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Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades

October 31, 2021 by Still Mill

Stillers 15, Browns 10 ..... Oct 31, 2021 …………Game # 7


Stillers-Browns Postgame Analysis and Grades


The 3-3 Stillers mosied up the interstate to face the 4-3 Browns.   As Clev-Stiller games usually happen when in Cleve, the game turned on its head late in the 1H when Mike Stoogelin ordered a fake FG, which not only went awry but also caused PK Chris Boswell to leave the game with a concussion.   After a 3-3 tie at the half, the Stillers grinded out 2 TDs to the 1 by Clev, eking out a hard-fought 15-10 win.  




QB:   Ben passed 22 of 34 for 266, and more importantly, no INTs.  Hell, he actually ran a QB draw for a successful 2 pointer, which was negated by a hold by KenDick Green.   


Poor deep lob to Dionte, 2Q, which was like 14 feet too long. 


TWO successive shitty passes to open the 3Q.   Poor, horribly LOW pass to Dionte, and then a near INT the next play. 


Awful line-drive oop pass to Dionte on the failed 2-pointer after the Fryboy TD.    Just awful.   Ya throw a LINE DRIVE pass in that situation, and it has a 1% chance of being grabbed by a COVERED receiver.    Much more is needed from the QB in the 2021 NFL.     B- 



Harris  –  had 10 rushes for 50 yards, 1H.  That was good; he then had a superb 2H.    

Outstanding power run, 4th and 1, 3Q, on a play where it looked like he’d be lucky to get to the LoS.    Superb TD run and vault to cap off the drive.   Nice RAC for 20 yard gain, late 3Q.   Another stellar run on 3d & 5, early 4Q, getting the 1st down.  Finished with 26 carries for 91, and 3 grabs for 29.   Dude’s a baller.   A+  


McFarl – had a couple token carries (one was negated by a Offensive flag, after a 3 yard loss) and did little.  Timid as a 7th grader at his first school dance.   C- 


Snell –   Had 1 grab for 7 yards.   


Ballage – took a pitchout, 2Q, and HAD the corner for at least 2 or 3 yards, but like a complete fuktard, stuttered and tried to cut it back and got engulfed for a 3 yard loss.    CUT this fagg, now.   D-  


FB:    Watt never played on O that I recall.   



Wash - like a complete dumfuk, HELD a defender – some 15 yards down the field -- on a WIDE OPEN end around that McCloud took to the 1 yard line, which pushed the ball back to the 18.  What a jakfuk !!   Staple this sorry fuk to the bench the entire season after this meat-headed penalty.    Had 1 grab for 4 yards and was again relegated to an afterthought…. Good.    Plant this bitch on the bench.    D-  


Dionte -  grabbed a short pass, late 4Q, on a 3rd & 8, and then showed the speed and acceleration of, who… Zack Fuking Gentry ??   He got hauled down, from BEHIND, 2 yards short of the sticks, thus forcing the punt.   He also continually LOST the battle on contested catches….at least 5 times during the game.    Huge RAC, late in the game, to pretty much seal the game after his 50 yard gainer.  Committed a fuking no-brained false start with 6 seconds left in the game, when the offense was going to salt the final seconds away.  What a jack-assed stupid fuk.   The offense wasn’t even trying to run a REAL play, and this fuking dumbass is STOPPING THE CLOCK with a no-brained penalty.   Had 6 grabs for 98.      B-     


Claypool – clutch grab on low pass, 3d & 2, early 2Q.    Nice gainer on end around, 2Q, but then like a complete pussy, stepped OOB and GAVE UP the extra 2 or so yards.  What a fag.  Showed good (and rare) extra effort on the RAC that set up the 1st and goal, 4Q.   Had 4 grabs for 45.    B


GayRay McCloud – mercifully rarely played on offense.   Praise be !!    



Ebron – did not dress, due to injury.   He’ll be Wally Pipp from this point on.    


