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Stillers-Rams Postgame Analysis and Grades

December 25, 2011 by Still Mill

Stillers 31 ���Dec. 24, 2011
Stillers 27, Rams 0 �. Dec. 24, 2011 ����Game #15


Stillers-Rams Postgame Analysis and Grades


The Stillers played grabass and fiddle-faddle against the lowly 2-14 Rams, holding on for dear life with a 13-0 lead well into the 4Q and the Rams poised to kick a chippie FG.�� Luckily, the Rams missed the short FG and the Stillers managed to tack on 2 TDs to blow open the nailbiter, en route to a 27-0 win.


QB:Batch started in place of the hobbled BenRoth.��� On the O�s 2nd play, Batch appeared to be targeted for an easy strip-sack, but somehow pulled a Houdini and escaped, and then scrambled and lofted a short pass to Mendy down the s-line, which gained 35 yards.�� Batch slipped on his drop, and then his curl pass to Brown got picked off when Brown slipped on his cut.�� Early in the 3Q, on a 3d & 6, Batch eluded a blitzer and lofted a lil� touch pass to Wally, who gained 20 yards.��


On a 3d & 3 midway thru the 3Q, Batch uncorked a horrendously shitty pass on a short out to an open Wally.�� A really awful pass.�� In the 4Q, Batch hit Wally on a 52-yard bomb, although the pass was underthrown and nearly busted up by the abused DB.�� Overall, Batch finished with a very solid 15 of 22 for 208, and perhaps most importantly, just 1 INT.�� Well done.���� A-




Mendy: Good running early on, and also a good RAC for 35 yards on the 2nd play of game for the offense.�� Had a superb 52-yard cut-back run in the 2Q, which ended on a FACEMASK tackle that somehow was not called.�� Good TD plunge in the 4Q.��


Redman - good cut and run in the 2Q, good for 9 yards.Good plowing carry in the 4Q, good for 5 yards.On the next play, he spun, churned, and plowed for 8 yards.�� Good TD plunge late in the 4Q.


Clay - Right after Mendy�s long run, Clay busted up RT and barged into the EZ for a 10-yard TD.��� Moore did not dress due to his leg injury.��


A splendid overall effort from this crew.�� ��A+


FB: Not used that much.�� Inc




Wally - Good RAC on short dumpoff in the 1H.�� Totally abused the CB on a 52-yard catch in the 4Q, and made a nice adjustment on the underthrown ball.��


Brown - Ran an end-around gadget play that was designed to be a pass, but with no one open, Brownie eluded some rushers and juked his way for an 8-yard gain.�� Good sliding grab early in the 3Q, which put him over 1,000 receiving yards for the season.


Cotch - played but was rarely, if ever, targeted.��


Ward - grabbed a shovel pass for 2 yards in the 1Q.Grabbed a dumpoff for 19 yards in the 2Q.Had 2 short grabs in the 4Q, putting him 5 short of the 1,000 catch mark.He committed a false start in the 2Q.��


Sanders - did not dress, due to injury.�� �������A-




Miller - terrific grab on back-shoulder pass in the 4Q, his only grab of the day.The blocking was decent.���� A


OL: The line had a fairly solid game, giving Batch mostly decent time and opening up some nice holes for the RBs.��


Starks: Thankfully, he didn�t face a speed rusher and didn�t get abused as he did versus Aldon Smith last Monday.


Scott started at RT in place of Gilbert.He surprisingly didn�t commit too many gaffes.��


Gilbert- did not play.�� Apparently he missed a team meeting.��


Leggo - injured on the 2nd play.�� Essex moved to Center and Kemo came in at LG.


Foster - committed a false start on 3d & 6 in the 4Q, which enraged me.���


Pouncey - did not play, due to the high ankle sprain.���


Kemo - The Human Penalty Machine surprisingly didn�t commit any penalties.��


Overall, a solid day at the office.���� B+


DL:The D-line got gashed for huge chunks of yardage on far too many ground plays.��� Jackson averaged over 4 YPC on 104 yards rushing.Not good.��


Keisel - Had some solid pressures here and there on the QB.��


Hampton - didn�t hold up the POA well on numerous plays.��


Hood - Had a quiet 5 solos.��


Heyward jumped atop the QB in the 3Q.��� Had 3 solos, which is probably a career high.


