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Stillers-Rams Postgame Analysis and Grades

September 28, 2015 by Still Mill

Stillers 12, Rams 6 ……. Sep 27, 2015…………Game # 3


Stillers-Rams Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers went to St Lou and dominated early, seeming poised to administer a severe 24-point whipping.  But the offense bogged down, as it is wont to do, and then Ben got injured in the 3Q.  The result was a nailbiter, as the Stillers held on for a bizarre-sounding 12-6 win.  




Ben was having a solid game before the injury, going 20 of 24.   Threw a dogshit deep ball, 2Q, that was 5 yards past either WR and was picked off.    On successive plays in the 3Q, held the ball forever and took sacks, and on the 2nd sack, was injured.    The failure to read the pressure on that 2nd play was puzzling.     The injury looked grisly and we can only imagine how long Ben will be out. 


Vick relieved and most game-managed.   His running was timid and his passing was just ok.      His small hands betrayed him on a fumble that Bell luckily recovered.   B-



Bell -  Stutter Bell played, after serving the 2-game suspension.  Led off the game with a good move off a 5-yard curl, gaining 10 yards.  Superb 1-handed grab on 3d & 5, 1st series, and gained 20 yards with RAC.  Great grab on long lob from Vick, 3Q.    Gained 62 yards on the ground and 70 via catches.   A-


DeAngelo – carried once on the opening series, and then never saw the field after that series.   Because Mike Dumblin has zero concept of how to keep 2 backs healthy and fresh, Williams will rot the bench the rest of the season, unless Bell gets hurt.  


Archer:  Pee Pee Archer did nothing at RB.  Thankfully he never touched the ball.   



Will Johnson -  played a few snaps at FB.       



Brownie –  was on fire early, and grabbed what seemed like 9 or 10 passes by the 3Q.  But Ben’s injury took the starch out of AB’s big day.     A 


Pinkie Wheaton – grabbed 2 passes for a whopping 16 yards.    B-


Archer:   Did nothing, as usual.   Why is this sorry bastard even issued a helmet on game day ??  


Bryant - did not dress, due to suspension.


Heyward-Gay –  made 3 grabs for 19 yards. 



Miller – very quiet day, with 2 grabs for 17.    


Spaeth - dressed, and wasted oxygen, plus a scare spot on the 45-man game-day dress roster. 



Beacham  -  Had a ghastly, miserable afternoon.    Was far too soft on Quinn on a 2d and goal play, 1st series, which allowed Quinn to deflect the pass.   This was a designed quick-pass to a flanked-out Bell, in which the OT cannot, repeat cannot, allow the DE to get into the path of the pass.   The offense ended up settling for a FG instead of what might very well had been a TD.    He then completely fuked the Steeler drive in the 2Q, committing an asinine hands to face penalty that negated a Miller 12-yard grab.    Flagged for a hold at 2:00 2Q.   Got overwhelmed and allowed a sack, late 2Q.     Just a complete pile ‘o dung.  There’s a reason there are ZERO other starting OTs in the NFL who are shorter than 6’-4” tall.    D-


Gilbert -  FatAss Marcus surprisingly didn’t commit any hideous gaffes.  

Foster –  Got abused by Quinn, 1st play of 4Q, for a strip of Vick.   A shit play by a fatassed waddler.   


Cody Wallace –  got totally abused by A. Donald for a sack, 3Q.   Flagged for an enormously ticky-tack holding call, 4:00 4Q.  


DeCastro –  got eaten alive by A. Donald for a Bell loss, 3Q.     



Cam Thomas – Thankfully played little.   


McLendon -   Ok game.


Heyward –  quiet as a church mouse, with 0 solos and 1 A.    Simply nowhere near good enough for his experience and talent.    D 


Tuitt –  Got a legit sack with a good, persistent rush.    Finished with 5 solos in an active effort.     A-


McCullers – did not dress, due to injury.



Timmons – a bit quiet, with only 2 solos.      B-


Shaquier - did not dress, due to the shoulder injury.