Pat FryBoy – stellar RAC after short pass, good for 22 yards, at 4:25 3Q.   Stellar TD grab on 4th & goal, snaring the ball after it was initially tipped by the DB, and having the sense of mind to get 2 feet down.  Been saying for weeks…dude has THE best hands on the team.   Had 4 grabs for 44.    A


Gentry – big grab and RAC, 1st & 20 4Q, good for 24.      B


OL:  Overall, the line blocked adequately.  They opened up some decent holes for Harris, and most of the time gave Ben decent time on the pocket.  It was far from stellar, of course --  


Okie was flagged for a moronic illegal formation, 1Q, and then holding on a 3rd down in the 2Q.  Kedick Green wiped out a nice gainer by Harris down to the Cleve 2 with a boneheaded hold.  Green was flagged for another hold, negating a successful 2 point conversion late in the 3Q.      


Moore got abused by Garrett for a sack on a 2d & 10 play at the Clev 11 yard line, late 2Q.    Very poor and shameful effort.   Moore then got ABUSED by Garrett on the 2-pointer, late 2Q.  Dotson was flagged for a hold on a running play, early 4Q.   


Overall grade:   B



Heyward – The $65M Man got a half Dong Sack, first series, when no one was open on 3d & goal and the QB wisely just fell to the ground in order to settle for the chippie FG.     

Good tackle on 3rd down run, last play 1Q.  Helped bust up the 4th & 1 ground play, next play.    Had 3 solos, which is hardly dominant, but at least he wasn’t the lazy sorry-ass that he was in the playoff loss 10 months ago.  B-


Tuitt – another vaunted DE who again sat.   Maybe he’ll play 2 of 3 games in 2022.  


Wormley, Loudermilk – chipped in okay here and there. 



Bush – over-pursued waaaay too far, like a complete jackass, allowing a WALK IN TD from the 10 yard line, 3Q.  The worst aspect of this hideous play was the fact that a DB (Minkah) had OUTSIDE LEVERAGE, which negated ANY need for Bush to over-pursue to the outside.   The lane created by this juvenile play was about 14 feet wide.   A shit play by a shit player.   Took a brainless angle on the Chubb 12 yard run, late 4Q.    Finished with 3 solos and 2 A, which is far, far too little for an ILB in THIS defense.     D 


Schobert – Had a solid game with 9 total tackles.   Had a huge FF in the 4Q, which staved off a Clev drive deep in PIT territory.     A-


Watt – Got a half Dong Sack, first series, when no one was open on 3d & goal and the QB wisely just fell to the ground in order to settle for the chippie FG.


At 0:50 1Q, The Great Sitter was all pooped out, and was on the sideline wheezing like an 82 year old chain smoker.   Got an earned sack, late 2Q.   Huge fumble recovery, mid 4Q.   Flagged for a roughing-passer, late 4Q. 


Got abused in coverage on Landry in the 2H.


Finished with 4 solos and 2 assists.   Hardly dominant.   B


Highsmith – big tackle for a loss of 1, late 4Q.   This was his lone solo of the game.   Was also flagged (presumably with Watt) on the cheezy, ticky-tack roughing-passer flag late in the 4Q.    One solo ain’t nearly enough, and I’m starting to run out of patience.     C 


Spillane – Had 1 solo amid measly PT.  Moved as slow as a glacier on that 3rd down scramble by Faker that moved the chains in the 4Q.   


Mel Ingram – did not dress due to a groin.  



Haden – had a decent game.    B


Cam Button -  had a nice trip-up of the RB on a ground play, 2H.    Chipped in on coverage.    B


Norwood – got abused on 3d & 6, late 1Q, for 18 yards.    B


Edmunds – failed to corral the OUTSIDE, and allowed 14 yards on Chubbs first carry.   Was picked on several times during the game.    C


Minkah - helped bust up the late 4th & 12 pass to Landry.    B



Spec teams:  

Harvin– punted 4 times for a 44 yard average. 


