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Power Rankings (week 15)

December 11, 2013 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 3. Denver Broncos 11-2 Manning proved he could win a game in cold weather. Prater set an NFL record with a 64 yard field goal at the end of the first half.
2. 1. Seattle Seahawks 11-2 Still need to lose out to not win the division.
3. 5. New Orleans Saints 10-3 Unbeatable at home.
4. 4. New England Patriots 10-3 Losing Gronkowski for the season puts a damper on their amazing referee aided comeback scoring 2 TDs in final 1:38.
5. 6. San Francisco 49ers 9-4 Can't afford to slip up with the Cards still nipping at their heals for second place in the brutal NFC West.
6. 2. Carolina Panthers 9-4 Should have gone to Willie Mae's Scotch House instead of the Super Dome.
7. 7. Cincinnati Bengals 9-4 Dalton seems back on track.
8. 8. Kansas City Chiefs 10-3 Emphatically ended their 3 game losing streak in our nation's capital.
9. 10. Philadelphia Eagles 8-5 McCoy ran through 8" of snow to gain 148 yards and score 2 TDs in the fourth quarter alone.
10. 13. Arizona Cardinals 8-5 Elbow was not an issue for improving Palmer.
11. 9. Indianapolis Colts 8-5 Clinched division despite loss.
12. 14. Baltimore Ravens 7-6 Fourth quarter in Minnesota was amazing with 6 lead changes courtesy of 6 alternating TDs.
13. 15. Miami Dolphins 7-6 Philbin may yet save his job, Ireland unlikely to be so lucky.
14. 16. Chicago Bears 7-6 Insist they will bench McCown when Cutler is healthy.
15. 12. Detriot Lions 7-6 Ross returned both a punt and a kick for a TD in blizzard conditions, lost anyway with Stafford again performing abysmally in the fourth quarter.
16. 11. Dallas Cowboys 7-6 Defense is historically bad, could end up worse than the '12 Saints.
17. 19. Green Bay Packers 6-6-1 Reports don't seem positive for a Rodgers return this week despite the season saving victory last week.
18. 21. San Diego Chargers 6-7 Can't afford a loss in Denver, a win will obviously not be easy.
19. 25. New York Jets 6-7 Smith threw his first TD since October 20th, only has 9 on the season as opposed to 20 interceptions.
20. 17. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-8 At best can only do as well as last year's disappointing season.
21. 18. New York Giants 5-8 Eli like Smith has already thrown 20 interceptions. Must have something to do with the water at the Meadowlands.
22. 20. St. Louis Rams 5-8 At least having the Redskins '14 first rounder helps brighten their future.
23. 22. Tennessee Titans 5-8 Expect a house cleaning with Munchak as the first casualty.
24. 28. Jacksonville Jaguars 4-9 Who would have believed they would win 4 of 5 after being winless heading into their bye?
25. 30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-9 Giving up on Freeman appears to have been the right decision.
26. 23. Atlanta Falcons 3-10 Ryan continues to struggle.
27. 24. Buffalo Bills 4-9 Manuel was the first QB this season to throw 4 interceptions in a game without a TD pass.
28. 26. Oakland Raiders 4-9 Allen has to be on the hot seat after losses in 5 of the last 6 games.
29. 27. Minnesota Vikings 3-9-1 At least Purple Jesus will not need surgery for his sprained foot.
30. 29. Cleveland Browns 4-9 Gordon came up short of an unprecedented third straight 200 yard receiving game, amassing only 185 yards through the air.
31. 31. Washington Redskins 3-10 Not sure how starting Cousins over RGIII could possibly be seen as being in the best interest of the franchise. How is Shanahan still employed?
32. 32. Houston Texans 2-11 Kubiak's firing had no effect on the field, not that the franchise's hierarchy likely expected anything different.

*Last week's ranking

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