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Power Rankings (week 16)

December 22, 2010 by Steel Haven

1.1.New England Patriots12-2Seemed vulnerable against Flynn and the Packers which has to give the rest of the league some hope.
2.2.Atlanta Falcons12-2Lost to the Steelers in the opener in overtime with Roethlisberger suspended. Which just goes to show that the Steelers can beat anybody.
3.5.Philadelphia Eagles10-4Team speed means they are never out of a game.
4.8.New York Jets10-4I could have lived without reports of videos of Rex Ryan and his wife on foot fetish web sites I probably could have lived without reports that there are foot fetish web sites.
5.4.Pittsburgh Steelers10-4No Polamalu. No win.
6.6.Baltimore Ravens10-4Still need help to win the division because of early season loss to the Bengals.
7.3.New Orleans Saints10-4Could conceivably win 12 games and still be forced to travel in the first round of the playoffs against a team that will likely finish under .500.
8.9.Chicago Bears10-4Clinched the division. Thanks to a head-to-head win over the Eagles are likely to have a bye. Hester's 14th career kick/punt return TD set a new league record.
9.11.San Diego Chargers8-6Need the Chiefs to lose. Desperately.
10.12.Indianapolis Colts8-6Now control their own destiny. Lost Collie for a the season due to a second concussion.
11.15.Kansas City Chiefs9-5Charles helped ease Cassel back from his appendectomy.
12.7.New York Giants9-5Last time the franchise blew a 21 point 4th quarter lead was 1950.
13.10.Jacksonville Jaguars8-6Loss to the Colts puts a crimp in their playoff aspirations.
14.13.Green Bay Packers8-6Buoyed by the return of Rodgers in what is basically a playoff game this week against the Giants.
15.14.Tampa Bay Buccaneers8-6Home loss in OT to Lions is likely the death knell to their playoff hopes.
16.17.Oakland Raiders7-7If McFadden can stay healthy they should be a factor in the next couple of seasons.
17.16.Miami Dolphins7-7Can Spagnola survive only winning a single home game? Or 2 if they beat the Lions this week? Miami or Houston is the likely landing spot for Cowher. The Giants replacing Coughlin despite last week's debacle remains a long shot.
18.23.Dallas Cowboys5-9Finally placed Romo on IR. There was no reason to bring him back this year.
19.29.Tennessee Titans6-8Still mathematically alive.
20.18.San Fransisco 49ers5-9NFC West went 0-4 this week for the 3rd time this season.
21.19.Cleveland Browns5-9Expect to see Holmgren on the sidelines in Cleveland next year.
22.20.Minnesota Vikings5-9Favre appears to finally be done.
23.21.St. Louis Rams6-8I'm rooting for them against the Niners. Not that I mind the Niners. The team I really don't want in the playoffs from this division is the Seahawks.
24.22.Seattle Seahawks6-8Not competitive against the Falcons in Seattle.
25.26.Buffalo Bills4-10Keep playing hard.
26.28.Detriot Lions4-10Snapped their 26 game road losing streak, the longest in league history.
27.24.Houston Texans5-9Stick a fork in Kubiak. He's done.
28.25.Washington Redskins5-9Grossman's 322 yards passing and 4 TDs could not overcome his 2 interceptions and lost fumble. Par for the course.
29.31.Cincinnati Bengals3-11Will Lewis survive? A win over their rivals from Ohio can't hurt.
30.27.Arizona Cardinals4-10Have to find a QB before next season.
31.32.Carolina Panthers2-12Benefit more from losing than winning.
32.30.Denver Broncos3-11Tebow wasn't enough to get them a win. Although he was admittedly not the problem.

*Last week's ranking
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