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Blackwell Accepts 1-year Tender

March 19, 2000 by Still Mill

Blackwell Accpets 1-year Tender

Blackwell Accepts 1-year Tender

To the surprise of no one with any football sense, Will Jackwell accepted the Stillers' 1-year tender of $470K.

Ironically enough, and unbelievably enough, this is a pay raise for "Worthless Will", who made only $345K last season.

I'd feared all along that the WORTHLESS piece of manure Jackwell would GLADLY accept our offer when NOBODY ELSE showed any interest. Sure enough, that's EXACTLY what happened. Jackwell didn't get even a sniff of interest from anyone around the NFL.

Some Stiller fans will sit around moaning and sobbing about the salary cap. Meanwhile, today Will Jackwell is tying up the better part of $500K of cap dough. This guy SUCKS. He's a coward, a tip-toer, a slowpoke, and a stone-fingered boob. We've had 3 seasons to give this STIFF a chance to show what he's got. And what has he shown?? That's he's soft, brittle, incapable of getting open deep, sloppy footwork and route-running, and zero potential to be a starting WR in the NFL. So, WHY even keep a stiff like this around??? Did I forget to mention what a terrible receiver and football player Blackwell is?? Some will point out to the shortage of WRs on the roster, as a valid reason to re-sign Jackwell. That's balderdash. If you have ANY desire of being a championship football team, you don't simply sign GARBAGE simply because your March roster is a bit thin at a certain position. There's plenty of time to get as good of talent, for less money, than the pitiful value the team is getting for Wilbur Jackwell.

The Stillers SHOULD have NEVER offered a tender to Jackwell, and instead told him that they'd give him a phone call in June if the team was desperate or if nothing panned out in free agency or the draft as far as bringing in some REAL receivers. Instead, like fools, the team ties up cap space and roster space on a brittle, no-talented receiver who has shown NOTHING in 3 NFL seasons.

The Still Mill

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