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Bettis Seen at Charity Event; STILL out of Shape

May 09, 2000 by Still Mill

Bettis Still in Doughboy Shape

Bettis Still in Doughboy Shape


A Pittsburgh native I know, attended Bruce Smith's charity auction on Sunday (May 7th).Bettis was one of many celebrities in attendance.


According to my buddy, Bettis looked about as in-shape as the Pillsbury Doughboy.�� His face looked fat, his belly looked rotund, and he hardly looked lean at all.


Sure, it's only early-May, but this does not bode well.�� Bettis is being counted upon to resurrect a ground game that has badly faltered the past 2 years. Yes, the OL is largely at fault, but Bettis' ever-burgeoning girth is not going to help alleviate problems in our ground game.


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