Like a complete retard, kicked the ball off OUT OF BOUNDS late in the 3Q.   Hasn’t this jackfuk ever kicked off during the EONS of time he has in practice ????   He looked like one of those clumsy fans called onto the field during a halftime gimmick trying to kick a 20 yard FG.   What a tool.  


With the team clinging to a thin 5 point lead and only 4-some minutes left, this faggot-fuk booted a shitty-assed 38 yard punt, giving Clev golden FP at their own 39.     C-  


Boswell – Booted one FG.   Was ordered to pass on a fake FG, and got drilled in the HEAD well after he released the incomplete pass, resulting in a concussion.  He didn’t return.  Let’s hope he can kick next week.

RayRay – assaholicly fumbled a punt return, mid 2Q.   Layne astutely recovered it.   


Fake FG, late 2Q, which got blown all to hell, and worse, Boswell took a shot to the head that ridiculously wasn’t flagged.   It was a BLATANT hit to the HEAD to a defenseless QUARTERBACK (Boswell) after he released a pass. How in the fuk, in 2021 in the NFL, was a flag NOT THROWN ???    Absolutely derelict of refs to let down their guard, simply because the “real” QB wasn’t in the game, to not ENFORCE the very rule that is on the books.


OC:  Matt Canada oversaw a drab, moribund offense that did little throughout the game.  2 TDs and a FG won’t win many games in today’s NFL.  One thing I despised was the numerous times he left rookie LT Dan Moore out on an ISLAND, all by himself, against Garrett, who won the matchup time and time and time again.    How on earth did Canda think Moore would do against 1 of the top 5 rushers in the entire NFL ?   It was stone fuking stupid to not give Moore help, rather than running these EMPTY sets that left Moore alone and exposed.  


To his credit, at least he had the sense, after last game, to SIT RayRay McCloud on offense and simply use Pat Fryboy in nearly every play.   McCloud has zero business being on the field on offense unless 4 other folks are injured during the game.  GayRay got a ridiculous 40-some snaps on Offense in the last game, which was a disaster.    C+



Keith Assler had the luxury of facing a hobbled QB.   Of course, on the game opening drive, Cleve casually marched 13 plays, chewed up just about 7 minutes of clock, for a chippie FG.   This SHOULD have been a TD, but the clumsy Clev TE dropped a high, but very catchable, pass at the 1 yard line that should have been 6 points.   


You could set your watch to it -- Clev’s 1st drive in the 2nd half…….EIGHTY SIX yards while Keith Buttler gets completely gashed and ravaged.   8 play, 86 yard drive….where Clev never had to even face a 3rd down.    What a cakewalk. What a crock by Keith Assler. 


Assler was aided greatly by a variety of factors today:

            - Faker Gayfield was CLEARLY protecting his injured left shoulder, and was AVOIDING contact at all costs, and avoiding carrying the pig unless he absolutely had no other choice.  

            - Jarvis Landry dropped, what, 4 passes, and also had the key fumble in the 4Q.      

            - Cleve stupidly abandoned the running game after the first drive of the game, for no apparent reason.  Let’s see…..your QB has a bum shoulder, and the Steeler defense has been GASHED on the ground the past several weeks.   And ya have Nick Chubb.   Yet Chubb had a paltry 16 carries and D. Jackson had only 4.   Go figure.            C+


HC:  Mike Asslin will surely be all proud of this thin win.   He created much of the thinness with his assaholic order to try a FG in a LOW scoring game, deep into the 2Q.   There wasn’t a single defender who was fooled, and worse, his PK got drilled and was lost for the game.   Asslin should be forced to do the placekicking chores next week if Boswell is still out.      C    


Synopsis:  A tough-fought win on the road in very hostile territory.    Could be a season-saver.…IF this team takes advantage and gets on a roll.   They have 2 games against weakling foes Chico and DET, one of which you can pretty much be sure Asslin will urinate away.    Much work is needed on both sides of the ball.   And, perhaps a temporary kicker if Bos has to miss next week’s tilt.  



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