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Power Rankings (week 15)

December 21, 2016 by Steel Haven

Rnk LW* Team Record Comments
1. 1. New England Patriots 12-2 Again clinched a playoff bye. First franchise in league history to win 8 straight division titles.
2. 2. Dallas Cowboys 12-2 Sunday night should put to rest the ridiculous talk of Romo possibly replacing Dak.
3. 4. Oakland Raiders 11-3 Earned their first post season berth since '02.
4. 3. Kansas City Chiefs 10-4 Ultra-conservative play calling after taking a 14 point lead ended up costing Reid.
5. 6. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-5 AB overtook Hall of Famer Harrison to record the most catches in a 4 year span in league history.
6. 7. New York Giants 10-4 Defense has allowed only 13 points total in the last 2 weeks against previously red hot Dak and Stafford.
7. 8. Seattle Seahawks 9-4-1 Clinched the NFC West.
8. 10. Atlanta Falcons 9-5 Back-to-back games against the Rams and 49ers can make you feel really good about yourselves.
9. 5. Detroit Lions 9-5 Winless this season when playing outside.
10. 11. Green Bay Packers 8-6 Lions loss opens the door, they play the final week in Detroit.
11. 13. Miami Dolphins 9-5 Career backup Moore threw 4 TDs in his first game replacing Tannehill.
12. 15. Baltimore Ravens 8-6 Season comes down to Christmas day in Pittsburgh.
13. 18. Tennessee Titans 8-6 Shocked the Chiefs and Broncos in successive weeks.
14. 9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-6 No shame losing in Dallas. Need to win their last 2 for a shot at the playoffs.
15. 12. Denver Broncos 8-6 Defending champs currently on the outside looking in for a wild card.
16. 17. Houston Texans 8-6 Savage led a comeback from down 9 in the fourth quarter after Osweiler was finally benched.
17. 14. Washington Redskins 7-6-1 Loss at home to the Panthers means they now need help to return to the playoffs.
18. 20. Indianapolis Colts 7-7 Announced front office and coaching staff will return thus wasting another year of Luck's career.
19. 21. Carolina Panthers 6-8 Dug themselves too big a hole. Late season resurgence bodes well for next year.
20. 23. Buffalo Bills 7-7 Slim playoff hopes kept alive thanks in large part to McCoy's 153 yards rushing (and the Browns' complete ineptitude).
21. 16. Minnesota Vikings 7-7 Totally dominated by the Colts in Minnesota. Return of Purple Jesus made no difference for moribund offense. Defense seemed to quit on Zimmer which is obviously a bad sign.
22. 24. New Orleans Saints 6-8 Reportedly willing to trade Payton. Not sure who is going to want a coach coming off 3 losing seasons with a Hall of Fame QB.
23. 19. Cincinnati Bengals 5-8-1 Officially eliminated. Can Lewis survive? His having never won a playoff game in 14 years at the helm is probably a bigger issue than one bad season (after 4 straight seasons with double digit wins).
24. 22. Arizona Cardinals 5-8-1 Guaranteed their first losing season under Arians. Palmer reportedly considering retirement which is probably a prudent course given how steeply his performance has declined.
25. 25. San Diego Chargers 5-9 Basically played a road game in San Diego against the Raiders. Move to Los Angeles appears to be a fait accompli.
26. 26. Philadelphia Eagles 5-9 Made the correct call going for 2 and the win late in Baltimore. Unfortunately unlike Apollo 13 failure was an option.
27. 27. New York Jets 4-10 Already lost as many games this year as they won last year.
28. 28. Chicago Bears 3-11 Barkley wore a wet suit under his uniform last Sunday because game time temperature was so low.
29. 29. Los Angeles Rams 4-10 Losers of 5 straight. Interim head coach Fassel gets extra time to prepare for his second game at the helm after Fisher was fired on a short work week.
30. 30. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-12 Lee's kickoff return for a TD was the first for the franchise in over 9 years. Didn't matter. Fired Bradley immediately after blowing a 12 point lead with just over 15 minutes remaining.
31. 31. San Francisco 49ers 1-13 Hard to evaluate Kaepernick because the coaching and talent level around him is so abysmal. Should be interesting to see this offseason if someone gives him a legitimate chance to be a starter.
32. 32. Cleveland Browns 0-14 Haven't had a lead in 17 straight quarters. Things are getting worse, not better which has to be a concern.

*Last week's ranking

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