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Power Rankings (week 6)

October 12, 2011 by Steel Haven

1.1.Green Bay Packers5-0Held the Falcons to a grand total of 106 yards after falling behind 14-0 with 12:26 left in the 2nd quarter.
2.2.New Orleans Saints4-1Brees led his 24th career 4th quarter or overtime comeback.
3.3.Baltimore Ravens3-1Face the injury ravaged Texans at a good time coming off the bye.
4.4.New England Patriots4-1Brady's multiple TD pass streak games was halted at 14 games despite his throwing for 321 yards.
5.5.Detriot Lions5-0Megatron's 9 receiving TDs are the most ever in the NFL through 5 games.
6.7.San Diego Chargers4-1Sluggish start is nothing new, actually managing to win 4 of 5 heading into the bye sets them up well for their usual mid-to-late season surge.
7.12.San Fransisco 49ers4-1The impact of Harbaugh has been almost unfathomable.
8.13.Buffalo Bills4-1Before the last 3 weeks the only time the franchise had interception returns for TDs in 3 straight games was 1960.
9.16.Oakland Raiders3-2Honored Davis with an impressive win in Houston.
10.6.Houston Texans3-2Losing Williams for the season to a torn pectoral muscle is a much bigger blow than losing to the Raiders.
11.11.Washington Redskins3-1Come off the bye alone atop the NFC East with a chance to put a stake through the heart of the Eagles.
12.17.Pittsburgh Steelers3-2Should have re-signed Starks 2 weeks ago.
13.8.Tampa Bay Buccaneers3-2Trip home from San Francisco had to be long, and I don't just mean in distance.
14.10.Tennessee Titans3-2Played the Steelers at the wrong time. At least the rest of the division all lost.
15.21.Cincinnati Bengals3-2Proving me (and basically everybody else) wrong.
16.14.Atlanta Falcons2-3Hopefully Green Bay won't visit again for quite some time.
17.9.New York Giants3-2Manning's career high 420 yards passing and 3 TDs were not enough to overcome his 3 interceptions, the last of which off a deflection was returned all the way for the game clincher.
18.15.Chicago Bears2-3Hard to fathom how they won their division last season.
19.19.Dallas Cowboys2-2Offense has the ability to hang with the Patriots. Romo could also throw 4 picks leading to a blowout. Nothing surprises me any more with this team.
20.18.New York Jets2-3Struggling run defense allowed Green-Ellis to rack up 136 yards and a pair of TDs on the ground.
21.20.Philadelphia Eagles1-4Down a TD with 1:23 remaining Parker was drawn off sides on 4th down when the Bills were clearly going to let the play clock run out and punt. A microcosm of their season.
22.22.Cleveland Browns2-2How can Hillis look his teammates in the face after sitting with strep throat at the urging of his agent?
23.23.Carolina Panthers1-4Quickly fixed the offense with Newton. Now the defense needs a makeover.
24.26.Seattle Seahawks2-3Won in the eastern time zone for the first time in over 3 years.
25.29.Kansas City Chiefs2-3Bowe looked like a man among boys against the Colts secondary.
26.32.Minnesota Vikings1-4Exploded for 4 TDs in the 1st quarter including a trifecta by Purple Jesus and then finally managed to do enough to hang on in the 2nd half.
27.24.Jacksonville Jaguars1-4Can Del Rio survive past the week 9 bye?
28.25.Denver Broncos1-4Tebow!
29.27.Arizona Cardinals1-4Whether or not Kolb is the answer is unlikely to matter in the short term because of the subpar defense and offensive line. Whisenhunt could legitimately be in trouble.
30.28.St. Louis Rams0-4Division which seemed so winnable may already be out of reach with them 3.5 games behind the surging 49ers.
31.30.Miami Dolphins0-4Losing Henne can only help in the Luck sweepstakes which is a sad commentary on Moore.
32.31.Indianapolis Colts0-5Blowing a 17 point lead at home to the Chiefs makes them a front runner for Luck.

*Last week's ranking
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