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Coaching Staff Caught on Audio Tape

August 23, 2000 by Still Mill


Coaching Staff Caught on Tape, discussing the Offense� (Aug. 23)

Our crack staff here at was checking out the new digs at the UPMC/Steeler facility on the Sauth Side this past weekend, when they stumbled upon a meeting of the minds of the Stillers coaching staff. Here's the excerpt of the staff's discussion:

Gilbride: Hey got your FB's ready for the 2-yard outs?

Hoak: Yeah, Witman is psyched. He can't WAIT to get that pass to open the game!!!

Gilbride: Oh, don't worry, there'll be more where that came from.

Hoak: Ya wanna use Huntley on any special pass plays??

Gilbride: Naah - he's just a safety valve. Plus, we've got 48 different screen passes for him. He's too valuable to use TOO often.

Bratkowski: What about my receivers????

Gilbride: What about them?

Bratkowski: Don't they get any consideration in the gameplan???

Gilbride: Yeah, your jets...we've got some 4-yard crossing patterns, some WR screens, some short stuff, you know...don't want to wear those guys out....

FGB (Field Goal Bill): Okay - Enough of this ridiculousness!!! Can you guys get us in FIELD GOAL RANGE; that's what I'm worried about! By the way, did anyone see Zereoue or Farris?

Stephenson: Farris, who's that.....?

Gilbride: Yeah, Farris is in the locker room reading X-men comics and watching the cartoon network. I yelled at him, but he just smiled at me and kept reading.

Stephenson: Oh, that Farris. I thought he was a ball boy with a glandular problem. He was in the weight room this morning. He was doing bench presses� 10 reps of 100 lbs.

Hoak: Last time I saw Zereoue was at the bar last night� at least he had his playbook.

Gilbride: Crap, he was still there this morning when I stopped by for a quick pre-practice brewskie. You know that that's the only way I can make it through a day of practice with Kordell. By the way, that wasn't his playbook, that was a strip joint guide book.

FGB: All right, all right, enough. We don't have time for this.... Now how are we going to get into field goal range.....?

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