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Rooney FINALLY Figures out The Cap

March 02, 2000 by Still Mill

Rooney FINALLY Understands the Cap

Rooney FINALLY Understands the Cap

From the PG on Wed:

"What the Steelers have been doing is called "cash over cap" and it's something Rooney detested as a loophole in the NFL collective bargaining agreement that has changed little since it was implemented in 1992. In essence, teams create room on paper under the salary cap by shifting money around, which allows them to spend more on free agents.

"I knew we had to do it," Rooney said. "I have always been reluctant in the past to do this, no question."

ALL of the pooh-poohing whiners who have sidled up to Rooney and joined him in SOBBING about the salary cap, can now go cry with Rooney in his bank vault.

There is NO salary cap. The stodgy Rooney took 7 years to figure out how to do business within the parameters of his inudstry, sobbing and moaning all the while. This is how the Jaguars have been operating for years. Ditto for 20 other NFL teams. Now Rooney finally gets off his ass and joins REALITY.

As an aside, Jon Shitmann's contract was reworked --- $500K of his salary was moved to bonus money. The OBVIOUS question is WHY ???? WHY not cut the piece of shit ---- just like the Giants cut Graham --- and re-sign him to a deal worth $500K than what he was making??? Rooney has made progress, but he's is STILL not there yet.

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