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Stillers-Dolts Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 28, 2020 by Still Mill

Stillers 28, Dolts 24..... Dec 27, 2020 ………Game # 15


Stillers-Dolts Postgame Analysis and Grades


The struggling 11-3 Stillers hosted the 10-4 Indy Colts.    The Dolts raced out to a 21-7 halftime lead, and quickly bulged the lead to 24-7 early in the 3Q.    The Stillers stormed back and took the lead, and then held off a late-game Indy drive.  




QB:   Ben finally, in the 2H snapped out of his pathetic little funk, finally throwing the ball DOWN the field and a helluva lot further than 5 yards.  The 1st half was the typical, usual abomination, but the 2H was stellar.   Still, Indy could have easily had at least 3 INTs if their defenders weren’t so stone-handed.   And while I was pleased with the 2H, the 1H was complete vomit.     C




Conner –  “Led” the team in rushing with a whopping 20 yards on 5 carries.  Also chipped in 5 grabs for 45.   B


Samuels – Saw a few snaps, but never touched the pigskin.  


Snell –  Well, so much for Benny Smell becoming more of a focal point on this offense.   He saw a goodly amount of PT and did nothing.   Sure, there were several blown-up running plays, but on a 2Q plunge near the goal line, he completely misread the OPEN DAYLIGHT and settled for a no-gain running play.    Finished with 6 carries for ZERO yards.      C


McFarland – was ill, once again, for like the 9th time this season, and did not dress.


FB:    Watt never played at FB.        



JuJu –  led the team with 9 grabs for 96 yards and the GW TD grab.   Not shabby.     A 


Wash -  had 2 grabs for 20.  


Dionte -  TWO drops, first series.   Rebounded with 8 grabs, including a stellar, diving grab of a 39-yard TD pass.   B


Claypool –  had 3 grabs to ignite a 3Q drive, but then dropped a TD pass on 3d & goal.   Had 4 grabs for 54 after being completely ignored the entire 1H.    B


RayRay – Didn’t get much PT on O.  



McDonald – had 1 grab for 5.   


Ebron – had 5 grabs for 47.   Didn’t butterfinger the ball the way he often has the past 6 weeks.   B


OL:  Overall, the line was so-so.   Naturally, they didn’t do shit in terms of the running game.   Villa got ass-whipped by J. Houston on an early 3d & 1, forcing a 3-yard loss and a punt.   Next series, Pukes Okorafor failed to spot a blitzer, and stupidly helped inside where no help was needed.  The blitz dropped the QB for a 10 yard loss.   Overall, the pass protection was adequate.     B-



Heyward – The $65M Man had 2 solos and 3As, and had a sack.    Still, fairly hum-drum production from a fellow eating up a huge chunk of the sal cap.     B-


Tuitt – another vaunted DE who had 2 solos, which included a sack.    Yipee yigh yay.     $60M for this bland production…..?      B-


Alu – chipped in here and there. 


Buggs – again missed a game due to some lame injury.    Guy coulda really established himself in the league, but instead, has meekly missed the majority of games.



Vinnie – finally returning after being out for an NFL record length of time for Covid.   Had 5 solos, but struggled in the 1H as the D got gashed by the Indy running attack.    B-


Avery W. – compiled a shit ton of slop stops and slop assists, but mostly played like trash n’ garbage.   Sure, he came in untouched for a DONG sack in the 2H, which any simpleton could do.     C-


Watt – stripped the ball from the QB, early 2Q, to create a huge turnover.   Had 3 solos, and was blatantly held at least 3 plays where no flag was thrown.   Appeared to nick up his knee in the 2H, but missed no PT.     B+


Odeniyi – this fag was injured, and did not dress.


Highsmith – solid game, with 4 solos.   It was Highsmith who forced an errant incomplete pass in the 2H, and then forced the INT by Hilton in the 4Q.   Who needs the overpaid Crud DuPree when ‘Smith can play every bit as well.   B


Marc Allen – mercifully this piss-ass was deactivated due to some lame injury.   Praise be !




