank did Tomlin deposit that unused, final timeout?��� He�s apparently earning a ton of interest with all of these deposits.��


- On the bright side, the Stillers did set a Super Bowl record on the offensive side of the ball.Their 6 (six) 0-step hitch/bubble screens established a new record, which formerly was 4.Arians is surely beaming with pride.


- As much as Arians loves throwing the 0-step hitch to Wally, I remain convinced he�s the wrong guy for the job.�� Although fast, Wally is long-legged and easy to tackle that close to the LOS and in that much traffic.�� He rarely can stop on the dime and juke.�� This play actually requires the skills of a Metcalf, a Ward, even a Tonio Holmes.�� Wally can be a fed a bone now and then on this kind of play, but 5 times in 1 game is patently absurd.��


- We like �im, but Isaac Redman screwed the offense on his late KO return.�� He snared the squib kick at 2:07.His coaches should have warned him and prepped him, but probably did not.�� Instead of diving forward for a few yards and getting DOWN for a clock stoppage prior to the 2MW, Redman ran into a small scrum, then broke away and actually veered backwards and sideways.�� By the time he was tackled, the clock sat at 1:59.�� He very easily should have been stopped at 2:01 or even 2:02, so that the offense had a free TO after its first play.


- Fox royally screwed up with his late pers foul flag.�� On Fox�s behalf, Crabtree -- the same bitch who grabbed and threw down Timmons on a short-yardage play in the 1Q -- got locked up with Fox several seconds before the flag, and even had his hands clearly in the facemask of Fox.Of course, no flag was called for that, and of course the revenge push is the one that is most always called.


- On the late 3d & 5, Moore was fairly wide open on a mid dump, but Ben was, as always, laser-focused on Wally.�� Likewise, on the 2nd INT, which was jammed to Wally, the DB had jumped the play and Miller was WIDE open downfield on the left sector of the field.��� WIDE open.��


- All the outrage toward Mendenhall over the 4Q fumble is grossly misplaced.Go re-watch this play yourself.Legursky pulls on this play, and Johnson is the blocking FB.�� Both should at least get a hat on a defender.�� Neither does.Legursky, out of his element as a short-area brawler, gimpily pulls and does nothing.�� Johnson encounters 2 defenders -- Leggo should have gotten 1 of them -- and unbelievably acts like a ball-carrying FB and cleverly knifes his way between them !The result is a sandwich, 3-yards deep in the backfield, on a RB who just got the ball a split-second prior.��


- James Starks had 2 fairly long runs, of 12 and 14 yards.Both came directly at Big LaMarr Woodley, who is incredibly poor at setting the edge the way it should be set as an OLB in the NFL.�� Let us hope he played his final game in the black n� gold.


- The pattern Jennings ran for the 4Q TD was even worse than I�d initially thought.This was a designed banana route, with no cut whatsoever toward the middle of the field. Jennings ran a sloppy, rounded route that never veered from his intent to take it to the far corner.�� I have no idea why Pola jumped this route so rabidly.

- Taunto Farrior never left the field on defense.�� Here you have a slow LB who is the weakest pass rusher of the 4 LBs, as well as the weakest pass defender not named Woodley.WHY, then, was he incessantly left on the field for every single play?��� Asinine stupidity at its worst.��


- Pained as we are, we remain proud here at for our astute, spot-on pre-game analysis, which accurately predicted the how�s and the why�s of this grisly loss.�� No other media outlet in the entire country can stake this claim.�� NONE.�� We continue to lead the way in the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers.��



Still Mill and -- �When it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close�.�


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