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Hannibal: His View of The Draft

April 19, 2000 by Guest

Hannibal's View on The Draft

Hannibal's View on The Draft


We need evaluate this draft on unit basis rather than player by player.��


Following that:


��� Offense: A-

��� Defense:D-.

��� Special Teams:Incomplete.

��� Overall:�� C-


Offense:Player by player, I can't complain about any pick made on the offensive side.�� Burress was a good value at the spot; Smith was a very

value.�� Alot of mock drafts had this man at 18-22 in the 1st round.�� The fact that the Stillers have taken West Coast LOT three years running can't be

held against Marvel.Farmer was a value in the 4th, Martin in the 5th and Gavadza is probably going to be the best ST cover guy selected.�� Each of

these players, evaluated seperately, may be an A but I think the whole is less than the parts.The team has 3 slow tall WR, 2 3rd team QB and, with

Farris, 2 rookie OT.�� Bad synergy attaches a minus to my A.


Defense:�� Pitiful.�� Hank Poteat was a good value but otherwise the Stillers got nothing.�� They gambled that Walker would be there at 3a.They lost;

they melted down.Clancy has the size of Donald Evans and the speed of Bill Johnson.The Stillers haven't had a LB like Haggans since Chad Kelsay and haven't had aDE like Combs since Staat, Smith and Deligianis.Catch my drift?�� The DL picks were awful, maybe gutless.�� The premium guys were

gone; the roster is full of bottomfeeding DL, move on!


Special Teams.Speed and size at DB, speed at LB; that's what the team needs, these guys make up ST and were available.�� For Clancy, substitute C.

Moore or B. Short.�� Moore will be great on ST; Short will start inside or at SAM.�� Haggans I don't hate but Micheal Wiley was available.�� For Combs, A.

Thomas a projected 2nd or 3rd round pick who ran under 4.6 at the Combine weighing nearly 270.�� Might never start but bring speed to LB and ST.��

Physically, Gavadza and Martin were the best ST cover guys drafted.


Overall:�� Al Lucas, Jerry DeLoach, Carl Bradley were not drafted.�� They probably can't play but, if you're not going 1 or 2 at DL, don't reach.




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