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Power Rankings (week 8)

October 26, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers7-0Rodgers already topped his career high for 300 yard games in a season with 6. Crosby also got in the act kicking a career best 58 yarder for his 20th straight made field goal.
2.3.New England Patriots5-1Won 7 of their last 9 against the Steelers, 7 of the last 8 with Brady at the helm.
3.4.San Fransisco 49ers5-1Rest of their division has 3 wins combined.
4.5.New Orleans Saints5-2Scored the most points in franchise history leading to a 55 point win which was the 8th largest margin in NFL history.
5.2.Baltimore Ravens4-2Road games against mediocre (at best) AFC South opponents that used to be their rivals in the old AFC Central are apparently their kryptonite. Flacco has regressed.
6.8.Pittsburgh Steelers5-2Big Ben to 60 minutes for 95 yards set a franchise record for longest receiving TD.
7.11.New York Giants4-2Come off the bye against the Dolphins at home. Which is the tougher matchup?
8.12.Buffalo Bills4-2At least them going to Toronto for a home game is less of an inconvenience than the Bucs having to go to London.
9.15.Atlanta Falcons4-3Gonzalez passed Carter and Harrison to move into 2nd place all time in receptions behind only Rice.
10.7.Detriot Lions5-2Dodged a bullet with MRI's coming back clean on Stafford's knee and ankle. Now need to stop the 2 game slide.
11.17.New York Jets4-3Start 4-0 at home for only the 4th time in franchise history. Finally got the ball to Burress in the red zone.
12.6.San Diego Chargers4-2Blew an 11 point halftime lead by giving up 17 unanswered 2nd half points. Rivers looked uncomfortable all afternoon in the pocket and his decisions in the two minute offense down 6 were mind boggling. Is he hiding an injury?
13.13.Cincinnati Bengals4-2Brown had to be laughing his ass off watching Palmer's extreme lack of mobility and noodle arm when he was forced to replace Boller.
14.18.Houston Texans4-3Foster took control topping the century mark in both rushing and receiving. The AFC South is in their grasp despite injuries to Johnson and Williams.
15.16.Chicago Bears4-3Angelo needs to pay Forte.
16.21.Dallas Cowboys3-3Felix who? Murray set the single game franchise rushing record, the 9th highest total in league history since the merger.
17.9.Oakland Raiders4-3Murphy's law was in full effect on Sunday. Lost McFadden after 2 carries. Boller threw 3 picks in the 1st half. Palmer was clearly not ready and threw 3 more interceptions plus a pick 6. Will Palmer ever be ready?
18.10.Tampa Bay Buccaneers4-3Freeman threw 4 interceptions in London to raise his season total to 10. He threw 6 all of last season.
19.19.Philadelphia Eagles2-4The Lions could have really used Brown, but Harrison was lucky that a post trade physical detected a brain tumor.
20.14.Tennessee Titans3-3Turning into a lost season for Johnson.
21.23.Carolina Panthers2-5Newton already tied VY's rookie record for QB rushing TDs with his 7th.
22.22.Cleveland Browns3-3Jauron has always been a solid defensive coordinator despite his failures as a head coach.
23.25.Kansas City Chiefs3-3Can move into a tie for 1st if they can beat the Chargers this week in Arrowhead. Hard to believe after their start.
24.20.Washington Redskins3-3Beck proved adequate in defeat which is a step up from the Sex Cannon. Loss of Hightower for the season and Moss for 5 to 7 weeks doesn't help.
25.27.Jacksonville Jaguars2-5Scobee remained perfect on the season scoring all their points on 4 field goals, 3 from over 50 yards. It was enough to break their 5 game losing streak.
26.28.Denver Broncos2-4Tebow led the first comeback from a 15 or more point deficit with less than 3 minutes remaining since the merger after performing awfully for 55 minutes.
27.26.Minnesota Vikings1-6Why was McNabb ever starting over Ponder?
28.24.Seattle Seahawks2-4Whitehurst managed only 97 yards passing subbing for the injured Jackson.
29.29.Arizona Cardinals1-5Whisenhunt is off to his worst start as head coach. Can he survive?
30.30.St. Louis Rams0-6Could be forced to start Feeley again with Bradford nursing a high ankle sprain.
31.31.Miami Dolphins0-6Continued to suck for Luck in spectacular fashion by blowing a 15 point lead in the final 3 minutes. Would Cowher come back to coach Luck?
32.32.Indianapolis Colts0-7Ineptitude knows no bounds. Set a franchise record for points allowed that had stood since '56. Painter's 38.1 quarterback rating was the franchise's worst since Harbaugh in '97.

*Last week's ranking
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