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Mill Injured, Placed on PUP

October 14, 2012 by Still Mill

The StillMill was injured on Friday, getting tripped in a street hockey game and slamming to the asphalt squarely on his shoulder.   X-rays revealed 3 breaks in the collarbone.  

As the staff dryly surmised, "At least it was a legit injury, unlike China dolls like Socrates Mendenhall and Mo Pouncey..."

Mill has been placed on the PUP list.   He hopes to be back in action soon.

Mill's injury occurred when he took a pass at the center line and veered into the offensive zone from the left wing toward the slot.   A defenseman accidentally tripped him with his stick, causing Mill to spill to the asphalt.

From the sidelines, an unsurprised Trenches was heard to mutter, "the old Levon Kirkland biff, bamf and flop maneuver.  Poor bastard."

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