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Power Rankings (week 2)

September 12, 2012 by Steel Haven

1.2.New England Patriots1-0Won their 9th straight opener.
2.3.Houston Texans1-0Schaub celebrated his 4 year contract extension in style.
3.9.San Francisco 49ers1-0Akers tied Dempsey, Elam and Janikowski for the longest FG in NFL history with a 63 yarder at the end of the first half.
4.11.Baltimore Ravens1-0Flacco makes an argument that he is elite.
5.6.Atlanta Falcons1-0New spread offense was firing on all cylinders. Gonzalez made a triumphant return to Kansas City.
6.8.Detriot Lions1-0Stafford overcame 3 first half interceptions to avoid upset.
7.1.Green Bay Packers0-1Offseason attempts to improve the defense failed miserably for at least the first week.
8.12.Denver Broncos1-0Manning�s Mile High debut could not have gone better.
9.15.Dallas Cowboys1-0New corners and Queens native Ogletree made all the difference.
10.4.New York Giants0-1First Super Bowl winner to lose home mid-week opener in the 9th try.
11.7.Pittsburgh Steelers0-1Had the ball with a chance to win before a Roethlisberger pick 6 sealed the loss. Uninspired play calling by new OC Haley was troubling to say the least.
12.13.Chicago Bears1-0Have a realistic opportunity to make a statement this coming Thursday night in Green Bay.
13.14.Philadelphia Eagles1-0Vick tried hard to give the game away with 4 interceptions. Luckily he was playing in Cleveland.
14.16.San Diego Chargers1-0Norv escapes to coach another day in part because of an injury to the opponents long snapper.
15.5.New Orleans Saints0-1Suspension of Payton had a major affect. Defensive woes didn�t help.
16.19.New York Jets1-0Worries about Dirty Sanchez and preseason offensive ineptitude proved unfounded.
17.10.Cincinnati Bengals0-1Ran into a buzz saw in Baltimore.
18.23.Washington Redskins1-0RGIII.... Superstar.
19.24.Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-0Schiano was the only new coach to get a victory in his opener.
20.25.Arizona Cardinals1-0Kolb stepped up in relief of an injured Skelton.
21.17.Tennessee Titans0-1CJ managed a paltry 4 yards rushing.
22.18.Kansas City Chiefs0-1Expectations need to be tempered due to uninspired decision to rehire former interim coach Crennel.
23.20.Buffalo Bills0-1Perceived winners of the off season were the biggest week 1 losers.
24.21.Carolina Panthers0-1Missed Stewart despite presence of Williams and Tolbert.
25.22.Seattle Seahawks0-1Wilson showed why some thought he was a reach even as a 3rd rounder. How long til Flynn gets an opportunity?
26.30.Minnesota Vikings1-0Purple Jesus was resurrected.
27.26.Oakland Raiders0-1Importance of the long snapper was on display late on Monday night.
28.27.Jacksonville Jaguars0-1Have to be pleased with Gabbert even in defeat.
29.29.St. Louis Rams0-1Couldn�t hold on in Detroit even though Fisher�s toughness was on display.
30.28.Indianapolis Colts0-1Luck performed more like Tannehill, Weeden and Wilson than RGIII.
31.31.Miami Dolphins0-1Tannehill was not ready.
32.32.Cleveland Browns0-1Over aged Weeden in over his head and unlike the other rookies doesn't have time to develop.

*Last week's ranking
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