This crew must play better come playoff time.���� C




Farrior - helped bottle a plunge at 10:00 2Q.He finished with a lowly 1 solo and 3 As, which is unacceptably paltry for a starting ILB in this 3-4 defense.���


Harrison - forced a hurried, incomplete pass on 3d & 1 in the 2Q.Beat the TE, Bajema, and sacked Clemens late in the 2Q with the Rams fairly deep in PIT territory.�� Was a force all game long.


Foote - took a bronco ride, hanging on the back of Cadillac Williams for well over 12 yards, and then, to add salt to the wound, he committed a masking penalty at the end of the lame-fuk tackle.��


Worilds - After showing some solid promise the past several weeks, this man regressed with a barf-laden effort that was befitting of Donte Jones and Carla Emmons.�� His failure to set the edge was utterly abysmal.Sealed inside, 3d & 12, allowed easy wide run on draw play, 15 yards.Played the Jackson run up RT like total vomit in the 3Q, which gained 13 yards.�� Was nowhere to be found on the 3d & 14 running play that gained 14 yards late in the 3Q.

Timmons - Led all Stillers with 7 solos and 3 As.Actually showed some instinct and wherewithal today.�� He did whiff on Jackson on stuttering play at the LOS, which resulted in a 9-yard gain late in the 2Q.Flashed in like a locomotive to team with Harrison to drop the QB in the 4Q.��


Big LaMarr Woodley, the $61M Man, did not dress due to his (sniff, sob) hamstring.��


Overall, this crew must play better come playoff time.�� Timmons, Harrison:�� B+���� All others:C-


DB:This crew had a fairly cupcake afternoon, facing a bumbling QB who was hurriedly signed from the unemployment line just 18 days ago.


Pola had a truly stellar ballgame.�� Swallowed RB, opening play, -2.Good hit and wrap of Jackson, 2nd series, 2 yards.Nearly made a superb 1-handed stab of an INT in the 2Q.Despite being held by the TE Billy Bajema, Pola flashed in and dropped Jackson on a 3d & 4 early in the 4Q to force a FG try.Busted up a short pass in the 4Q.��


Ike - Good coverage on deep ball, 2nd play of game, then dropped INT.�� Good coverage on s-line lob late in the 2Q.Flagged for a hold in the 2Q, although there were offsetting flags.��


Lewis - poor angle on 15-yard run by Jackson, early 1Q.�� Busted up a slant pass on 3d & 10 in the 2Q.Meekly flailed at Jackson on the 3d & 14 run that gained 14 late in the 3Q.


Gay - provided solid run support throughout the game, including a chop-down of Jackson at the STL 5 for -1 in the 4Q.���


Clark - Solid run support.�� As usual, did nothing to defend any passes.��


This crew could use a good tune-up going into the playoffs, as they will eventually face a competent QB.�� Unfortunately, they�ll have gone at least 4 weeks feasting on cr�me and cupcake.���� B


Spec teams:Some good, some bad.��


Shoddy punt coverage late in the 1Q; allowed a 17-yard return to the STL 43.�� Very poor.��


The Rams tried a fake punt in the 2Q, in which the punter had 3 seconds to scan the field while in the �pocket�.He then took off running to his right, and had an alley about 28 feet wide to run.Luckily, Antonio Brown had the sense and quickness to flash up from his punt-receiving spot, and he chop-tackled the punter about 2 feet from the 1D marker.�� Very, very fortuitous.��

Brown had a solid 8-yard punt return in the 2Q, only to literally turn around and run backwards, losing a few of those yards in the process.Had a good KO return to open the 2H, getting the ball to the PIT 27.


Battle, a man who has no valid purpose for even being on the roster, committed an assaholic hold on a Steeler punt late in the 2Q, helping to give the Rams comfy FP at their own 46.��


Cromartie and Cortez Allen made a good stop on KO coverage after the FG in the 3Q.Cor Allen showed terrific speed and instincts with a solo tackle on a 55-yard punt that gained only 2 yards.�� Will Allen delivered a good lick in KO coverage late in the 4Q.��


Kapinos - good 55-yard punt in the 4Q.��


Suisham - booted a 49-yard FG -- into the open end of the stadium -- in the 3Q to give the team a 13-0 lead.�� Also booted a 21-yarder in the 1Q.


