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Best Bet (plus two)

December 26, 2013 by Steel Haven


I really liked my picks last week. I have learned nothing. A straight up loss with my best bet favorite, only the second team shut out all season. My only win a cover by a single point. Mercifully the season lasts only one more week.

Hardest week of the year. You don't even know who is going to play in at least half the games. Plus teams that need to win games have been losing to teams playing out the string for weeks. I really got nothing.

home team in bold

Best Bet

Denver Broncos (-12.5) over Oakland Raiders

No way the Broncos want to travel to Foxboro in the playoffs.


Carolina Panthers (-6.5) over Atlanta Falcons

A win clinches the division for the Panthers, plus this is a 1 o'clock game and the Saints don't play until 4 so an unexpected Saints loss won't matter.

New York Giants (-3.5) over Washington Redskins

Shanahan goes out with a whimper. Might just be a reflection of what I (and Rams fans) want to happen, not what will happen.

Last Week

Miami Dolphins (-2.5) over Buffalo Bills LOSS

Carolina Panthers (-3.0) over New Orleans Saints WIN

Dallas Cowboys (-3.0) over Washington Redskins LOSS

Year to Date: 19-29-1  Best Bets: 5-11

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