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PITT Stomps PSU !!!

September 17, 2000 by Still Mill

Pitt Dominates PSU

Pitt Dominates PSU !!!

Yes, I realize this is a Stillers site, but I was in attendance of the big Pitt win, and since Pitt is PITTSBURGH�s true hometown collegiate power (besides Duquesne, another one of my alma maters along with PITT), I think it worthy to mention the Mighty Panthers here.

I hope all of our readers witnessed, either on TV or live, the whipping administered by Pitt over Penn Bate!! The Mighty Panthers!! Hail to Pitt! I haven�t seen a team dominate another so badly inside 3 Rivers Stadium, since the Ravens dominated the Stllers 2 weeks ago in the same venue.

JoePa, the mulestubborn, grudge-holding curmudgeon , will soon retire within a couple years, knowing that in his last game vs. Pitt, he got soundly whipped and embarrassed on national TV !!

I�d like everyone here to also acknowledge the play that won the game -- namely, Rod Rutherford's 62-yard TD jaunt.

This play supports everything I've been saying here about the Stillers� woeful offense the past several weeks (and months)

Walt Harris could have inserted a lumbering slowpoke at WR on this play, like FB Moothart or some other clod. Instead, he inserted perhaps his BEST athlete, and a simple 10-yard in-route turned into the game only TD.

Remember, Harris could have easily refused to use Rod on this play. Walt could have rationalized:

1. Rutherford is too young and inexperienced.

2. Ruth. doesn't know all his routes.

3. Ruth. doesn't know all his reads.

4. Ruth. hasn't memorized the entire playbook.

5. Ruth. has never played WR, so what good will it be to try him there. You can't expect too much from him.

EVERY ONE of these pitiful, absurd arguments has been made, either by Tunch Ilkin on Fox Pgh., or other local media.

Maybe Kevin Gaypride was watching the Pitt game. Maybe the next time Gaypride gets the itch to split Bettis or Witman out wide, he'll think of Rutherford, and then insert Amoz or Malcolm or Shaw to split out wide, rather than a bootfooted slowpoke. Maybe then our offense can gain more than 9 yards on a pass play, and maybe we, too, can celebrate a big-play and a touchdown.

Hail to Pitt,

The Still Mill

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