Haden – got abused for a deep bomb & TD, 2Q.    Very shoddy, and sorry.   Had 1 solo all game, which tells ya that he was avoiding contact at ALL costs.     C- 


Nelson –   flagged for PI on a late game INT, on 4th down no less.  Seemed to slip every time TY Hilton ran a route in his area.  B-


Hilton – All this guy does is fuking make plays.   Crashed on for a solo stop, 1Q, and on nthe next play, busted up a pass to TY Hilton.   The got a fumble recovery.  Also had a big INT on a deep pass in the 4Q.    


Edmunds – had 3 solos.   Surprisingly, wasn’t picked on the way he usually is.    B


Minkah -  Had 6 solos in an active effort.  B


Sutton – Had just 1 solo.    


Spec teams:  

Berry – punted 6 times for a 48 yard average.   Not half bad.  I continue to be pleased with how effective it was to send his sorry ass to the unemployment office.  Ever since, the guy has punted like his job is on the line.   B+


Boswell – this fag had an injured groin, so he did not dress.  


Wright – did the PK duties.   Good on all 4 PATs.    Didn’t attempt any FGs.    B


RayRay – had a couple decent KO returns, but both were nullified due to a flag.  


Dionte- returned a punt, late 3Q, and came up hobbling after the short return.  Not sure why Dionte was even returning a punt there.  


Shitty punt coverage, 1st play of 2Q, which allowed a 25 yard return that began on the Indy 6.   Several other KOs and punts yielded nice returns by Indy. 


OC:  Randy Sphincter again oversaw a complete dumpster fire in the 1H.   The first series was laughable…..3 straight lil’ slants, 2 drops, 3 incompletions, and a punt.    The entire 1H was abysmal, with the only TD coming on a THREE yard drive courtesy of a Watt strip of Rivers.


The 2H was considerably better.   Of course, 1st & goal at the 1, 3Q, and this stale, bumbling offense came away with NOTHING on 4 tries.   But they caught fire soon thereafter, with Ben hitting Dionte DEEP for a 39 yard TD, and then hitting Schuster from 25 yards out for the GW TD.   That one deep pass to Dionte seemed to push the Colt defense BACK a good 5-7 yards from that point on, and from that point on, the piss-ant 5-yard crossers were actually producing decent yardage.   


The running game still sux ass, and the offense smelled like owl dung the entire 1H, along with hideous 3rd down efficiency (4 of 11), so they ain’t out of the woods just yet.      C- 



Keith Assler had the luxury of facing an offense missing BOTH of its STARTING tackles. 


Sure as shit, of course, on the game-opening drive, 9 plays, Indy conducts a 70 yard march, as easy as pie, for a cake-walk TD.   This is losing football at its worst. 


Stillers tie the game, 2Q, and quicker than a bear can shit in the woods, Keith Assler promptly allows Indy to march 85 yards for the go-ahead TD.  Softee, over-rated defense at its WORST.  Assler then allows another TD so that Indy can take a comfy 21-7 lead into the half.    


Directly after halftime, Keith Assler allows the Dolts to march 65 yards, 9 plays, for a chipshot FG to make it 24-7, all the while chewing up over 5-1/2 minutes of clock.    Fuking brilliant !!  


Sure, Assler’s defense tightened up after that, albeit they had the luxury of feasting on TWO inept tackles.  And, the faulty “illegal block to the back” flag on Indy, on a play were the RB has ALREADY PASSED by the blockee, Vinnie Wiliams, negated a 68-yard play that would have set up Indy at the PIT 8 yard line late in the 2Q.  That botched flag took at least 3 points off the board, if not 7.        C- 


HC:  Mike Asslin oversaw another feeble, lethargic, error-filled first half full of one ass-grabbing clown-fuk after another, on BOTH sides of the ball.    Yeah, that Mike Asslin --  he really know how to devise game plans and have his team focused and prepared…!      Failed to call a TO, late in the 1H, with Indy pinned on its own 10 yard line.  What a nimrod.     


Stoogelin will be all proud after this slopfest, and few, if any, continual mistakes will be rectified.     C-


Synopsis:  A flimsy win, as sloppy as a soup sandwich.   Mike Dumblin and his merry followers will proclaim that the team is “back”, when nothing could be further from the truth.  It was a sloppy, shoddy, flimsy, unimpressive win over an injury-decimated foe, and if Cleve gets a few of their WRs back next week, the Brownies could easily whip ass on Dumblin’s squad.   And then what….a first round drubbing in the playoffs….?    

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