Like other phases, the spec teams must play better come playoff time.��� B


OC:On the opening drive, the offense marched at will down the field, but on 3d & 2 at the STL 3, Arians calls a vanilla slant pass to Wally, which was easily broken up.A shit playcall by a shit coordinator.�� Wally�s speed does nothing on this pattern and it�s a cake-walk play for the DB -- and even a LB -- to bust it up.�� This is a situation where Ward�s guile, or Miller�s size, comes in handy.�� If, of course, you have a coordinator with at least half a brain.���


There was the usage once again of the SG on 3d & 3 (such as in the 3Q), which just utterly enrages me.�� You have Mendy running so well, and Batch isn�t exactly Danny Marino, yet Arians totally dispenses of making the defense at least respect a ground play or a PAP.���


In the 4Q, with a 20-0 lead and only 8 minutes left in the game, Arians was calling a WR screen to BROWN, when it was Ward who was only 7 grabs from 1,000 catches.��� What a flaming asshole.Arians did wake up 4 plays later, feeding a WR screen to Ward.����


With Batch starting, iIt was nice to see a more conservative offensive gameplan, replete with running the ball and using safe, short passes.�� Too bad this wasn�t used 6 days ago in San Fran.��� B-


DC:In his weekly lap of luxury of good fortune, LeBeau once again lucked out when Kellen Clemens started in place of injured Sam Bradford.SmellinKellen, a career shitbag, was released by the Texans just 2-1/2 weeks ago (18 days ago), and made his 11th career start today.��� Had the Rams pulled a popcorn vendor out of a concession stand and inserted the man at QB, they wouldn�t have done much worse.���


Of course, Dick still struggled like a drowning man holding onto a barbell.��

On a 3d & 2 midway thru the 3Q, with the score only 13-0, RB Steve Jackson was WIDE open on a wheel route, but the pass was a couple inch out of his reach; otherwise, he�d have run to the house for a 73-yard TD.�� Remember this play come playoff time, because an opponent is going to run it in a very similar situation.��Only thing is, it won�t be a pile of shit like Clemens throwing the pass.


On the opening drive, Dick allowed a draw play on 3d & 12 to gain 15.Never one to learn much of anything, Dick allowed another 3d & long on the ground, with a 3d & 14 run that gained 14 late in the 3Q.��


Dick lucked out when the Rams� Josh Brown missed a very makeable 52-yard FG on the final play of the 1H, and then missed a chippie 33-yard FG early in the 4Q.�� These FGs would have made it either 13-6 or 13-3.��


Dick, true to his nature, went soft in the 3Q, allowing a 13-play march that ended only because Pola made a spectacular play on 3d & 4 to drop Jackson.�� And, once again, Dick�s defense forced zero turnovers.��


Overall, facing such a shitbag as SmellinKellen, this was a very uninspiring defensive effort.��� C ��


HC:Tomlin managed to regroup the time from the awful, ass-ugly loss in San Fran, and then eke by the Rams.�� Lots of slop in this game, which is poor given the veteran stability combined with a common goal of tuning upf or the playoffs.��� B


Playing Surface:Another shout out to the superb (sic) playing surface of the /Heinz Cow Pasture.��� The INT in the 2Q was a classic example of what a pile of shit this playing surface is, in which both the QB (Batch) and WR (Brown) slipped on the goose-shit surface of Rooney�s cheapskate field.�� Batch slipped on the handoff to Mendy on the 1-yard TD plunge in the 4Q, which could have been disastrous if the exchange had been fumbled.�� D-


Synopsis:A sloppy win over a weakling opponent.�� We�ll gladly take it, but the slop and lethargy have me concerned.��� And make no mistake, the game up in Clev next week is not going to be a softie exhibition game.�� Clev fan despise the Stillers, and that team would love nothing more than to hand it to the Stillers in the season finale and reinforce doubt as the Stillers venture into the playoffs.�� Tomlin and the players must take this finale seriously, unless the playoff seeding has already been determined.�� (The Stiller game is being flexed to 4:15 PM.)��� If seeding is cemented, then, of course, it would make sense to rest a plethora of starters in order to get fresh and healthy for the wild card game.


Lastly, Merry Christmas to the fans and readers of !


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