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Best Bet (plus two)

September 26, 2012 by Steel Haven


I'm having as bad a start to the season as the replacement referees. At least I don't have to perform in front of a national television audience. The Niners weren't competitive in Minnesota. At the beginning of the season I actually thought it was possible they would take a step back. The first two weeks convinced ne otherwise. I need to remember there is no carry over from week-to-week in this league. The Lions tried hard to get me at least a push behind Shaun Hill in a miraculous comeback that saw them become the first team in history to score twice in the final 18 seconds to tie or win a game. Mistakenly snapping the ball down 3 in OT with the offense on the field in an attempt to draw the defense off sides when well within FG range for the tie brought the comeback to an ignominious end. The Texans saved me from a second straight winless week. Even they faltered down the stretch after a shift in momentum caused by a Ben Tate fumble. Luckily they held on.

I had no feel for how things would go before the season. I learned nothing through two weeks. I now know even less after three weeks. I'm not even sure how much football I'll watch on Sunday with the Steelers on bye. The rumored return of the regular referees would make me more likely to watch the games or at least part of the games. The replacement referees have been sapping the life out of the sport.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Arizona Cardinals (-6.5) over Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins gave everything they had last week before falling short in a slugfest against a bitter divisional opponent. A trip west is not the tonic needed to soothe their ills. The Cards are undefeated on the field and against the spread. Time to jump on the bandwagon. Sorry in advance to all the fans of the Cardinals for ruining your season.


Denver Broncos (-6.5) over Oakland Raiders

Denver remains a tough place to play despite last week's loss and the Broncos desperately need this win. The Raiders are coming off a satisfying win at home. A letdown against a divisional foe is unlikely. That said a return to the performance level of the first two weeks certainly seems possible.

Cincinnati Bengals (-2.0) over Jacksonville Jaguars

The Who Gives a Shit Bowl. I would probably take the under on whether EverBank Field in Jacksonville be half full this Sunday. Lack of a home field advantage is one of the reasons I sort of like the Bengals in this matchup. Stopping MJD isn't really the issue. Controlling the rest of the Jaguars offense and outscoring MJD definitely seems doable.

Last Week

San Francisco 49ers (-7.0) over Minnesota Vikings LOSS

Detriot Lions (-3.0) over Tennessee Titans LOSS

Houston Texans (-1.5) over Denver Broncos WIN

Year to Date: 2-7  Best Bets: 0-3

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