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Power Rankings (week 6)

October 09, 2013 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. Denver Broncos 5-0 Their 230 total points and Manning's 20 TD passes are the most in league history through 5 games.
2. 3. New Orleans Saints 5-0 The rest of their division is a combined 2-11.
3. 6. Indianapolis Colts 4-1 Luck never quits.
4. 2. Seattle Seahawks 4-1 Vaunted secondary torched by Hilton.
5. 5. Kansas City Chiefs 5-0 Smith deserves more credit than he gets.
6. 9. San Francisco 49ers 3-2 Defense and running game carrying Kaepernick.
7. 12. Cincinnati Bengals 3-2 Zimmer's defense was masterful in shutting down Brady.
8. 4. New England Patriots 4-1 Brady's streak of 52 straight games with a TD pass came to an end in a fourth quarter monsoon in Cincinnati.
9. 13. Baltimore Ravens 3-2 Defense and Rice have picked up the slack with Flacco struggling.
10. 14. Green Bay Packers 2-2 Caught a major break with Megatron unable to play.
11. 7. Detriot Lions 3-2 Offense was Jaguars-like in Megatron's absence.
12. 8. Chicago Bears 3-2 Need to get back on track. Home game against winless Giants on short work week should help.
13. 10. Miami Dolphins 3-2 Head into the bye on a 2 game losing streak.
14. 11. Tennessee Titans 3-2 Failed to become the first team in the Super Bowl era to not have a turnover in their first 5 games.
15. 15. Houston Texans 2-3 Schaub has thrown a pick 6 in a league record 4 straight games.
16. 19. Arizona Cardinals 3-2 Winning in spite of Palmer with defense.
17. 22. Cleveland Browns 3-2 Hoyer deserved a better fate.
18. 25. New York Jets 3-2 Wilkerson and the defense had a coming out party in prime time.
19. 18. Dallas Cowboys 2-3 The good: Romo became the first QB in franchise history to throw for over 500 yards in a game. The bad: His last throw was an interception and Manning of course seized the final opportunity. The ugly: Decision to replace Ryan with Kiffin.
20. 23. St. Louis Rams 2-3 Jaguars make everybody look good.
21. 21. Washington Redskins 1-3 Can turn around their season in Dallas on Sunday night.
22. 27. Philadelphia Eagles 2-3 Good thing they didn't trade Foles.
23. 16. Atlanta Falcons 1-4 Already lost more games than last season. Losing Jones for the season and White's hamstring obviously makes things much, much worse. Gonzalez put off retirement for this?
24. 30. Oakland Raiders 2-3 A different team with Jeannette's Pryor behind center.
25. 17. San Diego Chargers 2-3 Rivers' 411 yards passing were overshadowed by his 3 interceptions.
26. 26. Minnesota Vikings 1-3 How long until Freeman gets an opportunity?
27. 20. Buffalo Bills 2-3 Tuel was so bad they activated Lewis off the practice squad to start next week.
28. 24. Carolina Panthers 1-3 Coordinator Shula's moribund offense has only been able to get it going against the woeful Giants.
29. 29. Pittsburgh Steelers 0-4 Will the bye week do them any good?
30. 28. New York Giants 0-5 Turned the ball over 3 more times.
31. 31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-4 Can Schiano survive the Freeman fiasco?
32. 32. Jacksonville Jaguars 0-5 Injury to Joeckel after trade of Monroe leaves offensive line in shambles.

*Last week's ranking

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