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Stillers Begin Camp; 3 Players Moved

July 18, 2000 by Still Mill

Stillers Open Camp with Run Test; 3 players moved

Stillers Open Camp with Run Test; 3 players moved (July 17th)

The Stillers kicked off their annual camp at Latrobe, with the standard running test of 40-yard sprints.

Leading the way were Porter, Vrabel, Tuman, Peirogi Boy Myslinski, and even rookie OT Marvel Smith.

Faltering badly was none other than clumsy, bootfooted Christina Conrad, as well as veteran Larry Tharpe and rookie Tee Martin.

Gabe Northern reported with bad hamstrings, and was placed on PUP, along with Wilbur Jackwell. Former Pitt OG Tony Orlindini was released. Northern should be summarily dismissed from the team. This is unacceptable for a veteran to show up with this kind of softie injury.

I'm quite pleased with Porter's effort. Combined with Northern's pathetic ham problems, Porter is cemented as the starter at ROLB. He appears, at least at 1st glance, as a guy hungry and ready to hunt bear with his bare hands and a jack-knife.

I'm also pleased with Smitty's effort and conditioning. According to reports, Smitty was running smoothly and nearly effortlessly in his 14 sprints. As I'm big on pointing out for O-linemen, the feet are so important. Clumsy, oafish footwork, such as in the case of JaLame Stephens, Anthony Brown, and Christina Conrad, most often spells disaster. I'm looking forward to seeing how Smitty fares against some starting DEs and OLBs. Of course, the Bill Cowher School of Football says that Conrad is the veteran "incumbent" and despite being the worst finisher in the sprints, Conrad will probably get the starting nod early on over Smith, the best conditioned lineman on the team.


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