Moats -  came in completely untouched and got a Dong sack, 3Q.    Feebly whiffed on a jet sweep, 4Q, which allowed a 24-yard gainer.   If he can pad his stats with just 4 or 5 more Dong sacks, he can parlay that into a hefty lavishment from GM Kevin Doltbert.      C


Harrison – very meager impact.     Zero solos, 2 As.   Got beaten deep by the TE, Kendricks, who dropped what would have been a 40 yard completion in the 3Q.    C+


Jones – whiffed on Austin, 2Q.   Went far too high, like a damned fool.    Today reinforced a chronic problem with Jarvis…..ballcarriers continually SLIP THRU his tackle attempts.   It's like his entire upper body is slathered with Crisco.   It happened at least 6 times today.    This guy should have had 5 or 6 solos today, and instead had just one.    D+ 


Spence – Started.    Good lick on ground play, 4Q.     Had 2 solos in a very mediocre effort.   Can Doltbert finally part with this stiff once the season ends??      C


Dupree – saw a few snaps here and there.   Had 2 Assists.  



Will Allen – Had an active game, and got the rarest of rare birds….an INT by a Steeler DB.    Of course, with 30 yards of steam and a wide open field, he managed to get tackled by an offensive lineman.  


Mitchell – whiffed on Austin, 2Q, and allowed the 1st down.   A shit play by a shit player.   Delivered a big hit on Britt, 2Q.   Britt limped off after this play.   Had 4 solos.  


Gay – tripped up Gurley, 2Q, for no gain.    Wasn’t abused as he often is. 


Cockrell – solid coverage on 3d & 4, 2Q, which was inc.


Blake – good cut down of Hyde, 1Q.    Got a knee to the head and had to go thru concussion protocol, but returned to play.   Flagged for a bullshit PI penalty in the 4Q.  He had perfect coverage, and despite what the idiot announcers said, there is no need to “look back for the ball”.   


Golden – saw some PT.   


Sharko Thomas – Not permitted to play on D, because, as you know, Will Allen is such a studly safety.  I guess he might get some PT in 2017.      Inc


C. Allen - inactive, due to injury. 


Boykin – despite being the best cover CB on the roster, this guy unbelievably again ROTTED the bench the entire game.  Inc


Spec teams:  

Jordan Berry – punted quite solidly.     A rare quality pickup by Doltbert.  


Scobee – booted a 41-yard FG late in regulation.  


Archer – Pee Pee did nothing on STs.   What a clever draft pick by Kevin Doltbert !! 


AB – zilch on punt returns; had to FC.  



Haley performed his usual accomplishments in the 1H……tons of yardage, jack squat for points.    Ben’s injury obviously was tough to deal with, but by that time, the Stillers should have had a comfy lead.    C



Buttler has the luxury of facing Foles, who often looked like manure.   No wonder Chipper Kelly was so eager to pawn him off on the Rams.   Buttler was awfully lucky that the Rams TE, Kendricks, has hands worse than Heyward-Gay.   Kendricks dropped a very catchable pass on a 3d & short in the 1Q, which would have moved the sticks.   Then Assler had decrepit OLB James Harrison covering Kendricks some 35 yards downfield, 3Q.    This should have been a 4-yard gain, with the Rams setting up shop inside the PIT 10, but Kendricks dropped the well thrown pass.      C+  


HC:  Mike Dumblin will be all proud over the win.   Yes, his team fought and battled after Ben was injured.   They played fiddle faddle, however, and failed to kick a downtrodden opponent in the teeth when they had the chance.    Now that Ben is out at least 4 weeks, let’s see exactly what kind of coaching prowess Dumblin truly has.   Remember, since he began as the HC, he’s had the luxury of having Ben as the starting QB, aside from small injuries and the suspension.  


I was enraged by the complete lack of time management late in the 1H.    StL kicked off at 2:05 2Q.   The KO team should have been under strict orders to DOWN the ball in the EZ, thereby allowing Ben to start the drive at 2:05.   What does Dumblin do?  NOTHING.     Jordan Todman, who runs a 4.9 forty, fields the ball 4 yards into the EZ and decides to run it out.   He gets tackled at the 17 -- a dogshit return, in and of itself -- but worse, the clock runs down to 2:00 and the 2MW takes place.     Instead of Ben having a free shot in the middle of the field at 2:05, the offense has to start the drive at 2:00.    This is elementary and I cannot fathom how stupid a coaching staff must be to not understand this.


Synopsis:  We’ll take the W.    Bizarre game.     A short week, with the PoeBirds visiting on Thurs. nite.   Would be terrific to kick dirt in the faces of the PoeBirds and send them reeling with an 0-4 record.  Life without Ben is going to be ery arduous, however.  


(Still Mill and -- when it comes to the analysis of the Pittsburgh Stillers, no one else comes close….)

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